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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2346

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Jiang Chen’s expression slightly changed as he looked at Yang Jian and the others, then asked: 

“What poison is this?” 

“The poison of the blood centipede.” Pan Hong said. 

From Jiang Chen’s point of view, Pan Hong was the calmest. 

“The poison of the Blood Centipede? How is it this powerful?” Liu Quanchao frowned, not able to understand. 

“It’s a downright dirty accusation. Bunch of wolves. This is not what you said earlier. Hmph hmph.” Ling Long sneered. 

“We were forced to tie them up after they got poisoned by the Blood Centipede, but they’re still able to kill a dozen of our brothers. We are forced to this.” Leng Lingyi said as he looked at Jiang Chen and the others calmly. 

Leng Lingyi pointed afar. A dozen or so corpses were bloodied and in pieces on the floor. They obviously just died not too long ago, their bodies were still warm. 

Liang Kuanping’s expression was of extreme sadness. 

“They killed four of my brothers. I would’ve killed them if it wasn’t for Yang Jian stopping me.” 

Liu Quanchao and the others were ashamed by what Liang Kuanping had said. No matter what, the fact was they killed those men.

“You guys did it.” Zhang Lei frowned. 

Not even women could be exempted from this. They killed so many people, even if they have gone berserk, could this be forgiven? Zhang Lei was a man of justice. At this moment, he also felt that these two women could not be forgiven. 

“To think you guys had planned this all along. I did not kill those people.” Ling Long looked at Leng Lingyi, Jiang Chen and then to Liu Quanchao. 

But their eyes were filled with extreme scorn and discrimination. Because those ten people were dead over there. There was even blood centipede poison on their wounds. 

“How do you guys explain those people over there? You guys couldn’t control yourself after getting poisoned. Which is acceptable, but is it that hard for you to admit it?” Liu Quanchao said. 

“I said, I never killed anyone!” Ling Long looked at Liu Quanchao.

Liu Quanchao was slightly stunned. However, the evidence was clear. here’s no doubt about it.

“Those people are already dead and they have your poison on them. Unable to explain it, right? Trying to get away? It is perfectly justified to pay blood for blood.” Jiang Chen smiled. 

“Jiang Chen this……”  Liu Quanchao said quietly. 

“You guys tell me, should I kill them?” Jiang Chen looked at Pan Hong, Yang Jian and the others. 

“What use is there to kill them? A great mistake has been made, another death will only become a loss for us. Haih”  Leng Lingyi sighed.

“You’re right. The death penalty can be averted but a punishment must be met. They must be controlled by us, they can get back their freedom after the poison has been neutralised. Otherwise, our lives will be in danger.” Yang Jian added. 

“You’re right. They have killed many people. We must take control of them, they are quite dangerous, we may not get out of this unscathed if there are any accidents.” Pan Hong nodded. 

“Then, might as well kill them to be freed of those risks.” Jiang Chen said. 

Ling Long and Xue Qianying looked at him with disbelief. How could this fella be this cruel? 

“Let’s not prod any further. The dead cannot be revived, what use is there to kill them?” Liang Kuanping murmured. 

At this moment, he did not have his demeanour from earlier and said so disgruntledly. 

“What are you trying to do?” Ling Long looked at Jiang Chen who was wielding the Heavenly Dragon Sword with killing intent while slowly walking towards her. 

“Jiang Chen, you’re insane! You will have to kill me if you want to kill Ling Long!” Liu Quanchao stepped forward and blocked Jiang Chen, protecting Ling Long. 

At this moment, Jiang Chen and Liu Quanchao were gazing at each other’s eyes, the situation was getting heated. 

“Move,” Jiang Chen said. 

“I am not your match. But if you want to kill her, you have to go through my body.” Liu Quanchao knew he could not beat him but he still chose to stand in front of Ling Long, blocking Jiang Chen’s path. 

Liu Quanchao who was a disciple of Heavenly Star Sect had liked Ling Long for a decade. But she never thought of him the same way he did. Yet, he was still willing to die for her. A man can die but it must be an honourable death. 

“Don’t you force me.” 

Jiang Chen stabbed Liu Quanchao. However, the latter did not move even though the blade had pierced through his chest, and blood was dripping out from his body. At this moment, everyone’s expression changed. 

“Jiang Chen, why not… we let this be.” Man Shuai said quietly. 

“It is justice where blood must be paid with blood. They killed so many people, shouldn’t they be dead? Do not help them anymore.” Jiang Chen shouted as he pushed everyone away. 

“If you want to frame me, there is no need for such hassle. If you want to kill me, come, do you think I’m afraid of you? ” Ling Long stared at Jiang Chen with a fiery gaze, without fear. 

“Jiang Chen……” Xue Qianying looked at Jiang Chen. 

Is he still the same person I know? He would help his closest people rather than the facts. But Xue Qianying also saw affection deep within his eyes. At that moment, she shivered and did not speak anymore. 

“Consider me wrong about you, Jiang Chen. It was a waste for the elders of the four great sects to have us vow to protect you with our lives. Now? It looks like a damn joke. You saved my life, I will not fight back. It is hard to live a righteous life but to live without worry is easy.” Liu Quanchao said with righteousness. 

It forced Jiang Chen to the edge. At this moment, no matter if it was Jiang Hao or Man Shuai, all of them were disappointed towards Jiang Chen. Because he was resolute in killing others which was extremely cold. 

“Hahaha, now you’re the righteous one and I became the despicable one. You think I am wrong to kill them?” Jiang Chen laughed madly. 

“I rather die than to let you harm Ling Ling.” Liu Quanchao was still standing firm. 

“Alright! Alright! Alright! Scram!” Jiang Chen took out his blade and kicked Liu Quanchao away, which heavily injured the latter. 

“Jiang Chen……” Jiang Chen covered Man Shuai’s mouth who wanted to say something. 

“Shut up, scram. Didn’t you think that what I did was wrong too?” 

Liu Quanchao and the others took Ling Long and Xue Qianying and slowly walked away. 

“Younger brother Jiang, we cannot totally blame him for this. Haih. Both of them are just poisoned.” Yang Jian said quietly. 

At this moment, Liu Quanchao and the others had already left Jiang Chen. But they kept looking back with every step they took, they looked back thrice towards Jiang Chen but the latter had already left with Yang Jian and the others. 

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