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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2336

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The ten zhang tall magma beast with fiery eyes couldn’t be stopped. It leapt out of the magma pool, a heatwave spread across the field, everybody stepped back with a pale expression as their backs were drenched by sweat. 

The giant magma beast made everyone shiver in fear. As it stepped onto one of the boulders, black smoke came from its feet and the boulder collapsed. The beast was continuously gasping, each breath it took burst a large amount of magma and dropped onto the floor. It was terrifying, the might of a Heavenly God Realm cannot be stopped!

“Let’s see  how you’re going to fight me this time!” Old Macaque stared at Jiang Chen. He will not let this fella get away today. 

“That thing is unbeatable!” Jiang Hao too was feeling somewhat despaired. 

Old Macaque was full of deadly schemes and tricks, plus he was extremely powerful. He was stronger than Jiang Chen… they were put in a terrible situation. 

“Everyone! Retreat from this place!” Jiang Chen shouted. 

Liu Quanchao and Zhang Lei looked at each other with doubt. But they realised that Jiang Chen wanted to fight Old Macaque towards the end. The others had to leave, otherwise, the damage their battle would cause will be inflicted upon the others. As the energy that comes from a Heavenly God was not something they could withstand. 

“But… what happens to you if we retreat?” Man Shuai’s expression was filled with unwillingness. He did not want to leave even if it would cost his life. 

Because if Jiang Chen died while fighting for them, then he will live the remainder of his life with regret. Plus, his second life was also granted by Jiang Chen, that benevolence was not something he could forget. 

“Stop it, leave quickly, otherwise, we’ll all die here. You’ll only be my baggage if all of you stay here,” Jiang Chen said without holding back.

At this moment, every one of them became firm. They had to leave while Jiang Chen fought with his life on the line. They would waste Jiang Chen’s benevolence if they were stubborn and cause more troubles for him. 

“Everyone, leave! Except for me and Liu Quanchao. Leave! Otherwise, to be killed on the spot!” Zhang Lei said coldly. 

At this moment, Man Shuai was pulled away by others and Jiang Chen watched him getting pulled away. Man Shuai knew that Jiang Chen’s unwavering decision does not allow him to dispute. Even though he was unwilling to admit it but he was a piece of baggage for Jiang Chen and he must not hinder him. 

“Trying to leave? Kakaka, it’s not as easy as you think. Giant Magma Beast, attack! Tear them into pieces, I want their souls to receive the torture of being burned, I want them to wish that they’re dead. Kakaka!” Old Macaque roared hysterically.  

Following the order, the magma beast leapt up with its giant body, shocking everyone in the process. Jiang Chen attacked the beast with his blade but it immediately grabbed the blade, making it extremely hot and it became bright red in the process. However, the magma beast was unsuccessful in melting the sword and the wielder, Jiang Chen was only pushed back for several hundred metres away. 

“To think your blade did not shatter from the attack. Looks like my eyes are not as great as before. That sword is probably even better than the Storm Hammer.” Old Macaque giggled as he slightly coveted the Heavenly Dragon Sword. 

“Scram! Quickly!” Jiang Chen roared as he instantly pushed Man Shuai and the others down. 

Leaving on Liu Quanchao and Zhang Lei, the three of them face the beast. They were forced back by the beast just from its appearance. The gap between them was large without a doubt. 

The others felt like they were showered by a raging hot flame as they backed off in a terrible manner. Other than Jiang Chen, Zhang Lei and Liu Quanchao, the rest were forced back in just a single strike. 

Jiang Chen’s expression became cold. He had to unleash his true abilities now. 

“You can never defeat the magma beast. This Heavenly God Realm magma beast is as strong as a Divine Beast. How could you ever hope to beat it?” Old Macaque’s sneering voice reached Zhang Lei and Liu Quanchao’s ears. 

Both of them bitterly laughed as they could not defend against the attacks of the magma beast at all. 

“Fire Qilin, come out!” Jiang Chen took out the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda and shook it. 

A Fire Qilin with flames covering its body instantly appeared and faced the magma beast. A shred of the terrifying hades flame could be seen on its horn, its body was just like the magma beast, covered with flames. 

“This is……”  

“Fire Qilin! It’s the Fire Qilin! To think he has a Fire Qilin as his ride.” Liu Quanchao’s jaw was opened wide in shock, in absolute shock. 

This Fire Qilin was extremely strong, but from the looks of it, it was still slightly weaker than the magma beast. 

“Kakaka. This is unexpected! You’re a mysterious guy, to think you could even subdue a Fire Qilin. In the past, my master tried to subdue a Water Qilin but failed. Although this Fire Qilin looks strong and may even scare a true dragon and other divine beasts, it is still weaker than the magma beast,” Old Macaque said confidently. 

Even if Jiang Chen had a Fire Qilin as his trump card, it only made him become slightly serious. Yet Zhang Lei and Liu Quanchao became dumbfounded. This fella was like a treasure box, anything could come out from his body. Even a Fire Qilin was under his command, how many trump cards does he have? 

“It’s just a giant magma beast, what does it have to fight me? I do not fear it even if it’s cultivation realm is higher than mine.” 

Fire Qilin roared and spewed out a flame as he leapt towards the skies. 

“I hope so.” Old Macaque was confident in the giant magma beast. 

“Is there a problem? Fire Qilin.”Jiang Chen asked, slightly worried. 

Since the Fire Qilin was just a Half-Step Heavenly God and the opponent was a real Heavenly God. 

“I am more confident if you would help me.” Fire Qilin sincerely said while he glanced at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen also guessed it. He too had to join in to fight the beast to ensure complete victory. Because it’s a bit hard for Fire Qilin to face the beast alone. After all, the beast was at the level of a divine beast, it’s not an easy foe to deal with. 

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