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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2384

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Even though he was formidable, unparalleled and talented, he was still buried forever in the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain. Soon, people would forget about Jiang Chen’s death. The beasts in the entire Hidden Secret Realm would ignore his death. These humans would also follow his fate. They would be turned into nourishment to the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain, sleeping here forever.

Everyone was already frustrated. The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros sent another attack, sweeping across everyone present on the scene. Each of them was repulsed and completely lost their strength to stand up again. Yang Mingcheng had completely lost his spirit while Xu Jin was at his last leg. Wu Qianxun and Wu Tinghou were holding their hand together and their bromance was magnified in this Sacred Mountain. 

Despair, solitude, and anger to heaven’s injustice. Everyone’s mind was full of thought, yet none of them could change the ending as it was destiny.

“What is the point of seeking pleasure when one is still alive? What’s the point of feeling bitter when we die? Life and death is just a journey.”

Liu Quanchao said faintly. Since he did not have any strength to counterattack anymore, waiting for death might be the best thing he could do right now.

Zhang Lei laughed madly and said:  “Seems like we are doomed to die here. What’s the point of being talented? Hahaha, at the end, aren’t we just food for the soil.”

Right now, the only one who could still stand was the Divine Pangolin. It was because he could only stand. If he fell down, then that only meant that he had already died.

“Your beast spirit might be a supplement to improve my strength. However, I could only maximise the benefit of your spirit by absorbing it when you’re still alive.”

The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros said with a faint smile. On the other side, the Divine Pangolin who had a huge body was trembling in fear because the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros wanted to get his beast spirit while he was still alive.

“You’re despicable! Old rhinoceros, you will receive your karma. If you have the capability, just kill me already! Bastard!” 

The Divine Pangolin roared in rage. He did not dare to imagine how brutal the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros would be. He had to be still alive and bear the pain when his beast spirit was being extracted by the Rhinoceros. Only then would he pass away silently. This was more cruel and brutal than being tortured by humans.

“You don’t have a choice.”

The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros grinned while his eyes looked ruthless. 

Lang Ya smiled and said, “That Supreme Grade medicinal pill does really have the effect of recovering divine strength. Later, just let me handle those people.”

“Great. But it’s sad that the last spiritual water did not come out from the source. What a pity.”

The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros said indifferently. He ate two pieces of Supreme Grade pills, and his limbs suddenly became more powerful after his divine strength swiftly recovered. The source of spiritual water was irrelevant to him anymore.

Moreover, he did not have the obligation to help Lang Ya find the spiritual water as he already had done what he could and showed great mercy. Lang Ya had paid what he could offer which were the medicinal pills and he got repaid by being able to stay alive. As the leader of the beasts, the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros  would not kill or harm Lang Ya because it was his promise and he had to keep his dignity.

After all of the beasts had eaten the Supreme Grade Pills, the corner of Lang Ya’s mouth was overflowing with a smile.

“Right now, you guys hand out your spiritual water to me since I didn’t get the one I am supposed to get. It wouldn’t make sense if I return empty handed right?”

Lang Ya turned around and looked at the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros and the other beasts.

“What do you mean?”

The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros stared at Lang Ya coldly.

“What do I mean? Don’t you understand? You have eaten my divine medicinal pills, don’t you need to express your gratitude? Take out the spiritual water, otherwise, don’t blame me for the consequences,” Lang Ya replied calmly.

The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros’s eyes blinked and tried to unleash the divine strength in his body, but suddenly all his strength disappeared. At this moment, all of the beasts were stunned and looked at Lang Ya with fear.

“Don’t try to use your divine strength, otherwise, your divine strength will break your meridians and you will die immediately. If you give me your spiritual water, I might spare your lives.”

“Such a despicable human, you have poisoned us, haven’t you?”

The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros’s voice was loud but it also showed that his strength was not enough and his eyesight became weaker now.

“I didn’t force you guys just now. You can’t blame me as you guys decided to eat the pills yourself.”

Lang Ya shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently.

“You are incomparable to an animal.”

“I am going to kill you.  A lowly human, how daring of you to trick us?!”

“Brother rhinoceros, don’t let him go. We must kill him.”

“We should never believe the human’s words forever. You’re a bastard!”

Each of the beasts was incomparably furious because they all lost their divine strength after eating the pills Lang Ya gave them. Earlier, they had already been exhausted, but now they were drugged. They had become like the little bunnies waiting to be killed anytime. Their ferocious look had disappeared at this moment. 

The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros was extremely regretful of his action. Why did he believe this man? He had harmed all of the beasts here because of his greed. Now he, the great Rhinoceros, had become a slave under Lang Ya’s control. The Rhinoceros had never done something like this before. However, he had never expected that he would be tricked by a young man after living for a hundred thousand years. He made a mistake that caused everything to go wrong.

Now, he and all the beasts had become Lang Ya’s prisoners. He could not help feeling like a fool. He never believed any human before. However, he chose to maintain his dignity just now and spared Lang Ya’s life. Inthe end, he suffered the consequence.

At this moment, all of the beasts had chosen to give up the spiritual water in their hand because this was their last hope.

The human’s hearts are unpredictable, and things in the world are uncertain!

Liu Quanchao and the others were stunned for a while. It was out of their expectation that Lang Ya would turn the tide and put the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros and the others into a dead end. But this did not help them at all because everyone’s fate was in Lang Ya’s hand now.

Liu Quanchao and the others were well-aware that even if they take action now, they would not have any chance of victory. Even if the beasts did not take action to kill them, they would not live too long as well because Lang Ya would definitely not let them go.

Lang Ya had been planning this and his plan was perfect. Each step he took was careful and things happened according to his plan. Liu Quanchao finally understood Lang Ya’s motive and how much effort he had put into planning this. 

The true expert who controlled the situation behind was actually the monstrous genius of the Divine Pill Sect! 

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