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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2339

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The same happened the second time. The magma beast formed once again. The extremely hot magma shot upwards for a thousand metres. 

The third time was the same too. Jiang Chen defeated the beast for the third time but the result was the same and now he was extremely tired after unleashing his techniques. 

“How is it? Now, do you believe that my magma beast is immortal? Kakaka.” Old Macaque sneered with disdain. 

This was his trump card, it’s impossible for Jiang Chen to break it. 

Jiang Chen gasped for air. He knew that he must’ve left out something. Could there really be an immortal being in this world? 

“As long as there is still a magma stone around, this magma beast could regenerate forever. You cannot defeat me. Haha. Prepare to die! Puny fella. My patience has been completely shaved off.” Old Macaque said with unstoppable dominance. 

Giant pits were created for each and every step the magma beast took, mountains and earth trembled due to its movement. 

Fire Qilin fought with his life on the line to push the beast away but he was already heavily injured and was finally pushed to the ground. 

“Many thanks.” Jiang Chen looked at Fire Qilin with a gentle gaze. 

After all, Fire Qilin did not leave him and ran away in light of such a life-and-death event. Nobody could stop Qilin if he really wanted to run away. 

“All of you shall die nonetheless. Nobody could change this fact. Prepare to be judged. Kakaka.” Old Macaque sneered.  

The magma beast made unstoppable punches towards its targets, aiming to take Jiang Chen and Fire Qilin’s lives. 

“Eat this.” 

Jiang Chen gave Fire Qilin a pill, which stunned the latter slightly, and he then took it. He could feel his bones and muscle getting energized the next moment. 

“This…. This is an Immortal Grade Pill?” Fire Qilin was extremely shocked.

A beast could ingest a pill much more efficiently and thoroughly than humans. Fire Qilin digested the effect of the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill almost instantly. 

Jiang Chen too took a pill without explaining. He was not as reckless as before in the face of the magma beast. Otherwise, it would be a pointless effort and the beast will become stronger as it fought on. 

“F*ck off!” 

Jiang Chen struck out with his blade and barely defended against the magma beast’s strikes. But he too was forced back from the counterforce. 

Old Macaque was shocked. He did not expect Jiang Chen to recover his strength in a short span of time. Is this fella as monstrous as the magma beast? 

“This thing is not easy to deal with. Stop him. Let’s see what trick that monkey is hiding.” Jiang Chen looked at Fire Qilin and the latter understood his intention.

Fire Qilin then clashed with the beast while knowing fully well that he could not defeat the beast but he could still hold it off. 

“Old Monkey. Let me see what tricks you are hiding beneath this magma.” Jiang Chen smiled.

Old Macaque was internally shocked and quickly ran towards Jiang Chen.

“Your opponent is me,” Old Macaque said coldly. 

“Looks like there really is something in this magma. I was just probing but I never thought you’ll reveal it so fast.” Jiang Chen said.

“Hmph, even so, you shall not pass. Even if you managed to get through me. You wouldn’t dare to jump into this ten-thousand zhang magma.” 

“Then, let’s see whether you have what it takes to hold me off. As for whether I would dare to jump into it? It’s not for you to decide. Hmph.” 

Jiang Chen attacked Old Macaque with several lethal strikes forcing Old Macaque to retreat. As the Great Yu Soul Forming Light was useless against  Jiang Chen, Old Macaque did not have any other cards to be used against Jiang Chen. 

“Storm Hammer!” 

“Your hammer is pretty good. I want it.” Jiang Chen sneered as he unleashed the Fusion of Dragon and Sword towards Old Macaque.

Unfortunately, the monkey was in ethereal form, it was only heavily injured. But the storm hammer was taken by Jiang Chen in the process. 

Old Macaque murmured as he watched Jiang Chen leaping into the magma with the hammer:

“I hope you’re able to walk out of there alive. Hmph. Cocky fool. Nobody could withstand the heat of the magma. Not even my master who brought in this Mount Qi Ling to the Hidden Secret Realm was able to reach its deepest part.” 

This Mount Qi Ling wasn’t originally within the Hidden Secret Realm but was brought in by the great Divine Emperor. 

Jiang Chen vanished into the magma, making Liu Quanchao and Zhang Lei dumbfounded. 

“This, could Jiang Chen come out?” 

“I think Jiang Chen will die.” Zhang Lei smiled bitterly and shook his head. 

“I think he will create a miracle.” Liu Quanchao was still hopeful towards Jiang Chen.

“You’re too naive. That is a magma pool and it is not your average magma. We know how scary it is without us trying it.” Zhang Lei said. 

“Even so, we should still have some hope.” Liu Quanchao smiled. 

Because he had seen through life-and-death from the moment he decided to stay here. 

In the magma pool, Jiang Chen had already dived a thousand metres deep, but he could still not see the end of it, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000…. 

The temperature was getting higher and higher. Fortunately, he’s protected by the Five Elemental True Fire that not even the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus could burn through, this measly magma was nothing for him. Even though it was not your average lava/magma. 

13,000 metres! 

Now, Jiang Chen was feeling anxious. But at this moment, a chaotic ancient battlefield appeared in his eyes. Flags, corpses, floras were all dark-greenish in colour. Jiang Chen was greatly shocked by this scenery. How could such a place be here in the depths of the magma pool?!

Countless arrows, broken divine tools, and bodies of divine kings, heads of hierarchs, souls of divine emperors could be seen on the field. 

“No, this is a sealed place. Otherwise, this stuff would’ve been melted by the magma.” 

A prohibited area! Jiang Chen immediately thought. At this moment, his gaze turned and found a fiery heart that was beating like a newborn baby. 

“Heart of Magma!” 

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes  and looked at the Heart of Magma. 

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