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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2354

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Soft wind blew while bamboo leaves flew around the sky. When Jiang Chen opened his eyes again, he realised that he was still at the Thousand Leaves Purple Bamboo Forest. 

No one expected that they were returned back to where they were after the chaos. It seemed like the vortex never appeared before. The familiar place reappeared in front of them again as if everything was fine. Jiang Chen’s pupils shrunk and his countenance fell as he did not believe that nothing happened.

“What happened? What happened just now is only an illusion, isn’t it?”

Xue Qiangying glanced at Jiang Chen. She was worried because this was the first time she encountered a situation like this. Everything here looked familiar but also looked a bit strange.

“What happened earlier is not an illusion but everything here right now might be an illusion,” Jiang Chen replied in a deep voice.

Li Zhongheng was somewhere not far from them and he looked a bit perplexed. His cold body was just stunned there.

“Why would it be like that? Why am I still here? I thought I was engulfed by the vortex. Jiang Chen is still here.”

Li Zhongheng squinted his eyes slightly and looked at Jiang Chen, full of killing intent. However, when he made a heavy blow, his strike was not as powerful as what he expected. 

“Why is it so? Why would my Divine Strength disappear?” 

Li Zhongheng shouted. He was shocked and his countenance fell. He staggered back with eyes full of fear. He did not know why he lost his Divine Strength. His peerless and invincible imposing might had also disappeared completely.

Jiang Chen was stunned for a while. He thought of immediately running away to dodge Li Zhongheng’s attack, however, the attack was only like a strike of void that caused no harm at all. Meanwhile, Li Zhongheng now looked like a clown standing there and his face was full of doubt as he was very shocked.

“Unfortunately. I have also lost my Divine Strength.”

Xue Qianying shouted. Jiang Chen started feeling the seriousness of the matter.

“I have lost all of my Divine Strength as well. If I am right, I guess we have fallen into a formation. What we are seeing right now might not be different from what we saw in the Thousand Leaves Purple Bamboo Forest. Hmmm no, that’s not right….”

Jiang Chen kept silent for awhile and looked at the mountain wall and continue to speak:

“The ‘Thousand Leaves Purple Bamboo Forest’ is written upside down. We are not in the same place as before. This is a formation that makes us lose ourselves and our Divine Strength.”

“There is such a mystical formation in the world? It’s quite creepy.”

Xue Qianying’s voice was quite soft. However, as they really could not display their Divine Strength, they started feeling very small. 

“The world is so big that everything is possible. I guess the formation eye of this formation is the vortex that we saw just now. Did you hear the hymn of Sanskrit in the vortex?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Yes, I heard it. But what does that mean?”

Xue Qianying was in great doubt.

“This must be a Buddhist territory and must be quite a formidable area.”

Jiang Chen murmured. At the moment, he wanted to cast the Great Void Technique but realised that he could not cast any Divine Strength at all. It was impossible to travel through the void to exit this place. Since he failed to cast the Great Void Technique, he realised that even his Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was not effective at the moment as well. Jiang Chen finally understood how dreadful this place was.

The existence of this place was completely out of his imagination. Li Zhongheng was also terrified at this moment. 

Jiang Chen this time was really at a loss of what to do. He could only see the situation beforehand then only decide what to do. However, he was very sure that this was not the Thousand Leave Purple Bamboo Forest. It’s undeniable.

“Your Divine Strength has gone too, hasn’t it?”

Li Zhongheng looked at Jiang Chen and Xue Qianying.

“What do you think?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Do you know what kind of place is this?” Li Zhongheng asked. 

It was hard to believe that both of them were standing at the same side right now and they had no bad intention against each other. The battle before had become a joke because they had lost their Divine Strength now.

“You, as the peerless genius of Ghost Eye Sect who mastered various formations and is able to see through everything. Can’t you realise that this is a formation? We are now inside the formation.”

Jiang Chen answered faintly.

Li Zhongheng snorted but he knew that they were now actually on the same boat. Even though he was ridiculed by Jiang Chen, he had nothing to respond because what he said was the truth. He had also made the same guess as Jiang Chen’s. 

They had to look for some ideas to get out of here as soon as possible. Leaving this place now became their top priority. 

“Whatever we crave will end up as emptiness. Unexpectedly, there are three people here this time. It’s surprising but also hard to choose.”

A bright voice sounded near Jiang Chen’s ear. A youth with a young and soft face with two soaring buns on his head was walking steadily towards Jiang Chen and others. He released some kind of mature aura. 

“Little kid, who are you? What is this place?”

Li Zhongheng said with a deep voice.

“Little kid? Hahaha.”

The youth laughed wildly and looked at Li Zhongheng with disdain.

“I have lived for more than millions of years, but this is the first time I heard someone call me a little kid. You’re ridiculous.”

Jiang Chen’s countenance fell immediately after hearing that. That meant he was more than a million years old now and he had not passed away yet. This also meant that this guy was quite terrifying. What kind of existence was he?Was he a Divine Emperor or even a God Emperor?

But he did not look like that at all. He might not even reach Heavenly God Realm yet. However, he showed the manner as if he was peerless and invincible under the heavens. Even Li Zhongheng was disdained by the youth.

“Who are you? Why are you here?”

Li Zhongheng asked with a soft voice, trying not to offend the youth.

“Who am I ? You guys have no qualification to know about my name. Hehe. When I was trapped here last time, I was a Hierarch, but now I am not even a Heavenly God.”

The youth said angrily. His gloomy face made it apparent that he was quite furious. He looked at the sky with hatred but his face still looked innocent. He was like a child, naive and pure. Even Xue Qianying could not help feeling compassion towards him and her eyes showed motherly feelings.

“Are you kidding?”

Jiang Chen took a cold breath. If what he said was real, he was a more than millions year Hierarch. It was an overbearing existence. But how would he be trapped here? 

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