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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2344

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A terrifying blood-red centipede flew to the sky with its gigantic body. In a flash, it spurted out sticky mucus around the void, filling the surrounding air with poisonous gas.

The centipede screamed and struggled in pain. There were two vigorous figures thrusting at the centipede, however, the surrounding poisonous gas forced them to become extremely careful. They dared not to be reckless as they were afraid of inhaling the poisonous gas. Nevertheless, the two figures had become much slower in their action due to the spreading poisonous gas in the air. 

“A stinky bug thinks of overturning the sea?”

A gentle voice shouted. The green-clothed lady who was holding the three feet Ice Front, broke through the sky and cut off more than ten feet of the centipede.

On the other side, not to be outdone, the other white-clothed lady attacked fiercely. Her killing intent was oppressive. Although she was hurt by the poisonous gas, her combat strength was still very dreadful. Her Nine-Segmented Whip swept across, hitting the body of the blood red centipede. An obvious deep mark of injury was left on the centipede.

“I am going to destroy you!”

The white-clothed lady snorted coldly, turning her Nine-Segmented Whip into a thousands-metre chain to tie up the centipede. The centipede was unable to move now. It was struggling at its utmost effort but it did not help at all. It kept spitting out poison and made the surrounding air full of poisonous gas. 

The green-clothed lady took up her sword and stepped on the void, overriding on the centipede’s body. Once again, the sword thrusted into the centipede and it spurted out green-coloured blood. The centipede was growling in suffering, but the green-clothed lady’s long sword continued to pierce through the centipede’s body. In its last-ditch struggle, the centipede started losing its strength to fight back.

However, the two ladies looked pale as well because of the centipede’s poison. The centipede’s strength was at the half-step Heavenly God Realm, which was quite terrifying. Both of them were injured severely. Although they successfully killed the centipede, they were still in a dangerous situation because the Hidden Secret Realm was full of danger.

The green-clothed lady extracted the centipede’s monster spirit then glanced at the white-clothed lady. At this moment, both of them were not in a good condition. Although their cultivation realm was at the peak of Late True God Realm, they could not fight anyone at the moment.

The green-clothed lady was Xue Qianying.

The white-clothed lady looked at the poisoned Xue Qianying and shook her head, and said solemnly, 

“Thank you very much. Supposedly, you could’ve just sat there and watched the show and extracted the monster spirit when the monster and I were badly injured.”

“Why would a woman embarrass another woman? Moreover, what would I get if I killed you? Does it help? There are too many people dying inside the Hidden Secret Realm. It’s already a blessing if one can walk out of here alive.”

“Lotus Cloud Sect, Xue Qianying.”

“Heavenly Star Sect, Ling Long.”

The two ladies glanced at each other without much verbal communication. Because they knew that nothing could compare to the battle they had just fought together. They appreciated each other.

“That’s right. We already had enough people dying. Those who are able to leave here alive are all the unparalleled and formidable people. In front of death, we are still too small. The Hidden Sacred Realm is like hell on earth. Life and death has been out of our control.”

Xue Qianying said faintly while her eyes carried some kind of sorrow. Not knowing why, Jiang Chen’s figure emerged in front of her eyes. He would pass away as well, wouldn’t he? After being separated with him for some time, she did not know how he was doing right now.

“If you can survive, then you are stronger than anyone else. Let’s go. If we continue to stay here, we might only attract more people or monsters here. At that time, we won’t be safe anymore,”  Ling Long said.

“Someone is here?”

Xue Qianying frowned and stood up suddenly. There were four people walking towards them slowly.

“Are you Yang Jian?”

Xue Qianying asked in a low voice.

Yang Jian looked at Xue Qianying and said, “I never expected to meet you here. It’s fate.”

“This is our eldest senior of Profound Feng Sect, Pan Hong. This is Leng Lingyi from Divine Spear Sect. This is the number-one disciple of Impermanence Sect, Liang Kuanping.”

Leng Lingyi and others stood beside Yang Jian and they nodded their head to Xue Qianying and Ling Long.

Ling Long squinted her eyes and glanced at Xue Qianying. They found these few people a bit strange. Things looked somewhat unusual.

“It’s fate that we are able to meet each other here. However, we are leaving soon to the north-westeren part of the Hidden Secret Realm. Goodbye.”

Ling Long said faintly and glanced at Xue Qianying before leaving.

“Ling Long, do you remember me? I have been missing you a lot since I saw you the first time. Over the years, you have always appeared in my dreams. The Hidden Secret Realm is so dangerous, how about we go around together? At least, we can take care of each other,” Leng Lingying said with a smile.

“I love to be alone. Thanks for your kindness.”

Ling Long declined and said coldly. 

“We are going to depart now. Bye.”

When Xue Qianying and Ling Long were about to leave, they were stopped by Leng Lingying. 

“Why don’t you give me a chance? You’re injured now. If you insist on going alone, you will definitely face danger again,” Leng Lingying advised. 

Xue Qianying was a bit shaken as they were indeed currently weakened with the dreadful poison invading their body. It would already be considered great if they could display the strength of a Mid True God now.

“How about we leave together with them first?”

Xue Qianying said in a low voice.

“I have a sense that these people are not that simple. If we fall into their trap, then it will be hard for us to escape.”

Ling Long said to Xue Qianying telepathically. Xue Qianying gave Ling Long a profound glance. At this moment, they understood each other’s mind. 

“Nevermind, since Ling Long is unwilling to do so, we are going to leave first.”

Xue Qianying pulled Ling Long and was about to leave but they were once again stopped by Yang Jian. 

“Qian Ying, from the very first time I saw you, I have fallen for you. I don’t care about her. I just want to know if you really have to leave. Stay here and I will help you recover.” Yang Jian advised. 

Xue Qianying shook her head. This was the first time Xue Qianying knew Yang Jian. She found something wrong with Yang Jian who was standing in front of him right now.

“I just want to be with you. What’s wrong? No matter what, I am going to get you today.”

Leng Lingying’s mouth carried a smile while looking at Ling Long’s graceful physique. His lecherous face had really annoyed Ling Long.


Ling Long shouted. The two of them turned around and left immediately. As they were severely injured now, it was not wise for them to fight Leng Lingying and the others. So they could only run away.

“Want to leave? Hehe. It’s not that easy.”

Yang Jian sneered then chased up to them immediately. Leng Lingying and Yang Jian lunged towards Ling Long and Xue Qianying immediately. 

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