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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2335

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“You looked too happy. But I don’t believe that I can’t eliminate you today.”

Old Macaque was enraged. Using the enormous hammer in his hand, he created deafening sounds that tore the sky apart. Jiang Chen shuttled between the void with his Phantom Wolf Clone Technique and managed to dodge the magmatic columns, and it also made Old Macaque unable to catch his trace. Moreover, his Heavenly Dragon Sword was still threatening Old Macaque all the time. Although he was only at the Early True God Realm, he was not any inferior than a Late True God. The Heavenly Dragon Sword had made a huge contribution for him in this battle.

This guy is absolutely not an ordinary person!  

Old Macaque’s gaze looked dreadful. He must eliminate Jiang Chen, otherwise, his heart would never feel relieved because he did not know the background of this guy. Jiang Chen being able to enter a no man’s land and managing to destroy the sealed mountain had proved that he was not afraid of the seal. And the only justification why he was not afraid was because he was the one who made the seal. 

Jiang Chen ruined what Old Macaque was ready to do. If Jiang Chen arrived slightly later, Old Macaque would be able to kill all of the people here and refined the Great Yu Soul Forming Light. If that happened, he would not be afraid of Jiang Chen at all. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out as he wished. He did not make it to the last moment and achieved his transformation. The Great Yu Soul Forming Light was his only hope now.

One more important thing for him was that even though his master Hidden Realm Divine Emperor had already been absorbed into Divine Tomb, the only thing he had been relying on to survive until now was the Great Yu Soul Forming Light. The Great Yu Soul Forming Light was an Ancient Divine Tool which was extremely terrifying. If he  lost it, it would be the end of his life as well.

It had been hundreds and thousands of years. Old Macaque would not allow anyone to ruin his plan. Over the years, he had been dreaming of this very day. He almost finished but who knew that Jiang Chen would suddenly appear and stop him. His rage towards Jiang Chen was imaginable and he wished to shatter him into thousand pieces.

“Game will be over soon. I don’t want to continue to play with you anymore.”

Jiang Chen sneered and turned himself into a sword. The Fusion of Dragon and Sword was suddenly formed up and swept across the universe. Golden brilliance shone out everywhere; it was terrifying. Zhang Lei, Liu Quanchao and the others, who all looked pale now, could not help withdrawing themselves.

“Such an overbearing Fusion of Dragon and Sword! Even if we join hands together, we might not dare to confront this strike.”

Liu Quanchao said. He found Jiang Chen even more admiring now as Jiang Chen was indeed a genius young man and he could be considered as the peerless one! 

“Hammer of Strom, break out! Smash the universe!”

Old Macaque held the Hammer of Storm and fought Jiang Chen with his utmost effort. Their clash’s terrifying aura broke the magmatic column into pieces. The scene was terrifying. With the Fusion of Dragon and Sword, Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword suppressed Old Macaque hardly and even his Hammer of Storm was blown out. His face looked serious as he was injured severely.

“You’re still defeated by me,” Jiang Chen said faintly.

“Am I? Not yet. Right now you have really provoked my anger. You are indeed powerful, but unfortunately, you are going to be defeated here. You are a genius whom I would find a bit terrifying. If your cultivation realm advances in the future, I can’t imagine what you would do. So, I am going to kill you for everyone’s sake! Hahaha.”

Old Macaque smiled cunningly and took a few steps backwards. He waved his hands and triggered the cultivation art in his hand.

“What’s the old monkey doing? It has been defeated, or perhaps it still has other trump cards?”

“It’s hard to say since it was the Heavenly Old Macaque who was once under the Hidden Secret Divine Emperor. He already has the Great Yu Soul Forming Light in its hand. It’s hard to say what’s going to happen.”

“Hurry up, Jiang Chen. Just eliminate it.”

“I hope so. But Old Macaque doesn’t seem like bragging.”

“Look! The magma is going to spray outwardly. We must resist it with our utmost effort, otherwise, we might be turned into ashes.”

Indeed, as soon as Jiang Hao finished his words, the magma sprayed outwardly towards them and formed up an enormous flaming swirl.

“It doesn’t look easy.”

Jiang Chen smiled and snorted in irritation.

“What’s under the magma? Just show yourself.”


A deafening roar sounded from the swirl. It couldn’t be seen yet but it seemed very terrifying.

“It became more exciting now,” Jiang Chen murmured. 

At that moment, a magmatic giant climbed up slowly from the swirl. The temperature around rose up drastically. The flaming giant was formed up by the magma. Its fiery eyes could pierce through people’s eyes and put people’s hearts on fire. Its dreadfulness caused great pressure against everyone there and they started feeling despair.

When the giant appeared, everyone could feel the dreadful heat as the temperature around increased suddenly. Even Jiang Chen could feel slightly powerless in front of the magmatic beast’s strength as its cultivation realm reached Heavenly God Realm!

“Such a gigantic beast!”

Jiang Chen’s eyesight looked cold but he could not withstand the dreadful heat released by the magmatic beast. He could not help but take a few steps backward.

“You guys can sacrifice your souls now. Starting from this moment, I announce that your souls will be my slaves forever. Especially you, I will not let you go and you will suffer forever.”

Old Macaque shouted and pointed at Jiang Chen. The giant magma beast kept patting its chest, as if it would erupt and cause more dreadful damage anytime.

“Oh my god! Is heaven thinking of killing me? This is… Heavenly God Realm, a Heavenly God Realm magma beast.”

“Yea. It’s not a half-step Heavenly God but truly a Heavenly God Realm!”

Everyone took a deep breath as they felt that they were falling into hell from heaven. Perhaps Jiang Chen couldn’t be defeated by Old Macque who was a Late True God, but it was difficult for him to confront a Heavenly God Realm magmatic beast. The existence of the beast was like God! 

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