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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2387

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Xu Jin, Wu Tinghou and the others hope were once again shattered. Wu Rufeng had conspired against them with the enemies, now they’re in a complete loss. The phrase ‘justice will prevail’ was but a joke. 

“Wu Rufeng, you bastard! To think you would join hands with those bastards, are you still human? You have tarnished the honour of your sect!” Xu Jin shouted in anger after his path to survival was cut off.  

Now he did not care for anything more. He thought Wu Rufeng would save him but, alas, that was wishful thinking. 

“You bastard, the illustrious pride of the Clear Stream Sect is destroyed by you! ” Wu Qianxun’s angry roar reached the ears of everyone.

Yet it was useless, the guy still got three shares of spiritual water for free and they still stand before death. 

Lang Ya wasn’t afraid of Wu Rufeng. But if Wu Rufeng were to choose a side now, he’ll be left alone. If Wu Rufeng and Li Zongheng were to join hands together, then he’ll be in danger. So, this method was the safest. 

If there’s a balance, nobody wishes to undermine the balance. Those who break the balance would oftentimes become the greatest loser. Wu Rufeng’s appearance caused Lang Ya and Li Zongheng to wonder whether the other two Grand Guardians were near. 

“Bunch of ants, why does your life matter to me? Who can you blame but yourself for being weaker than others? Hahaha. This is a joke, your life, your honour, all of them are yours to fight for, not others.” Wu Rufeng laughed madly. 

What he said was true even though it was harsh. He was right—the world of cultivation runs by the law of the jungle, it’s useless to place one’s hope onto others. One will have their lives spent if they’re weak; pride, honour and their very life must be gained by oneself and no others. 

“Such is life!” Wu Tinghou said with a bitter laugh. 

The sky was dark, their hearts were cold, they suffered despair from Lang Ya, Li Zongheng and Wu Rufeng. Death was not the scariest thing, humans are. One could become slaves that could not disobey their master. 

“These guys need to be killed. ” Wu Rufeng smiled. 

Li Zongheng’s eyes became cold as he stared at Wu Rufeng. 

“What do you mean, Brother Rufeng.” Li Zongheng said. 

“Don’t you know what I mean? ” Wu Rufeng said. 

He knew that Li Zongheng wanted to control more humans and demonic beasts, enslave them to go against the Three Grand Guardians of the Clear Stream Sect. Doing so would make him unbeatable in this place. Hence, Wu Rufeng must ensure that Li Zongheng’s plans will not succeed, otherwise, he’ll be in danger. 

“I don’t know about that. These men are all mine. I’ll do what I want with them. Brother Rufeng does not need to worry about it.” 

“No trouble at all. These people have their own agendas, I want to kill them to be rid of future troubles, but you’re protecting them? This is illogical, no matter what, I, Wu Rufeng, need to kill these people.” Wu Rufeng declared as he stared at Li Zongheng. 

Lang Ya quietly sneered. It’ll be great if both of you fight to the death, then I’ll be able to get the loot in the end. 



At this moment, the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain shook and crumbled. Everybody turned their gaze towards it. The Nine Dragon Caves suddenly appeared once again and a big crack opened with a red figure coming out from it. The figure then leapt into the sky and caused the sky to become red. 

Everyone felt a Heavenly God Realm prestige. 

It came from the Fire Qilin. 

But, there’s somebody on the back of the said beast, it was Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen came back with a grand entrance!

“Jiang Chen, he’s still alive? He’s really alive? Am I dreaming?” Yang Jian suddenly stood up with excitement blazing in his eyes and tears fell uncontrollably.  

Even Liu Quanchao’s eyes become teary. Jiang Chen was like a true god descending upon them, riding on a Fire Qilin as the skies became red in colour, it was grandiose and magnificent! 

“That fella? He… he… he… Did he come out from the  Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain? How can this be?! There has never been a person who came out from that mountain alive. I must be dreaming!” Wu Qianxun looked at this scene in disbelief. 

Yang Jian and the others regained their hope upon seeing Jiang Chen’s return Man Shuai’s eyes were teary. Jiang Chen was their true saviour. 

“Such a majestic Fire Qilin, a divine beast that is prouder than the dragon clan, yet it listens to a human that is weaker than it, this is unheard of. Preposterous.” Xu Jin murmured. 

“He’s still alive, there’s still hope.” Ling Long silently looked at that figure with a hint of joy in her heart, maybe it’s because that guy bestowed her the wings of life. 

“Senior Pan, can you see this? Jiang Chen is still alive!” Man Shuai roared, the pent up anger and hatred were released at this moment. 

“It’s him? Looks like I made the right choice in coming here.” Wu Rufeng squinted his eyes and said with a cold smile, a smile of happiness. 

“Jiang Chen, he didn’t die? ” Li Zongheng’s gaze was getting heavy. 

As he went through a battle of life and death with him, he knew how powerful and scary Jiang Chen was. Jiang Chen was like a cockroach that could survive any difficult situation that was thrown at him. It seems that not even the legendary Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain could best him. 

“Not even the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain could seal you away. I bet you’ve found the source of the spiritual water?” Lang Ya sneered as he looked towards Jiang Chen. 

“You’re right, so? How could I come back if I didn’t find the source of the spiritual water? The Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain could not contain me, but can you?” Jiang Chen smiled. 

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