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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2334

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“How is this possible? My Hammer of Storm is a Heavenly Divine Tool. No one can withstand its strike. You are only a True God bastard, why didn’t you die?”

Old Macaque was provoked and infuriated. This guy was like a Texas cockroach that no one can eliminate. Both the Blade of Soul and Dead Flower of Paradise were not able to defeat him, and even his overbearing Hammer of Storm could not kill him. He could only use the word “abnormal” to describe Jiang Chen’s defence.

“He really didn’t disappoint us.” 

Jiang Hao who had lost one of his arms said faintly. 

Jiang Chen managed to turn the battle situation around and this had proved that his existence surpassed everyone here. Even Zhang Lei and Liu Quanchao were not comparable with Jiang Chen as they were incapable of saving them. At this moment, Jiang Chen had really driven Old Macaque crazy. 

“If the Dead Flower of Paradise could reflect people’s past life, then what would my past life be?”

Jiang Chen murmured, but he wasn’t able to see clearly what kind of place that was and how that place existed. He was like an outsider watching the battle and he was unsure if what he saw was related to him or not.

“Dead Flower of Paradise, a thought that brings death!”

Old Macaque struck another heavy blow. The Dead Flower of Paradise bloomed, engulfing Jiang Chen at this moment. Its dreadful strength swept across in all directions and everyone withdrew themselves immediately. Inadvertently, Jiang Chen had already been engulfed by the Dead Flower of Paradise.

The Dead Flower of Paradise was gigantic, however, Jiang Chen suddenly woke up in the heart of the flower. He held the Heavenly Dragon Sword and made a tremendous blow against the flower. Actually, the Flower could not create any impact on Jiang Chen with its illusion because the Great Soul Derivation Technique helped Jiang Chen to gain absolute dominance in the battle of souls. It was hard for both the Blade of Soul and Dead Flower of Paradise to cause any injury to Jiang Chen.

At this moment, the Dead Flower of Paradise was almost smashed by Jiang Chen’s sword and it withered suddenly. All of a sudden, there was something falling down under the Dead Flower of Paradise. Jiang Chen was startled as it was a piece of gemstone that could be used for refining Divine Tools. It was huge and enough to refine a Heavenly Divine Tool.

“No wonder. The Dead Flower of Paradise already had its spiritual mentality even though it is under Old Macaque’s control. Seems like this piece of gemstone has played a crucial role in this.”

Jiang Chen thought. Old Macaque sent another two attacks but Jiang Chen only stood still with his irresistible momentum. Everyone in the spot, including Liu Chaoquan, were impressed by Jiang Chen and saluted him. Was he really only an Early True God? How could an Early True God be so formidable? Of course, one should not measure Jiang Chen’s strength with the usual standard.

Jiang Chen undeniably had become the war god of faith in their heart. Liu Chaoquan who was being told to protect Jiang Chen originally also felt the same as the others. Experts were destined to receive respect. It was undeniable that only experts would survive in this environment.

“What kind of tricks do you still have? Use them now otherwise you might not have the chance anymore.” Jiang Chen said faintly.

“You’re so naive. Do you think that you have nothing to worry about after resisting my attack of the soul? Hahaha. Naive! Let me show you what’s truly an expert. Your cultivation realm is still too low.”

Old Macaque snorted. Holding his Hammer of Storm, he made a blow against Jiang Chen. Thunderstorms struck with terrifying lightning and the atmosphere suddenly became chaotic. The magma around was boiling up under the dreadful atmosphere and became extremely hot that it could melt everything.

“Deal with this thunderstorm!”

Old Macaque wielded his Hammer of Storm with an oppressive momentum. His soul hadn’t fully recovered yet, but his strength was already comparable to a Late True God. With the help of the Hammer of Storm, it was terrifying. If he managed to be  reborn again with the Great Yu Soul Forming Light, he would be irresistible! 

Countless wind blades broke through the sky and mountains were shattered into gravel. Jiang Chen sunk into the dusts as the Hammer of Storm struck dreadful lightning that seemed like falling down from a heavenly god. The dreadful strikes pressed against Jiang Chen. As a reply, Jiang Chen shook his body and roared madly. While holding the Heavenly Dragon Sword, he casted the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour to resist Old Macaque’s strike.

Old Macaque was dumbstruck by Jiang Chen’s defence as even a half-step Heavenly God Realm expert might not dare to resist this strike of the Hammer of Storm. However, Jiang Chen was able to do it and he was not even injured.

A golden armour appeared on Jiang Chen’s body. The shadow of the dragon spread across everything while the dragon’s roar was echoing in the sky. As soon as the shadow of the dragon emerged, the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour’s momentum became irresistible. Old Macaque could not help but take a few steps backwards while looking terrified. Holding his Hammer of Storm, he remained silent.

Jiang Chen was indeed very powerful, and Old Macaque wasn’t even able to break through his defence. At first, Old Macaque thought that the Hammer of Storm could put Jiang Chen into great danger, but it failed to do so. 

Jiang Chen had used his strength to gain Old Macaque’s respect. As a result, Old Macaque could not help finding Jiang Chen worthy of his respect.  

“How come this guy is this monstrous. It’s unbelievable.”

“Yes. Seems like hope is with us. Haha.”

“Don’t be too happy. Before the enemy is defeated, we should not be careless. Otherwise, our happiness might turn into misery.”

Everyone was very confident as Jiang Chen was their faith now. As long as he was not defeated, they would all be saved.

“In fact, you can’t defeat me,” Jiang Chen claimed.

At this moment, he was actually unbeatable. With the Profound Heavenly Armour and Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour, no one including Heavenly God Realm experts could defeat him. 

Right now, apparently Old Macaque has fallen into a predicament. It was out of its expectation that an Early Void God could defeat him. It was the first time ever that something like this has happened. Old Macaque had dealt with half-step Heavenly God Realm experts before, but it never suffered from a result like this.

“This guy is incredibly formidable.”

Liu Quanchao said in a low voice while squinting his eyes. Jiang Chen’s strength had sparked his curiosity. He was slightly convinced by Jiang Chen’s strength right now, as Jiang Chen brought hope to everyone here. Jiang Chen’s a guy who deserved his respect.

On the other hand, Zhang Lei craved for the Great Yu Soul Forming Light as it was the thing that he really wanted.

The dreadful power of the Great Yu Soul Forming Light could not be displayed when dealing with Jiang Chen and it seemed useless. However, Zhang Lei deeply believed that its formidableness could not be denied. Even though it was broken, ordinary people like them could not withstand its fearsomeness. 

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