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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2378

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“Snow God Spirit Condor Palace, I’ve heard of this name before.” The Fire Qilin frowned. 

“You heard of it?” 

“It’s in my inheritance memory, it’s vague… it’s the Snow God Dojo, a great ancient god’s cultivation place.” Fire Qilin said. 

Looks like Fire Qilin could not recall any more memories from his inheritance.  After all, this Fire Qilin has only started cultivating for a few hundred years as can be seen by his youthful frowning face. 

“Be careful!” Fire Qilin shouted. 

Three arrows of ice flew past Jiang Chen’s back, nearly cutting off his ear as he evaded the arrows. He gasped in surprise, as those arrows were silent, fast and powerful. Jiang Chen would’ve been pierced by those arrows if it weren’t for Fire Qilin. 

Two warriors appeared in front of them donning icy amours and long spears. 

“Powerful!” Fire Qilin commented. 

And behind the two spearmen, three archers were spotted. 

“Ice Reverends! Are you kidding me? These fellas were Hierarchs when they were alive!” Fire Qilin shivered. 

Their strength was nothing to scoff at even if they’ve died countless years ago. 

Jiang Chen spotted something on the spearman’s ice armour, Ice Reverend and Scholar Reverend! 

“God damn it.” Jiang Chen sighed. 

“I am Ice Reverend, I fight for the glory of the Northern Gods! All trespassers shall die!” 

“I am Snow Reverend, I fight for the glory of the Northern Gods! All trespassers shall die!” 

Snow Reverend and Ice Reverend said in unison as they readied their stance with the spears, pointing towards Jiang Chen and Fire Qilin. 

“Looks like you’ll have to fight seriously. I believe you can do it. Since your Qilin True Fire could easily put them down.” 

“What about you? Don’t you have the Five Elemental True Fire?” Fire Qilin said unhappily. 

“I am too weak, you’re already a Heavenly God. Work your worth. For the sake of our glory. I’ll deal with the three archers behind them.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

Those three archers were not weak, but with Jiang Chen’s Five Elemental True Fire, he could easily defend himself with it. 

Fire Qilin rushed towards those two reverends. But the two, who were each on par with Fire Qilin, did not feel like the ones defending the gates. 

“These two are like cockroaches, they’re already dead for god knows how many years, yet they’re still sturdy. If any other person were to fight them, they’ll be frozen to death.” Fire Qilin said smugly. 

Fire best ice. Otherwise, Fire Qilin could definitely not fight on par against these two Hierarch puppets for so long. 

The reverends attacked Fire Qilin with their spears without holding back, in which the latter would’ve instantly died if the reverends were at their prime. But now, they only retained a small amount of consciousness within their bodies. Only a shred of their will kept their bodies moving. 

Yet, they were still powerful nevertheless. Even though their attack pattern was simple, the power behind it was not to be taken lightly. 

The archers kept on firing swift and powerful arrows behind as Jiang Chen closed the distance between them. He unleashed the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation to protect himself, and the Great Void Technique and the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps to reach the archers. The ice arrows could not get near its body as it melted before reaching its target. 

Jiang Chen moved towards his destination with confidence; flames sprouted wherever his blades cut. 

Jiang Chen roared and unleashed the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal towards the archers, causing those ice-made archers to instantly melt into water. 

Fire Qilin finally started to feel tired after a while as those two were really strong, Jiang Chen’s expression changed after seeing his companion getting pushed back. 

He then joined into the fray and launched two Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal towards those reverends. Yet they were only pushed back with no real harm done, they then proceeded to rush towards their enemies without fear after stabilizing their bodies. 

Jiang Chen and Fire Qilin joined hands together and were able to suppress the charge of the reverends. With the help of the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation, Fire Qilin’s power was boosted and both of them managed to push the reverends back, the ice crystals surrounding their armours were starting to melt. 

“Die! Qilin Saint Fire, melting everything under the Heavens!” Fire Qilin spewed out powerful hot flames with the help of the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation. 

The two reverends were trapped and their ice-made spears finally melted, the lingering wills that were within their bodies were also starting to crumble. 

“Perish! May your soul rest in peace.” 

Jiang Chen once again unleashed the might of the Five Elemental True Fire that was on par against the Qilin Saint Fire, causing the reverends to slowly melt into nothingness within the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation. 

Fire Qilin breathe out a sigh of relief and said: 

“Damn they’re persistent, we’re considered to be lucky, others would’ve died under their spears.” 

Surely enough, a lingering will of a Hierarch could easily kill countless people. 

A gate that was made from ice appeared at the end of the palace. It was sturdy without beautiful carvings on it. It looked simple, and droplets of water could be seen dropping behind the gate. 

“A thick smell that comes from the spiritual water, could that be the source?” Fire Qilin gasped as he gazes at the gate. 

However, heavy pressure could be felt behind that very gate. At this moment, Jiang Chen fell into silence, he does not know what would happen if that gate were to be opened. 

“Most probably,” Jiang Chen said. 

He looked at that ice gate seriously. A powerful being must be behind that gate, but he’s willing to check it out, one could not leave such a place without getting their hands on the treasure that lies within this place. 

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