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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2356

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“Not even a God Emperor could do anything about it?” Jiang Chen said. 

Does this mean that they are doomed? Not even this so-called Immortal Reverend could do anything to change their situation. 

“In other words, the No Beginning Formation is the end of life?” Li Zongheng murmured with a somewhat pale expression. 

He tried everything but without divine energy, how long can he last? Without any strength, what can they use to break through this formation? It was an impossible mission. 

Li Zongheng’s expression changed over and over again as if he had gone somewhat mad. He could not take the pressure, not even a second. To become an everyday human mortal and a mortal without anything, he cannot accept it. He imagined himself for the next 10 years and 100 years in this empty formation that spans only a hundred-metre across. To spend the next second, minute, days, years… Such an excruciating experience was much more torturing than death. 

“I refuse to believe! I refuse to believe that I’ll be stuck here forever. This cannot happen!” Li Zongheng shouted hysterically. 

Jiang Chen could feel the despair within the deepest part of his soul. Not even someone like him was exempt from such emotion. But he has to accept this fact, no one will be able to change this cold-hard-fact. If you can’t leave this place, why not enjoy the time you have here? 

Jiang Chen looked at Li Zongheng’s waning figure as he flew away, his expression became slightly ugly. But what else can they do now? Li Zongheng was the prime example of a powerful expert instantly becoming a human mortal. Nobody wanted to fall and accept it. But this was the fate given by the heavens, what should they do about it? 

Xue Qianying looked at Jiang Chen. She appears to be much more relaxed than Jiang Chen. 

“You look like you’re not even the least bit worried.” Jiang Chen looked at Xue Qianying. 

“You’re not worried either, so why should I be? Only by having the authority to control the life and death of the people under the heavens and possessing unparalleled strength could one truly be happy? The most painful thing in this world is none other than this, many people know that they do not want these things, yet they still pursue them. They knew that what they’re doing may not be right but they still continue doing it. Never did they think that by taking a step back, everything becomes peaceful. Especially us, who pursued fame, authority and power for our whole lives, in the end it’s just endless slaughter and materialistic gains, is that the true source of happiness?” 

Jiang Chen was slightly shocked by Xue Qianying words and his heart calmed down a little. Everything becomes clear and peaceful after taking a step back. Has he ever taken a step back? Who will protect his loved ones and friends if he does not charge forward? Who would truly care on this pile of ashen bones if he fell on his path towards greatness? 

“Your thoughts are different from that fella. Lady, this reverend looks highly upon you, you will certainly reach great heights in the future.” Young Reverend said and gave Xue Qianying a thumbs up. 

Xue Qianying never thought that this young man with an old mentality would be this calm. With just a single motivating gaze, Jiang Chen and Xue Qianying knew that this Young Reverend was no simple man. 

“Lord Reverend, may I know how you got stuck here?” Xue Qianying asked, letting go of her cold attitude. 

Since they were already trapped in this formation, it would be impossible for them to leave now. 

The Young Reverend harrumphed, acting cold. 

Jiang Chen looked at Xue Qianying and pulled her arms and led her away. At this moment, that Young Reverend became somewhat anxious. 

“Why did you pull my hand?” Xue Qianying’s face blushed as she said quietly, trying to escape his grasp. 

However, her arm was tightly gripped by Jiang Chen. They then both went into the bamboo forest that was brewing a comfortable wind. 

“Wait, wait. Where are you guys going? Wait for me, I know this place like the back of my yard.” Young Reverend’s voice reverberated behind Jiang Chen and Xue Qianying. 

Xue Qianying instantly understood and allowed Jiang Chen to continue as they walked further into the bamboo forest. 

“These two little fellas, why are they so impatient. This old one only wanted to test them a little and they stopped talking to me? Damn it. There are finally two people here after a million or so years. This old one finally does not need to be as lonely as before. Hehe.” Young Reverend rubbed his hands and pursued Jiang Chen and Xue Qianying. 

“Relax. He’ll talk.” Jiang Chen smiled calmly as if he had seen through the Young Reverend’s mentality. 

Young Reverend was a bit flustered and angered as he caught up to Jiang Chen and said, “It is one of the tales of the Divine World on how this old one is stuck in this formation. In the past, I was a supreme reverend. What I’m saying is true. I am really a supreme reverend. Are you guys listening? Give me some respect.” 

“We’re always listening. Please talk.” Jiang Chen said. 

“At that time, I was arrogant, I thought I was powerful. But I met that bastard Hidden Secret Divine Emperor. I defeated many God Emperors while I was just a Hierarch hence I was cocky. In the end, I fought the Hidden Secret God Emperor, that old coot. And for three years, there’s no winner. Who knew that fella laid a trap in the Southern Sea Purple Bamboo Forest and I was baited, I devastated the whole bamboo forest, causing tsunamis, and volcanoes to erupt. 

“In our final fight, Avalokiteśvara* did not come and help me. When I knew I had made a grave mistake and was extremely discouraged, that bastard used the No Beginning Formation and had me trapped while I was distracted. In the end, not even Avalokiteśvara was able to help me. Then, the Hidden Secret God Emperor used his blood as sacrifice and put his Hidden Secret Realm into the cracks between the space-time of the Heavens and Earth. Nobody knew where the realm was transported to. After that, Avalokiteśvara told me that I will face a great challenge after a million years. If I could evade it, then I may possibly go back to being an envoy. If I fail that challenge, I’ll vanish from this world like a speck of dust without waiting for the opening of the formation after 5 million years.

“Do you guys know how I lasted through these years? Avalokiteśvara used 100,000 of his life span and placed an incantation on my Divine Spark, this turned me into an Immortal Reverend but Avalokiteśvara’s vitality was hurt by this. Hence I was able to live through these years in this formation. Doesn’t this sound extremely legendary. Aren’t I worth worshipping? I am an immortal being.” Young Reverend smilingly said with an arrogant expression on his face. 

“Even if you can live for another million years, so what? Aren’t you still stuck here?” 

Xue Qianying poured salt on Young Reverend’s wound. 

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