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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2364

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Liu Quanchao agreed, and then the brother of Wu Family smiled as well. If everyone can be united and make an alliance, it would be much better than having one more enemy. However, one could not underestimate Yang Mingcheng and Xu Jin’s strength. Even though they had more people in their team, they might not be able to hold the upper hand when fighting against Yang Mingcheng and Xu Jin. 

“According to what we know, there are always only nine set of the spiritual spring water condensed out from the spring in the Sacred Mountain. Only the beasts of the Heavenly God realm are qualified to obtain these spiritual water. Meanwhile, there are many beasts that are Heavenly God Realm in the Hidden Secret Realm. The battle of the spiritual water is not limited among the human cultivators only, I guess beasts would also be involved. By that time, our situation will be even more dangerous as the competition will be like the tigers competing for their prey. We must be extremely careful.” Wu Qianxun said. 

Apparently, he was well-aware of the situation of the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain. When he said that, he did not intend to discourage anyone present. It was merely because the Sacred Mountain was full of danger. Once the beasts of Heavenly God realm started a battle to fight for the spiritual spring, ordinary people would not be able to withstand it.

Yang Jian nodded and said, “Seems like our situation will be even more dangerous this time.” 

“If you want to get more, you have to go through more danger. Otherwise, why are we here? Are we going to be cowards?”

Leng Lingyi smiled. He looked fearless as he was the only one of Divine Spear Sect who was still alive.

“That’s right. It’s necessary to experience danger. How would it be possible to go through everything safely in this place? Experts normally experience growth not in comfort but through hardship. Who is going to win at the end? It depends on luck and strength,” Zhang Lei added.

“Nothing we can worry about anymore. We must enter the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain. Hahaha!”

Liu Quanchao laughed out loud. He and the Wu brothers took the initiative and walked first towards their destination. Of course, no one knew what was awaiting them inside. It could be dreadful beasts or natural disasters. 

Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain was full of yellow soil and towering hills.

There was only one kind of plant existing in the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain. It was the Wan Nian Song*. There was no other grass, only the Wan Nian Song which covered the entire mountain’s yellow soil. Owing to the unusually cold temperature in the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain, only the Wan Nian Song, which had a very low living requirement, could survive in such a harsh and critical climate.

Everyone felt the coldness but they did not know where the coldness came from and how many of them could bear such coldness. Perhaps because of the low temperature of the Sacred Mountain, more than twenty Heavenly God realm beasts were gathering at the Nine Dragon Cave. It was crowded and lively!

The beasts’ battle strength would be able to sweep across the entire Hidden Secret Realm. They never expected that the spiritual spring water of the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain was this tempting to so many people and even beasts. It attracted almost all of the Heavenly God realm beasts in the Hidden Secret Realm. Yang Ming and Xu Jin were quite dumbfounded by the scene.

In the Nine Dragon Cave, only one beast was allowed to sit on each of the caves. And each of them could only get a small amount of the spiritual spring water. However, there were more than twenty Heavenly God Realm beasts gathering here right now. The outbreak of battle was inevitable.

More than twenty Heavenly God Realm beasts grouped themselves separately and invaded the entire Nine Dragon Cave where they could obtain the spiritual spring water directly.

Each of the beasts was not willing to let go of the chance because the spiritual spring water could strengthen and provide essence to their body. In this barren Hidden Secret Realm, the water was something that made them aroused in interest. 

Taking the role of leader, a gigantic beast who had one horn on its head looked at all of the Heavenly God Realm beasts and said faintly:

“I, the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros, am going to say something fair today. Of course, only those with great capability deserve the good thing. Whoever can stand on the Dragon Cave can get the spiritual spring water. I won’t have any opinion if you want to come to challenge me as long as you’re powerful enough. What do you think? Old Pangolin?”

The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros gave the Divine Pangolin a glance.

The Divine Pangolin was like a motionless mountain lying there. It opened its eyes slowly and said in a deep voice:

“I am going to have two set of spiritual spring water this year.”

There was an uproar among the beasts and even the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros was stunned for a while.

“Old Pangolin, what do you mean?”

“Infernal Evil Dragon said that he would give me his. If you have any opinion, you can tell him. Anyway, I am going to get his part,” Divine Pangolin said firmly.

“Our leader is not here yet. Are you going to take over his place?”

The Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros sneered.

“Of course, I don’t have the competence to take over our leader’s place. But Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros, you are not qualified for the second place as well,” Old Pangolin said faintly. 

All of the beasts had become extremely brutal and ferocious in order to get the spiritual spring water. Having a battle was necessary. No one dared to fight for the first place because their leader’s strength was indeed too formidable. Over a hundred thousand years, no one dared to challenge his mightiness. The Divine Pangolin and Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros were always intolerant to each other because they had the same cultivation—Early Heavenly God Realm. Other beasts were only at the Early Heavenly God Realm so they would not be able to defeat them.

“Infernal Evil Dragon was only lucky last time to get one of the places. Does he really think that he could take the first place as well this year?  Or do you think that you are more powerful than our leader this time?”  the Single-horned Spirit Rhinoceros said.

“I didn’t say so. But don’t blame me if anyone wants to fight with me,” the Divine Pangolin said without hesitation.

In this case, four sets of the spiritual spring water had been taken. There were five sets remaining and about twenty beasts were eyeing them as if the waters were their prey. 

“Old Pangolin, when I was threatened by others at your place and could not leave, you didn’t give me a hand to help me. Right now, you want to take away my spiritual spring water. Forget about it!”

A shout resounded in the void as the Infernal Evil Dragon stepped in with overbearing dominance. 

*Wan Nian Song is a kind of chinese herb normally only grown on the high mountains.

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