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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2360

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Jiang Chen and Li Zongheng faced each other. The former immediately used Dragon Transformation to face the latter’s charge. Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword clashed with Li Zongheng’s battle halberd, making sparks in the process. Li Zongheng’s attacks were lethal, not allowing Jiang Chen any room for a breather because he needed to get Jiang Chen’s treasures as soon as possible and not be worried about meeting the Three Great Guardians of the Clear Stream Sect. 

“Your doomsday is near.” Li Zongheng attacked with his halberd. 

However, after unleashing both the Great Divination Art and Great Void Technique, Jiang Chen continuously evaded his opponent. Not even the Half-Step Heavenly God Li Zongheng could end Jiang Chen in a short span of time. Both the Great Divination Art and Great Void Technique was a supreme technique, the preemptive advantage was taken by Jiang Chen. Li Zongheng could not exert his superiority in battle. 

However, Li Zongheng was still a Half-Step Heavenly God expert, Jiang Chen must look for an opportunity with every move he made, utilizing the Great Void Technique. 

Jiang Chen’s blade and Li Zongheng’s halberd clashed against one another numerous times. None of them were able to gain the upper hand but Jiang Chen’s Great Void Technique enabled him to continuously evade Li Zongheng. Plus, Li Zongheng was also pulled into the No Beginning Formation due to Jiang Chen’s technique as he was running away. 

Jiang Chen kept changing his position by using the Great Void Technique and kept pressuring his enemy with lethal attacks. Li Zongheng was slowly being forced into a disadvantageous position as he couldn’t catch Jiang Chen. 

“You do not have what it takes to kill me.” Jiang Chen sneered. 

The sword intent of solitude wrecked the supreme heavens, cutting apart the clouds and falling towards its enemy with unstoppable might. Li Zongheng attacked continuously with his halberd, yet he was still pushed back by Jiang Chen’s sword intent. 

“Twelve Fire God Guards!” Jiang Chen shouted. 

The Twelve Fire God Guards instantly surrounded Li Zongheng. Their cultivation has already reached the Peak Mid True God Realm. These puppets would continue to grow stronger with the Five Elemental True Fire nourishing them, they were even stronger than Jiang Chen. 

Li Zongheng became slightly solemn when he saw those twelve Fire God Guards. Jiang Chen is already going toe-to-toe against me, and with these puppets assisting him… looks like I have to get serious, otherwise, I won’t be able to end this battle quickly.  

“Heaven Breaching Creator’s Palm!” Li Zongheng unleashed three consecutive palm strikes. 

Jiang Chen blocked it with his blade and was forced a hundred meters back. Li Zhongheng’s palm strikes were not enough to defeat Jiang Chen because the Profound Heavenly Armour could defend against such powerful attacks. 

“These flame puppets trying to fight against me? Dream on!” Li Zongheng sneered as he completely looked down upon the twelve Fire God Guards. 

“You will never know unless you tried it.” Jiang Chen said indifferently. 

The twelve Fire God Guards attacked in unison, causing the Half-Step Heavenly God Li Zongheng to slightly panic. He, who originally looked down on Jiang Chen, was now getting serious. He finally knew that he had been wrong about his enemy. The strength of those puppets was on par with him, and Jiang Chen was using his technique to run across the field to seek opportunities to deal a lethal strike. 

“Damned bastard.” Li Zongheng gritted his teeth as he felt extremely depressed. 

He was pushed into a corner by those puppets without being able to retaliate. Finally, Jiang Chen started his retaliation. 

“True Dragon Palm!” 

Jiang Chen unleashed a seal and his enemy quickly retreated after dealing against the twelve puppets. 

“Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal!”

“Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal!” 

Jiang Chen was observing the battle with killing intent. Li Zongheng will surely kill him if he’s not eliminated now. A fierce battle of life-and-death was underway. 

Li Zongheng was forced to evade against such powerful attacks directed upon him. However, he was still struck by the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal. He was engulfed by the fire dragon and the attacks from the flame puppets. He could not retaliate. 

“You are forcing me! I had this prepared for Xuanyuan Canglan but now you have thoroughly angered me.” Li Zongheng looked up with his weapon, he was filled with anger, and killing intent. 

“Horned Dragon Battle Halberd, unparalleled under the heavens, life-and-death, Ten-Thousand Soul Devouring Ghosts!”

Li Zongheng’s Horned Dragon Battle Halberd exploded with strength and energy. The Ten-Thousand Soul Devouring Ghosts was powerful. Thousands of ghosts roared and shrieked with an ear-piercing voice that could shake a person’s soul. Those ghosts charged towards Jiang Chen like animals while shouting, screaming, roaring… Jiang Chen’s expression slightly changed. 

“Not even a Half-Step Heavenly God could stand against my Ten-Thousand Soul Devouring Ghosts head-on. My Horned Dragon Battle Halberd has drunk the blood of thousands of lives, each one of them became ghosts under my control, becoming a member of the Ten-Thousand Soul Devouring Ghosts. Let me see how long you can last. They will shred your soul into pieces. Hahaha.” 

Li Zongheng laughed proudly. Not even Xuanyuan Canglan could stop the Ten-Thousand Soul Devouring Ghosts, lest Jiang Chen. Plus, this Ten-Thousand Soul Devouring Ghosts is impenetrable, it’ll devour Jiang Chen’s soul once there’s an opening. 

The Horned Dragon Battle Halberd attacked continuously but the flame puppets were unfazed as they were soulless bodies. However, the Ten-Thousand Soul Devouring Ghosts was ravaging towards Jiang Chen as its main target. 

“Truly a prodigy of the Ghost Eye Sect. But it’s a pity that your opponent is me.” Jiang Chen was completely unfazed by the Ten-Thousand Soul Devouring Ghosts, not even retreating as he faced the technique head-on. 

“You really think you’re some hot shit, huh? Not even you can withstand against my Ten-Thousand Soul Devouring Ghosts. Devour him, shred his soul into pieces!” Li Zongheng’s eyes were filled with killing intent as he looked at Jiang Chen with hatred. 

This fella has caused me so much trouble for so long and yet he keeps on living. This has been a waste of time, even though he saved me… At this moment, Li Zongheng only had slaughter, and murderous intent in his eyes, he wanted Jiang Chen dead, and only then could he reach the peak, to win against Xuanyuan Canglan. If a mere Early True God could stand against his path, how could Li Zongheng face his elders back in the Ghost Eye Sect?

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