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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2374

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“Although we have different stands, this guy is indeed admirable. Even the both of us don’t have such courage to challenge the formidable Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros alone.” Xu Jin said in a profound way. 

Jiang Chen’s cultivation realm was truly low, however, he had gained Xu Jin’s respect because of his guts. Moreover, Jiang Chen was still able to remain calm and confident under the joint attack of Lang Ya and the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros. Although there was no hope for him in winning the battle, his imposing manner remained strong and irresistible. 

“That’s right. However, people like him are doomed to die young. Brave yet don’t know how to be humble. Even if he is a genius, so what? In front of absolute strength, all kinds of tricks are mundane. Before truly becoming an expert, he is still only a lake dragon in the water that doesn’t have any oppressive claws. Death will be his fate and he deserves all of the consequences.”

Yang Mingcheng also quite admired Jiang Chen, but only a true expert who could get through all the obstacles deserved everyone’s respect. It’s not easy. Jiang Chen had not become a true expert yet, but he already looked down upon these monstrous geniuses. The consequences he had to suffer definitely will not be very good.

As soon as Yang Mingcheng finished his words, Jiang Chen was once again repulsed by Lang Ya and the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros. He was pushed back a thousand metres away, near the exit of the cave. Again, the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros made another heavy strike, defeating the twelve Fire God Guards immediately. His terrifying Heavenly God Realm combat strength was unparalleled!

Jiang Chen was not excluded from the attack. After being injured by the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros severely just now, he had no strength to fight anymore.

Jiang Chen spit out a mouthful of blood and his face looked extremely pale. 

“No way. If we continue to remain idle and don’t offer any help, we are really lacking humanity. I am not going to flinch in this battle. Our lives were saved by Jiang Chen. Right now, Jiang Chen is in deep trouble, how could we just sit still and do nothing?”

Yang Jian roared in rage and lunged towards Lang Ya.

“Yang Jian, you are finding trouble for yourself!”

Leng Lingyi sighed. It was not difficult to deal with Lang Ya as they had many people with them. So they might not need to be afraid of him. However, the Heavenly God Realm Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros was peerless. It was like an omnipotent existence.

“Seems like you have been defeated.”

The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros looked at Jiang Chen in disdain. He scorned Jiang Chen who was just a lowly human. Jiang Chen was not qualified to fight him. 

“Haha. Where are you going to hide now? No one will come to save you.” Lang Ya laughed coldly and said.

“Yang Jian is here.”

Holding his double-edged sword, Yang Jian crashed into the battlefield. Lang Ya gave a contemptuous glance to Yang Jian and used his Heavenly Shaking Cauldron against him. Yang Jian continued to fight with Lang Ya, however he was eventually suppressed by Lang Ya after a while. A strong attack from the Heavenly Shaking Cauldron knocked Yang Jian off.

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes and stared at Lang Ya without blinking.

“You’re courting death!”

Jiang Chen’s voice was like a call from the hell that made Lang Ya shiver for a second. However, Jiang Chen could not even secure himself rightnow, how could he still have the mood to care about others.

“Give me your divine pills then I will let you die with an intact body.’

What the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros cared the most was Jiang Chen’s divine pills.

“I would rather give them to a dog than give them to you.”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly at this moment and turned around, withdrawing himself to the entrance of the Black Cave.

“Foolish human.”

The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros said ruthlessly. Blood was dripping deep inside his heart at this moment. Jiang Chen must have numerous Immortal Grade Divine Pills with him because he just gave each of the four beasts a piece of the Immortal Grade Divine Pill. He must have a lot of treasure with him. 

Unfortunately, those treasures were going to be buried in the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain forever.

This was because entering the grand valley of the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain was equivalent to death. There would be no chance to live.


Liu Quanchao and others’ countenance fell. That was truly a land of death.Whoever entered the Sacred Mountain, his soul would be shattered. It was not only a legend. No one had ever walked out from there. It was an existence that was like a black hole that engulfed the heavens and earth. It was full of perils and it was like a curse that no one could break.

“Jiang Chen!”

Yang Jian was terrified and his heart was broken. He was a man who valued friendship greatly. He had even gone through many crises with Jiang Chen together and was saved by Jiang Chen numerous times. The brotherhood and friendship between Jiang Chen and Yang Jian was indescribable.

At this moment, looking at Jiang Chen stepping into the Sacred Mountain Black Cave, his face became as gloomy as a coal. 

Leng Lingyi and Pan Hong immediately pulled Yang Jian back while Lang Ya and  the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros did not expect that Jiang Chen would choose to enter the grand valley of the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain. That was a place devoid of life . Soon , the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain would close up again. Even if Jiang Chen did not die inside, he would be squashed by the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain.

Moreover, that place was sealed with a permanent curse. Whoever entered the grand valley and whoever looked for the source of the spiritual spring would certainly die. 

“A bunch of  incapable guys. You guys are responsible for Jiang Chen’s death as well.” Yang Jian said while gritting his teeth.

“The situation suddenly changed. We are not the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros’s match at all. It’s tricky enough for us to deal with Lang Ya. We can only sit here and look for any opportunity right now. Do you think that we feel good after all of these happened? Jiang Chen has saved our lives before, but if we go out right now, we are only looking for death ourselves. I think Jiang Chen would not be happy to see this as well.”

Liu Quanchao said softly, his face was filled with sorrow.

Lang Ya finally looked calm right now because Jiang Chen’s death was good to him. He did not need to worry anymore in the future.

“I will be back again. I will definitely be back.”

Jiang Chen shouted loudly and his voice echoed within the grand valley. He dissapeared in the black cave, the echo was heard by others as the last voice he left before he vanished from their sight.

Yang Jian, Pan Hong and others were incomparably sorrowful but their cultivation realm was too weak. They could not do anything to help at all. They could only look at Jiang Chen walk into the place of death silently. Yang Jian was heart broken.

“Brother Jiang, we are going to avenge you!”

Liu Quanchao gripped his fists tightly. Right now, the Divine Pangolin’s situation was the most dangerous one. Everything seemed to be over soon. Once the Divine Pangolin fell, the entire Nine Dragon Cave would be turned around. 

“There are many people hiding in the dark. Master Spirit Rhinoceros, we have to kill them all now, otherwise, they would be our disaster in the future.”

Lang Ya said in a low voice. 

The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros gave Lang Ya a glance and said faintly:

“They should be your disaster, I guess.”

“Whatever. As beasts, you all do have dignity. Take your Immortal Grade Divine Pills as I do owe a favour for you. 

Lang Ya was thrilled and his face suddenly looked gentle. He guessed that everyone here would be killed by the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros soon. 

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