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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2363

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“A group of outstanding cultivators. Hahaha. Unexpectedly, it’s so lively here.”

A charming young man holding a fan was walking slowly towards them.

“One Word Feng Yun Hall, Yang Mingcheng!”

Liu Quanchao said in a deep voice.

“It’s said that this guy has always been hiding his strength. He wants to amaze everyone after he entered the Hidden Secret Realm. He has overcome all the obstacles and slayed all the enemies. He has a vigorous spirit and he’s a genius disciple of One Word Feng Yun Hall. His cultivation realm has already reached the half-step Heavenly God Realm. He is not any weaker than the experts of the three major sects.” Wu Houting said softly. 

This information was what he heard from others. However, the news should be true, otherwise, why would Yang Mingcheng be so arrogant and conceited? 

Yang Mingcheng looked at everyone contemptuously and said faintly, “I nominate myself as the leader , what do you think?”

“We can’t afford to pay Brother Yang, it’s a heavy burden.” 

Wu Qianxun sneered.

“Don’t you guys welcome me? One Word Feng Yun Hall used to be one of the ten major sects a thousand years ago. Unexpectedly, it was underestimated and ignored by you guys, a bunch of ignorant people. Today, I am going to represent One Word Feng Yun Hall to give you guys advice. For those people who’ll follow me, I will make them flourish. As for those people who go against me, I am going to put them six feet under. Whoever tries to stop me will not have a good ending.”

“I, from Wuyi Sect, am not afraid of you at all. I guess none of us here is willing to rely on others as well. I think it’s better for you to look for other places.”

Wu Qianxun said coldly, giving no face to Yang Mingcheng at all. Indeed, everyone was gathered here today, so they might not be afraid of this half-step Heavenly God.

“Interesting, quite interesting, would you guys like to start a fight?”

Yang Mingcheng squinted his eyes, releasing his imposing bearing of half-step Heavenly God was released magnificently and it was terrifying. 

“It’s more and more lively here. Seems like I am not too late. Haha.”

A bright laughter echoed between the void and a black figure stood out.

“Xu Jin from Overlord Sect!”

Liu Quanchao said in a deep voice. Xu Jin’s cultivation realm had also reached the half-step Heavenly God Realm. Suddenly, there were a few Heavenly God Realm experts on the scene.

He sneered and said, “Haven’t seen you in a long time, Liu Quanchao. I can’t believe that you’re still a Late True God. Sometimes, if you want to hide your strength, you have to see who your opponent is first.”

Apparently, Xu Jin understood Liu Quanchao very well. 

“Why would you say that? How could we dare to offend Brother Xu? Hahaha. Half-step Heavenly God Realm. Seems like your strength has become stronger over time, and I am the only one who is still behind.”

Liu Quanchao smiled and shook his head.

Humph. Pretentious. Where’s Jiang Chen?”

Xu Jin shouted loudly and aggressively. 

“What happened? Has Jiang Chen offended Brother Xu?”

“Bullsh*t! He has killed my junior Zhu Mingyang. I am going to get revenge for him today.”

Xu Jin was outraged and his imposing manner was oppressive.

“Jiang Chen is not here. Your brother indeed died in Jiang Chen’s hand, I am afraid that was because he was weak. He has no competence so he died. So he could only let his senior help him to take revenge. Such rubbish. Even if he was not killed by Jiang Chen, I guess he would not live long in this place.”

Liu Quanchao smiled while Xu Jin’s countenance fell. 

“You’re courting death. I am going to see how long you’re going to pretend.”

Xu Jin took a step forward, unleashing his oppressive aura and made a strike against Liu Quanchao. His dreadful momentum swept across the sky, whereas, Liu Quanchao remained calm and as steady as a mountain. He resisted Xu Jin with his palm, both of them were stuck by the attack and they both took three steps backwards. Everyone was startled, including Zhang Lei and Yang Jian.

“Brother Liu indeed has hidden his true strength. No wonder he was so firm just now and was not afraid.”

Zhang Lei said while showing a complex facial expression. This undeniably increased their safety, however, they could not feel happy at this moment.

“Brother Liu has also reached the half-step Heavenly God Realm. Congratulations.”

“Yea, at least we are somehow secured now.”

“Indeed. We are not as capable as them. Haah. If we are as strong as Brother Liu, who would dare to challenge us”

Xu Jin squinted his eyes and stared at Liu Quanchao and said faintly:

“Exactly as I said. You won’t be that weak. However, I will still definitely kill Jiang Chen. I will not forgive whoever that tries to stop me.”

“Anytime. Jiang Chen has made a great contribution to Heavenly, Earthly, Profound, and Yellow Sect. If you want to kill Jiang Chen, you should ask them if they allow it.”

Liu Quanchao was calm and was without fear. Right now, Yang Mingcheng and the Wu brothers dared not to underestimate Liu Quanchao anymore. Half-step Heavenly God Realm was the highest realm amongst them at the moment. The highest realm of all of the experts from the Clear Stream Sect, Ghost Eye Sect or even Divine Pill Sect were also only half-step Heavenly Gods. However, the people from these three major sects did not appear here.

Humph. You better take care of yourself. Not everyone can come to the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain. It’s said that Ancient Dragon City has never obtained any spiritual spring water from the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain ever since hundreds of thousands of years ago. This meant that all the people who have been here in the past were buried here. You guys are too weak, but you want to obtain something from there? Hehe. I am looking forward to what is going to happen.” Xu Jin said. 

Although Liu Quanchao’s strength had reached the half-step Heavenly God Realm, the people who stood behind him actually had a very weak cultivation realm. Without a Heavenly God, they would only be  courting death by entering the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain. In the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain, there were not only beasts of Heavenly God Realm but it was also full of danger. Some people had died even before reaching the spring.

Liu Quanchao sneered and said, “You don’t need to worry about this.”

“Brother Xu, how about we join hands together? We definitely can achieve something big.” 

Yang Mingcheng looked at Xu Jin and invited him. It was quite unrealistic to enter a very dangerous place alone. Although he might not be able to find an ally who could go through everything together, at least he can face lesser trouble in the future.

“I have this intention as well. Some people are just courting death by going through the trap themselves. Let’s see. I have been longing for the spiritual spring water of Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain.”

Xu Jin and Yang Mingcheng hit it off and burst into laughter. They then entered the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain together. 

“Brother Liu, we are going to see you as our leader. Even though we might not be able to get the spiritual spring water, we will not regret it. We see this as experience and of course those with greater capability will get the treasures.”

Wu Tinghou said solemnly. Liu Quanchao was thrilled. As long as the brothers did not have any opinion, they would definitely enter the mountain and figure out what’s inside. The people there were not afraid of death, but they were more worried about living a mediocre life.

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