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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2379

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Jiang Chen looked at the Fire Qilin and nodded heavily. The latter also gave Jiang Chen a confident gaze. 

Jiang Chen stepped forward and punched the ice gate, causing the gate to slowly open. A grand hall that was a thousand meters wide was behind the gate. The hall was covered with mountains of skeletons. At the end of those skeletons, a throne could be seen. An endless shrill and spooky sigh reverberated the hall, giving off a depressing feel. 

Ancient heroes, bloody tears flowed through the borders, painting the walls of the cities; the eternal souls of the heroes lie asleep in this icy plain. 

“Holy sh*t. How many people have died here? Plus, these skeletons still remained intact after so long. These experts must be at least at the Heavenly God Realm and above, Divine Kings… ” The Fire Qilin’s expression slightly changed. 

He too could not control his emotions, the pressure within the hall thinned the air around them, as if the surrounding air was flattening him.. However, he chose to stay silent about it. Whereas Jiang Chen, who was an Early True God, looked as if nothing was bothering him. 

Jiang Chen felt somewhat sad from the mood within the hall. It came from deep within his heart. As if he was sad for these heroes, as if he could see himself amongst them, it was a weird and unclear feeling. Jiang Chen’s eyes suddenly became clear as there were two things that attracted his attention. 

An ice block that was a zhang in size. But it wasn’t really a block of ice. Because a human figure could be seen within the transparent block of ice. 

This person’s eyes were closed and it wore a white robe. The face and expression could be said to be extraordinary, just like a pure jade, one that could destroy countries with its appearance, yet one could not determine whether it’s a male or a female. But from the looks of it, the person inside looked like it had died countless years ago. 

The other thing was the ice throne that was beside the ice block. It looked the same as the bronze throne in his hands. That ice throne must be something special. 

“These people died so many years ago, frozen solid in this ice palace, yet their corpse and skeletons still remained in this place, it’s a pretty good deal. Hehe,” the Fire Qilin smiled. 

“This ice throne feels familiar… ” Jiang Chen murmured. 

The instant Jiang Chen’s hand touched the throne, a powerful wave suddenly burst out from it, causing Jiang Chen and the Fire Qilin to be sent flying away from the force. Both of their expressions changed drastically, and they then immediately steadied their stance. 


Jiang Chen coughed out blood. At that moment, the ice block flew by itself and rammed towards the ice throne. The ice throne also moved at the same time. Both of those objects suddenly fought against each other. 

Jiang Chen and the Fire Qilin were dumbfounded by the sight of both items continuing to ram against each other furiously.  The force of their collision was very devastating. Jiang Chen felt that these two items were definitely unmatched in the world. However, these items have weird ‘behaviour’, as both of them were against one another.  

There are Qi in the heavens, gods and ghosts have soul, everything under this heaven has a spirit. These two items were obviously living, a spiritual treasure. Jiang Chen and the Fire Qilin were nervous while watching the two treasures clashing against one another. The power behind their clash wasn’t weak, as they managed to shatter the void, even Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to do it yet. He could tear the void apart with the Great Void Technique but he could not shatter the void yet. 

Jiang Chen was extremely curious about both of those treasures but he could not get near them. 

“Why are you attacking me?” 

The ice throne suddenly voiced out, causing Jiang Chen and the Fire Qilin to be startled. 

“I don’t know, I don’t know……”  The ice block sang. 

These two items were fighting with just their intent but were able to unleash such destructive power. Jiang Chen knew that this force was created by something more powerful than a Divine King. 

The Fire Qilin who was on the side wore a solemn expression, he was shocked by the clash between those two treasures. There wasn’t anything related to this or something close to this within his inheritance memories. 

“This ice block and ice throne are monstrous,” the Fire Qilin murmured. 

“Agreed. Their consciousness must have been naturally born after many years, and was not given to them by their makers. Unfortunately, we don’t know what kind of spiritual treasures they are. I hope their battle will not affect us.” Jiang Chen said quietly. 

He didn’t know what the two spiritual treasures problems were. He does not know whether this ice throne had any relationship with the bronze throne he possessed. 

“Who are you? Who are you?” A hoarse voice shouted from the throne with anger.  

Because it did not know what or who was attacking him. The treasure did not know its own identity. Yet it possesses such strength. Jiang Chen felt something familiar as these items clashed. 

The ice throne and ice block kept on ramming against each other, causing the void to shatter. However, the whole space did not collapse as the energy was all diverted inside the void. Jiang Chen thought, could the ice block be controlled by the white-robed person? But he couldn’t identify whether it’s male or female and why was he/she inside. 

The void shattered from the battle between the ice block and ice throne. Yet, the two ice-made objects were undamaged. 

“I do not know, who am I, who am I……” The ice block’s voice was extremely low. 

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