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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2371

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“At this moment, we’re gonna see if Jiang Chen could withstand Lang Ya’s attack. Hope that he manages to resist all the attacks from these monsters.”

Liu Quanchao said while feeling helpless. 

Although his cultivation realm was only at the half-step Heavenly God Realm, he knew that Jiang Chen might not be weaker than him when it comes to a life-and-death battle. He hoped that Jiang Chen could create a miracle. Of course the biggest hope he was holding to right now was the Divine Pangolin. 

Even though they knew that pinning hope on others was an act of showing their incapability, it was difficult for Liu Quanchao to take action against those opponents. If he brought all of the disciples into the battle, all of them might be 

completely annihilated at the end. He needed a massive courage to do that as well. It was not a rational decision, that was why he chose to lay low. 

“Bastard, you guys are a bunch of bastards!”

Jiang Chen had not taken any action yet, but the Divine Pangolin had already been filled with extreme spirit. The Divine Pangolin and Jiang Chen’s battle strength were almost equal, the only thing that could determine their destiny was their luck and endurance. However, the Infernal Evil Dragon and Azure Flower Giant Python were about to join the battle right now and they might turn the situation around. He did not wish to see the situation like this. 

Jiang Chen looked solemn because of Lang Ya’s presence.

“No matter what, don’t pin your hopes on others. This is my advice for you. Hope you can remember it well in your next life. You can only laugh until the end when you are the one controling the situation.”

Lang Ya smiled faintly. He said that to Jiang Chen arrogantly as if Jiang Chen had already died. 

“This is the Heavenly Shaking Cauldron that I inherited from my beloved master. It is even more powerful than a Heavenly Divine Tool. Today, I am going to use this to suppress you. I really want to see if you will be able to get out from the Heavenly Shaking Cauldron.”

Lang Ya’s hand was holding a huge black cauldron. One could immediately tell that it was a divine cauldron used for concocting divine pills. It was truly a Heavenly Divine Tool. The Heavenly Shaking Cauldron was indeed a piece of treasure. However, it might not be able to suppress Jiang Chen.

“Get out of here!”

Lang Ya was holding the cauldron and pressing it against the void. The terrifying power it released had torn the void apart. Jiang Chen casted his Azure Dragon’s Five Steps and used his Dragon Transformation while holding the Heavenly Dragon Sword. Slashing the sky and sweeping across in all directions, he crashed into Lang Ya’s Heavenly Shaking Cauldron. The dreadful clanging sounds had attracted all the Heavenly God beasts’s attention. The domineeringness released by Jiang Chen and Lang Ya was not like those from the ordinary people. As soon as Lang Ya took out his Heavenly Shaking Cauldron, the surrounding temperature heated up. 

The Heavenly Shaking Cauldron fell down from the sky, suppressing Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen’s sword pointed to the heavens, he was completely fearless. The sword clashed with the cauldron once more. This time, Jiang Chen was repulsed by Lang Ya. Although he was a half-step Heavenly God, Jiang Chen’s strength was incomparable to Lang Ya’s. That was why Jiang Chen could only dodge the attack. 

“Twelve Fire God Guards! Form up!”

Jiang Chen shouted. The Twelve Fire God Guards suddenly appeared like twelve glowing fire gods soaring into the sky. Their overbearing breath was extremely powerful, especially after Jiang Chen casted the Surging Wave Earthly Formation with them. They then besiege Lang Ya with their formation. Lang Ya’s facial expression changed lightly because he never expected that Jiang Chen would have a technique like this. As soon as the twelve Fire God Guards appeared, they managed to stop Lang Ya from taking any action. The Surging Wave Earthly Formation had once defeated Li Zhongheng’s Ghost Eye Formation, so it was undeniably terrifying. 

“You do really have some capability to kill so many people. However, you won’t be able to escape today.”

Lang Ya snorted coldy. Without any fear, he immediately started an intense battle with the twelve Fire God Guards. Jiang Chen was neither nervous nor slow. He immediately took action against Lang Ya as well, together with the twelve Fire God Guards. This time, his strength was enhanced magnificently. Although Jiang Chen was only an Early True God, he was not inferior to a half-step Heavenly God at this moment. Lang Ya had become slightly anxious under the twelve Fire God Guards’ attack and he dared not to underestimate Jiang Chen’s combat strength. Slowly, La Yang had changed his attacking position to defense.

“Formidable!” Wu Qianxun said sincerely. 

It was impossible for him to defeat Lang Ya who was a half-step Heavenly God. At the same time, he never really thought that Jiang Chen could defeat him. However, by looking at Jiang Chen’s strength right now, he found it ridiculously terrifying. Although there were three realms of gap in their cultivation realm , Jiang Chen and Lang Ya were neck to neck in the battle.

“You should understand by now that no matter how good you think you are, there is always someone out there who is better. I have already said before. Jiang Che is not simple.”

Wu Tinghou actually had quite a high expectation on Jiang Chen deep in his heart, nevertheless, he was still startled by Jiang Chen when watching the battle. Undeniably, the formation of the twelve Fire God Guards was sufficient to kill a half-step Heavenly God cultivator.

“Jiang Chen will definitely not be defeated.”

Yang Jian said in a deep voice, showing his firm faith in Jiang Chen. This was the only thing he could do right now. He believed that Jiang Chen would be able to defeat Lang Ya. 

“Is this guy really this monstrous?” 

Somewhere afar, Yang Mingcheng was also dumbstruck by the fact that Jiang Chen was only an Early True God. If he was Jiang Chen, he would’ve already ran away. Why would he have the courage and mood to fight a half-step Heavenly God. In fact, Jiang Chen’s strength was out of everyone’s expectation. They all had higher appraisal on Jiang Chen right now.

“We shouldn’t underestimate him. It won’t be so easy for us to get the spiritual spring water.” Xu Jin smiled bitterly and said. 

He did not want to support their enemy and weaken his own spirit, however, they all knew how formidable Lang Ya was. He was the unparalleled genius of Divine Pill Sect. Despite his formidability, he and Jiang Chen were evenly matched in battle. It was hard to say who was the upper hand.

“I believe that Lang Ya would win as his strength is well known. Who is Jiang Chen? His cultivation realm is only at the Early True God Realm. If he did not have the puppets and the formation, he would’ve been defeated earlier.”

Not to be outdone, Yang Mingchen said. 

“Don’t you think that the puppets and the formation is also a part of his strength? Perhaps he is even more dreadful than you think. Do you think an ordinary True God would be able to master twelve Mid True God realm puppets? I might not even have the spiritual strength to control those twelve puppets.” Xu Jin said seriously.

While Jiang Chen and Lang Ya were having a fierce battle, the Divine Pangolin seemed to be struggling with the joint attack of the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros and the Azure Flower Giant Python. The Divine Pangolin could not resist their attack anymore. He had been injured badly and was in a disadvantageous position.

When Jiang Chen saw that the Divine Pangolin had lost the upper hand in the battle, he knew that the situation was very disadvantageous to them if things continued to develop the way it is. .  

Upon also seeing this, Lang Ya smiled coldly and said, “Now you should know what despair is. Hahaha, later when the Divine Pangolin is defeated, the day you die will not be too far as well. It’s impossible for you to overcome me.”

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