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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2377

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Fire Qilin looked at Jiang Chen in anger with a tinge of fear in his eyes. 

“You… how are you so monstrous?!” Fire Qilin shouted. 

He finally experienced the terrifying might of the Little Ashura Sword Formation. 108 peak Divine Tools… who’s able to bring out this many arsenals into battle? Only those Grandmaster Alchemist with at least 100,000 years of working tirelessly could possess such things. 

Originally, Fire Qilin thought he could bully Jiang Chen a little, but he was beaten black and blue within the Little Ashura Sword Formation. Even with his increased strength after reaching the Heavenly God Realm could do nothing against it. 

He once again experienced Jiang Chen’s ferocity and power. Moreover, he felt that Jiang Chen wasn’t using his full strength too, the Heavenly Dragon Sword did not shine as bright as before. He was also curious about the grade of the Heavenly Dragon Sword, as it could control two Heavenly Divine Tools, the Meteor and Storm Hammer, in addition with the other 108 arsenals. A sword formation that was filled with unstoppable murderous intent. 

“This is not monstrous. This is pure strength. You reached the Heavenly God realm, so what? You’re still put down by me. Haha.” Jiang Chen said proudly, which pissed Fire Qilin further.  

But the fact was that, if Jiang Chen had fully activated the Little Ashura Sword Formation just now, then Fire Qilin would’ve been terribly wounded or probably even be killed by the formation. 

“Kid, you’re really powerful… Hmm… this Ice Palace is giving me a weird feeling. Those two Ice Warriors are definitely not at the Heavenly God Realm when they’re still alive. If it wasn’t for ice being weaker than fire, any average Heavenly God will certainly lose against them. ” Fire Qilin said earnestly. 

Having forgotten about the fierce battle he had with Jiang Chen, he now clearly felt the danger of this place hold. 

“I have a hunch… this place is not as peaceful as it seems. Let’s leave, quickly.” Fire Qilin said quietly as he reminded Jiang Chen. 

Fire Qilin’s hair was standing as he sensed something terrible within the place. He did not dare to take another step forward. It came from something deep within his soul. 

“Since when did you become so scared? Where did your previous arrogance go to? Those two ice warriors were target practice for you, right? How come you’re scared now?” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

But Fire Qilin was still wearing the same serious expression, that young face of his was full of seriousness. 

“I’m not joking. Jiang Chen, there’s probably something in there that both of us can’t handle. Let’s leave.” Fire Qilin suggested again and again. 

But Jiang Chen’s curiosity was stronger than ever, the harder Fire Qilin warned him about not entering, the stronger his curiosity became. What could be in there that scared Fire Qilin this much? Jiang Chen had always been a fearless person. Now that he’s seen the Ice Palace, he will certainly not leave empty-handed. Plus, he will not stop without finding where the source of the spiritual water is. 

“I am THAT hard-headed. Haha. This Ice Palace is right in front of us. Do you think I will back off now? ” Jiang Chen smiled. 

“Are you looking to die? Even though I am also as curious as you are, do you think I am as reckless as you? There’s something unspeakable there. We’re digging our own graves if we prod recklessly. Haih, what do I need to say for you to believe me? Us, divine beasts have great senses, I am sure that there’s something inside that is far out of our reach. This is no simple ice palace, countless ice-sculptures… Why don’t you try and break this icy city with your own strength and see for yourself?” Fire Qilin said. 

His words reminded Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen then unleashed two palm strikes on the ice palace. As predicted, he could not break the palace’s defences. The average looking palace was surprisingly sturdy. 

Jiang Chen frowned and was feeling more interested and curious about this palace, however, Fire Qilin was right too. But it did not stop him from going forward, as it was not in his nature. 

“How is it? You finally know how dangerous this place is, right? Sometimes, it’s not cowardly to back off. Otherwise, you may lose your only life. Heh.” Fire Qilin chuckled. 

Jiang Chen rushed into the city, there wasn’t anyone stopping them now. The outer wall of the palace was smooth like pure jade. The whole city was majestic, even though it was in tatters it was still majestic nonetheless. This place must have been great when it is in its perfect condition. 

The ice path below them could perfectly reflect their faces, their expression. It was even clearer than a mirror, yet this rugged, shattered, broken icy city gives off a cold murderous vibe. 

Jiang Chen walked into the silent city, the air inside the city was cold and calm, peaceful even… Totally different from outside of the city. It’s like bathing under a warm sun. However, that feeling suddenly vanished, a chilling cold air came running towards them and engulfed their whole body. 

The chilling air inside the city could even freeze the bone marrow. 

“Motherf*cker. This is f*cking cold! I could’ve frozen to death if it weren’t for my Qilin True Fire.” Fire Qilin shouted. 

He followed Jiang Chen after shouting. 

“Didn’t you say you’re not coming no matter what?” Jiang Chen smiled and asked. 

Chet. Did you think that I, Fire Qilin, as one of those beasts that don’t value camaraderie? I would have to take care of your corpse even if you died. Let’s go, let us see what lies within this city. ” Fire Qilin said impatiently. 

However, Jiang Chen felt that this fella was not as heartless as it seems, Fire Qilin was just worried about the dangers that he might encounter within the icy city. It’ll be heartless of him if Fire Qilin were to leave Jiang Chen alone. Plus, Fire Qilin benefited from the Heart of Magma and the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. A beast values camaraderie more than humans. 

Fire Qilin walked behind Jiang Chen and entered the largest palace within the icy city. It was a majestic palace, a one-of-a-kind structure. 

“Snow God Spirit Condor Palace,” Jiang Chen looked at that tall ice-carved plaque and murmured. 

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