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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2370

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The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros gazed at Jiang Chen fiercely. But at the same time, the Divine Pangolin started his attack, rushing towards the enemy with his gigantic body. It was an apocalyptic scene, as the two gigantic beasts clashed. 

Nevertheless, even with all the ruckus, the Nine Dragon Cave was unaffected by the clash. The Sacred Mountain and the spiritual water was still undergoing its process, slowly dripping down towards the caves, tempting the hearts of men and beasts alike. 

Jiang Chen was no exception. This spiritual water was an exceptional treasure no matter if it was for pill concoction or for the sake of one’s cultivation. 

A dark black hole was split open on the sacred mountain, but none dared to venture into it to search for the source of the spiritual water. 

Jiang Chen frowned as he gazed at that giant black hole. It felt like something was calling for him from deep within the hole. He felt something was amiss about that large hole. The spiritual water was flowing from that very hole too; could one find the source of the water if one were to venture into that place? 

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but think that it was a silent summon that was calling for him, it was extremely creepy… however, he’s not one with insatiable greed. He and the others would have the same thought but none of them ventured into that place. The dangers within that dark hole must be immense. Jiang Chen immediately gave up on the thought but he still felt uncomfortable due to the silent callings, as if it was calling his soul towards the place. 

“Jiang Chen, let’s see how powerful you are. Now, I shall be the one to punish you. This spiritual water is not for the likes of you to take. It’ll be a waste for people like you. Hahaha.” Lang Ya sneered and pointed at Jiang Chen with his weapon as he was preparing to battle. 

“Are you trying to fight me? Hehe. I am not that stupid. This spiritual water is coming out soon. I am only here for the water, I will obliterate those who stand in my way.” Jiang Chen squinted his eyes and said with a slight smile. 

“What a coincidence. I also don’t like people blocking my path. Hence, I will politely ask you to f*ck off. Otherwise, die!” Lang Ya was extremely confident in facing Jiang Chen. 

A Half-Step Heavenly God versus an Early True God… is there a need to compare? However, he didn’t want to act at such an early stage, as he was the first amongst the humans to act first and he needed to preserve his strength. God knows how many others were silently waiting on the sidelines. Plus, those beasts may even betray him in the last second. Hence, he was extremely careful after considering all the possible things that may happen. 

“If you want to fight, come and get it. I, Jiang Chen, am no coward, this spiritual water is mine to take and your life as well.” 

“Originally, I didn’t think of killing you so soon. But it looks like you’re eager to die. You’re the culprit behind Li Yanchao’s death, right?”

Lang Ya and Li Yanchao were both from the Divine Pill Sect. But a powerful and uncontrollable monster like Lang Ya does not regard Li Yanchao as his equal. Hence, their relationship was not as great as it seems. However, Li Yanchao getting killed by Jiang Chen was an insult to the sect, hence Lang Ya will not let this slide.  

“Come. You’ll become the ultimate winner in this Nine Dragon Cave if you manage to kill me.” Jiang Chen obviously was getting tired of Lang Ya’s  trash talking. 

It’s impossible to preserve once strength if he were to face Lang Ya. Hence, there’s no more point in talking and only battle awaits them. 

The battle that was happening between the Divine Pangolin and the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros was moving towards the climax. The two Peak Early Heavenly God Realm demonic beasts were exceptional, their battle was fierce. The other beasts were silently watching as they dared not to offend any one of them. 

The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros and Divine Pangolin fought like no other. But the Nine Dragon Caves remained unaffected by their battle. Meaning that this place was different from other places and the spiritual water was also an exceptional treasure. 

The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros was strong… However, the Divine Pangolin wasn’t going to back down. Both of them had been on each other’s noses for a few thousands of years. At this moment, everyone was concentrating on their battle. 

The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros was agile; the Divine Pangolin was dominatingly strong. None of them was able to gain the upper hand against the other. Their battle was extremely beneficial for Jiang Chen in his cultivation and as a reference. 

“Brother Spirit Rhinoceros, I am willing to assist you.” 

Nobody expected that at this moment the Infernal Evil Dragon chose to come up to the stage, even though he was injured. Because when the Infernal Evil Dragon came to the Divine Pangolin’s territory to get the thieves, the pangolin did not help him, hence the dragon hated him to the core. Plus, the pangolin even wanted his share of the spiritual water, this was what made the Infernal Evil Dragon angry. 

“Count us, three brothers, in. Haha.” Green Azure laughed loudly as it looked at Jiang Chen coldly. 

The three brothers could never forget this fella. 

“So, it’s you three.” Jiang Chen said coldly. 

“You destroyed our homes, leaving us without a place to return to, how could we possibly forgive you?!” Green Azure roared furiously. 

“Despicable. Taking advantage of the situation.” Yang Jian shouted with a cold expression. 

At this moment, Jiang Chen felt that enemies were surrounding him. These fellas were obviously taking advantage of the situation to ensure his demise. Plus, he was on the weaker side when he faced Lang Ya. Now… it was extremely dangerous. 

No matter if it was the Azure Flower Giant Pythons or the Infernal Evil Dragon, they were all extremely dangerous for Jiang Chen. The Divine Pangolin will certainly lose if they join hands together, and Jiang Chen will be surrounded from all sides and die a terrible death. 

“Nobody could change the fact that Jiang Chen has too many enemies. This is the worst possible situation for him now.” Wu Tinghou said quietly. 

They couldn’t do much with the current situation. Even though those beasts were all injured, they were still powerful beasts nonetheless. It would be impossible for their meagre power to change the whole situation. 

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