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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2372

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Jiang Chen’s face looked solemn and he did not dare to be reckless at all. The twelve Fire God Guards used up gave it their all in the battle. Even with the Fire God Guards’s help , they were still neck-and-neck in the battle. Lang Ya was not weaker than Li Zhongheng at all. At the moment, Jiang Chen looked tense as he still had to confront the Heavenly God beasts. For him, confronting Lang Ya was not difficult compared to the Heavenly God Realm beasts. 

Currently, the Divine Pangolin had already been in a disadvantageous position under the joint attack of the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros and the other beats. It was not easy to turn the table. Every beast present was not weak at all. At the beginning, both sides were equal, but right now it seems like their opponent had the upper hand. It was out of their expectation.

“Infernal Evil Dragon, you are such a despicable bastard. I never thought that you would be so cunning!”

Divine Pangolin roared while gritting his teeth tightly. His roar was as loud as a thunderstorm and shook the entire Nine Dragon Cave. His rage and unwillingness were frightening. Unfortunately, the Divine Pangolin was unable to display his full mightiness at the moment. It was like a tiger who lost its teeth.

Infernal Evil Dragon smiled coldly and said, “This is called karma. Who asked you to stand aside and watch the show and did not help me? I am going to let you taste the feeling of being bullied by all the beasts.”

She gave the Divine Pangolin a ruthless glance. The Divine Pangolin felt that the Infernal Evil Dragon was punishing him. The Infernal Evil Dragon had always been calculative. It was impossible for her to sit aside and not take the chance to attack him. Moreover, she had received gifts from Lang Ya to join the battle. If the Infernal Evil Dragon did not take revenge against the Divine Pangolin  now, when would she be able to take revenge?  

The Azure Pythons felt the same. Their home had been destroyed by Jiang Chen, hence they don’t have a home to stay anymore. It was impossible that their hatred for Jiang Chen would disappear so soon. They’re going to take this opportunity to make a heavy blow against Jiang Chen. It would be the best if Jiang Chen was killed.

Jiang Chen’s eyes looked extremely cold. His battle with Lang Ya had also become even more dreadful now. The battle was presently at the boiling point. Without feeling any fear, Lang Ya held the Heavenly Shaking Cauldron and struck the craziest attack against Jiang Chen and the twelve Fire God Guards. At the end, however, Lang Ya failed to escape from the formation of the twelve Fire God Guards and the Surging Wave Earthly Formation, which defeated Li Zhongheng before. Jiang Chen then proceeded to use up all of his strength as he wanted to overcome Lang Ya as soon as possible, otherwise, he would fall into a disadvantaged position in the battle.

The Divine Pangolin would be slowly killed by these Heavenly God beasts if the situation continued to be like this. He had almost been pushed to a dead end. 

“Each of the Heavenly God masters, if you are willing to help me defeat the old rhinoceros, I am going to reward you with an Immortal Grade Divine Pill. I will not go back on my promise,” Jiang Chen said with a deep voice. 

The remaining four Heavenly God beasts were slightly tempted. They had seen an Immortal Grade Divine Pill before. But when they saw the divine pills at the Divine Pangolin and Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros just now, they knew that even eating hundred pieces of Supreme Grade Divine Pill would not give them the same benefit of eating one piece of Immortal Grade Divine Pill. That was the most terrifying medicinal pill that they had ever seen and it was even somehow more superior than the spiritual spring water they obtained.

The four beasts looked at each other and they hesitated. They were tempted yet they did not know what to do.

“If you take action against me, don’t blame me for killing your whole clan.”

The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros’ voice echoed around the four injured beasts’ ears. Their heart skipped a beat. If they took action against him, they did not know whether they would win or lose, or live or die. Moreover, they had to confront the Azure Flower Giant Pythons and the Infernal Evil Dragon as well. They did not have absolute confidence to defeat them. The probability of winning was less than sixty percent. If they lose in the battle, they would die along with their clan’s destiny. 

The transaction was too risky for them because they were unclear about the Azure Flower Giant Pythons and Infernal Evil Dragon’s true strength. If they chose to take action recklessly right now, they might stand at the wrong side and regret it.

Lang Ya looked gloomy because he was a bit worried right now. The temptation of getting the Immortal Grade Divine Pill was extraordinarily huge. However, the four beasts were well-aware that even if they could get the pill, they might not be able to survive and enjoy the reward. If they chose to join Jiang Chen’s side but lost the battle, the consequences they were going to suffer would be devastating. 

“All of the masters, if you are willing to lend me a helping hand, I will not mistreat you in the future. I will give you ten pieces of Supreme Grade Divine Pill!”

Not to be outdone, Lang Ya offered something as well. Although Jiang Chen’s Immortal Grade Pill was more tempting, obviously the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros’s side had an upper hand.

After being silent for a while, the four beasts chose to stand by the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros. They did not want to put their life at risk. Joining the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros’s side could secure their life. 

“We are willing to follow our brother Spirit Rhinoceros.”

The four beats said that at the same time. At the moment, the Divine Pangolin was extremely disappointed. He had already been in a fierce battle with the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros, yet most of the great beasts chose to stand by his enemy to fight against him. Unless he was a Middle Heavenly God Realm beast, otherwise they would definitely be defeated.

Middle Heavenly God Realm and Early Heavenly God Realm were two completely different realms. The Divine Pangolin was unable to resist the joint attack at all and he even suffered from severe injury. Jiang Chen was really worried about the situation. 

“Oh no, all of the beasts are going to stand by with Lang Ya.”

Liu Quanchao’s face looked terrible. No one expected this situation would happen: all of the beasts chose to stand by with Lang Ya. It was only because Jiang Chen had made too many enemies in the past. All of the injured beasts right now did not want to suffer any kind of loss anymore, so they choose to stand by the 

Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros.

“Right now, Jiang Chen’s situation is quite precarious.”

Zhang Lei nodded and said while his eyes released some kind of helplessness. They could not help at all all with their current cultivation realm as all of the enemies were Heavenly God beasts. The Divine Pangolin seemed to be defeated in the next second. Jiang Chen would definitely become the beasts’ target if that happened.

“Are we just going to stand here and watch Jiang Chen fall into a predicament? Can we do something” 

Yang Jian said with a deep voice while staring at the battle.

“If we take action now, it will be no different from courting death.”

Wu Qianxun said.

“Yes, that’s right. We have to think about everyone’s sake.” 

Wu Tinghou nodded in silence.

“All of the Heavenly God Realm masters. If we kill him, then all of his Immortal Grade Pill will be ours. Haha. Let me, Lang Ya, take the lead to kill him and all of his Divine Pills will be yours.”

Lang Ya held the Heavenly Shaking Cauldron, standing on the void in pride. His laughter was as loud as a thunderstorm. At the moment, Jiang Chen was on the brink of ruin. 

“Show me how you are going to fight me.”

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