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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2385

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“Lang Ya is seriously not a simple man, I am afraid that we are going to die in his hand.”

Wu Qianxun heaved a heavy sigh, he was regretful. Their plan was to hide behind and take advantage when the others were fighting. However, they did not expect to be defeated by the beasts even before they could take any action. Right now, the situation was under Lang Ya’s control. It’s really heartbreaking for them and they even felt it’s ironic.

Man Shuai smiled bitterly and said, “It’s useless to say anything now since even Jiang Chen was buried in this mountain. Hidden Secret Realm is indeed a place that is full of dead souls. Seems like we just had bad luck as we always encounter these strong experts.”

“At the end, the greedy ones are us. If we did not plan to come here at the beginning, we might not be in this situation. Then our fate would not be the same. All of this is destiny and has its own reason. Do we deserve this consequence because of our own action?” 

Yang Jian sneered, looking through life and death. They were all in despair. 

“Even if it would be a life-and-death battle, I am going to pull you into hell with me!”

The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros roared in a deep voice. Even though he had eaten two pieces of the medicinal pills, his strength was still very formidable. Moreover, the Supreme Grade Pill did not seem too suppressive on him, as he could still display the strength of a half-step Heavenly God Realm and could have a life-and-death battle with Lang Ya.

“Then, let’s see if you have such capability. Humph. Such a foolish beast. You deserve death.” Lang Ya said with disdain. 

Although the Rhinoceros’ strength was at the half-step Heavenly God realm, he was still constrained by the medicinal pill and could not display his full power. That was why Lang Ya was not worried about the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros at all.

“I, Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros, live up to my reputation. Although my strength is constrained, I will not show any mercy when killing you!”

The Rhinoceros roared. His horn soared up to the sky, and he then started attacking Lang Ya. 

Lang Ya was not slow as well. He immediately used his Heavenly Shaking Cauldron to fight the Spirit Rhinoceros. The Spirit Rhinoceros’ power was unparalleled but it was a bit insufficient in the face of Lang Ya at the moment. Nevertheless, it was not so easy for Lang Ya to kill the Spirit Rhinoceros as well.

Lang Ya sneered and said, “Don’t you want to take action now? What are you waiting for? Li Zhongheng, don’t think of taking advantage when we’re fighting.”

Everyone was shocked, including the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros. Did that mean that Lang Ya have a helper with him? The Spirit Rhinoceros’s heart sank because if Lang Ya had a helper, he would definitely be defeated today.

“Haha, brother Lang Ya, why are you so angry? How could I just stand here and do nothing? It’s my responsibility to take action. I won’t let you fight alone. But, this old rhinoceros is already exhausted and going to die soon. I thought you will be able to overcome him by yourself.”

Li Zhongheng stepped into the place with a terrifying breath that gave everyone huge pressure.

“The number-one expert of Ghost Eye Sect, Li Zhongheng!” Liu Quanchao soemly said.

At the moment, they lost all kinds of hope. From the beginning, these two had already had this perfect plan and now they were just harvesting the result. 

“This guy has the same ranking as Lang Ya. The Three Great Guardian of the Clear Stream Sect would pay respect to him as well. He’s indeed unparallelled and formidable. Even when I was in my best condition, I would not dare to have a match with him.” Xu Jin said and sighed in resignation. 

Everyone knew about the dreadful side of Li Zhongheng as can be seen at this moment where black cloud howled in the sky and covered up the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros.

“Talk less nonsense and kill this monster in order to get rid of the root.” Lang Ya said solemnly. 

How would it be possible for Lang Ya not to know Li Zhongheng’s intention? If he did not open his mouth and said nothing, this guy would just act like an idiot by standing here. Once he was injured in the battle, Li Zhongheng would take the advantage to get all the benefits here.

“I am quite regretful for Jiang Chen’s death because I could not kill him by myself,” Li Zhongheng said in a regretful manner.

“Jiang Chen? Is he really that powerful? I can’t feel the same.”

Lang Ya said with disdain.

“If there are not that many strong beasts today, he would amaze everyone here.”

Li Zhongheng did not care about Lang Ya’s ridicule because only those who fought  Jiang Chen before knew how terrifying he was. He had casted Blood Escape before coming here and that had added to his injury. That was why he had only recovered seventy percent of his strength. 

“Let’s kill the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros first before talking. He’s full of treasures. Hehe.”

Lang Ya glanced at the Spirit Rhinoceros. On the other hand, the Spirit Rhinoceros never expected that Lang Ya would see him as a herbal ingredient for concocting medicinal pills.


Li Zhongheng did not talk too much. Under their joint attack, it was not a dream to kill the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros.

“Bastard, I am going to kill you!”

Although the Spirit Rhinoceros’s roar was as loud as thunderclap, it did not increase his strength. Although Li Zhongheng did not give it his all, suppressing the Spirit Rhinoceros was a just piece of cake for them.

The battle did not last too long.  The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros was defeated because of the effectiveness of the medicinal pill. Moreover, there were two experts attacking him together. Of course, he could not stand too long. Under the attack of the Heavenly Shaking Cauldron, the Rhinoceros’s body was almost torn apart and pushed him into great suffering.

“You’re going to die now!”

Lang Ya roared and fully displayed his strength through the Heavenly Shaking Claudron’s mightiness. With Li Zhongheng’s help, he managed to shatter the Spirit Rhinoceros and pulled up his horn.  The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros finally fell down and his breath became extremely weak. His life was ebbing away.

Everyone’s countenance, including the beasts, fell because they knew it was going to be their turn. 

“Don’t worry, you guys won’t die. I won’t kill you. Hehe. That would be a waste.”

Li Zhongheng looked at everyone. Yang Jian’s face looked terrible because only he knew what Li Zhongheng was going to do.

“He…is going to control our soul.”

Yang Jian said while trembling in fear. If that was the case, he would rather die than become Li Zhongheng’s puppets and fight for him after being turned into a walking dead.

Everyone was shocked because if that was the case, they would all rather die.

“You’re right. I am going to control your souls and you’re going to work for me. If I have you and these beasts, who can go against me in Hidden Secret Realm? Hahaha!”

Li Zhongheng’s said and roared in laughter. 

They all finally felt that staying alive and passing away were both a kind of blessing.

Initially, they thought that death was the worst ending. But now, they understood that they were going to face something more terrifying than death!

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