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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2333

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Great Yu Soul Forming Light!

When Jiang Chen saw the Great Yu Soul Forming Light in Old Macaque’s hand, he was stunned for a while as it was not an ordinary Heavenly Divine Tool. It has already surpassed the existence of Heavenly Divine Tool and it was truly a piece of Origin Divine Tool! But currently, the Great Yu Soul Forming Light was completely broken. Jiang Chen did not have confidence to repair it as he could not even refine Heavenly Divine Tools. However, it was not completely impossible for him to repair the Great Yu Soul Forming Light as repairing was different from refining.

“I am going to take over the divine lamp.”

Jiang Chen curled up his mouth slightly with a face overflowing with a smile. This made Old Macaque become even more careful. Others might not find anything strange, but Old Macaque felt that Jiang Chen’s arrival and how he shattered the mountain were very unusual.

“If you’re the person who sealed the mountain, then I am going to obliterate any obstacle and attack you with everything I’ve got. Even if you’re the person who sealed it, you can’t stop me.”

Old Macaque murmured. He then took out a step forward and his Blade of Soul shone out from his Great Yu Soul Forming Light, pressing against Jiang Chen.

“Be careful, Jiang Chen! It’s the Blade of Soul. Don’t get hit, otherwise your soul will be injured.” 

Liu Quanchao warned Jiang Chen as he was worried.

“Really? Then I am going to see how strong this Blade of Soul is.”

Jiang Chen was not afraid at all and fought with the Old Macaque immediately. Old Macaque continued casting the dreadful Blade of Soul but Jiang Chenc was like a fish swimming in the sea. The Blade of Soul could not do anything against him. 

“Great Soul Derivation Technique!”

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes slightly as the Great Yu Soul Forming Light was indeed terrifying. If he did not use his Great Soul Derivation Technique, he would not be able to dodge the strike. The Great Soul Derivation Technique could resist the strike of the Blade of Soul coincidentally and that was why Jiang Chen was not afraid.

At this moment, everyone was dumbstruck. Including Old Macaque, who found it hard to believe that Jiang Chen was able to press against him step by step. Although Jiang Chen was only an Early True God, he was not injured by the Blade of Soul. This made Old Macaque can’t help but get more surprised, gaining more understanding about Jiang Chen.

“It’s impossible. This is only possible if your spiritual strength has surpassed the Heavenly God Realm, otherwise, it is impossible for you to withstand the Blade of Soul,” Old Macaque said ruthlessly.

“This guy is indeed quite monstrous. We were unable to withstand the Blade of Soul and dare not to fight it at the cost of our life. But for him, he is like entering another realm where no one can hurt him. The Blade of Soul can’t hurt him at all, can it?”

Zhang Lei murmured as he could not believe what was happening in front of his eyes. At the same time, he felt discouraged because Jiang Chen was only an Early True God while he was a Late True God. There was a huge gap between their cultivation realm yet he was inferior compared to Jiang Chen. Of course, Zhang Lei could not suppress the feeling in his heart.

Jiang Hao was the one who could testify the dreadfulness of the Blade of Soul as he had completely lost his combat strength after being struck by it earlier. Jiang Chen’s arrival and performance brought him hope. There were only two people on the spot who had high confidence in Jiang Chen: Jiang Hao and Man Shuai.

“The Blade of Soul is only like this?” 

Even though Old Macaque had continuously casted the terrifying Blade of Soul from the Great Yu Soul Forming Light, it seemed to have not affected Jiang Chen at all. Finally Old Macaque had become solemn, thinking that this Early True God wasn’t easy to deal with.

“Since the Great Yu Soul Forming Light can’t injure you, then I am going to try using the strength of the Dead Flower of Paradise and see whether you can resist it or not.” 

Old Macaque snorted coldly and took a step backward while the Dead Flower of Paradise grew quickly, locking the whole place so that Jiang Chen could not retreat. Jiang Chen, filled with ruthlessness, started striking with his Heavenly Dragon Sword. Each of his strikes was filled with formidable strength. The Heavenly Dragon Sword cut off the branches of the Dead Flower of Paradise. The branches started shrinking and stopped growing after being cut off by the sword. It was hard for the Dead Flower of Paradise that lost its vitality to create any pressure against Jiang Chen.

“Do you think it’s over? Then you’re too naive. Hahaha.”

“Be careful. The dreadfulness of the Dead Flower of Paradise isn’t its branches but it’s power of charm.”

Liu Quanchao exclaimed but it seemed too late now.

Old Macaque shouted in a weird voice then the pollen of the Dead Flower of Paradise spurted out immediately. Purple light swept across Jiang Chen, making him fall into confusion at this moment.

What Jiang Chen could see right now was that the glamorous places and flowing lights around were turning into ruins. Ferocious beasts roared loudly but then they died in an instant while ancient formidable gods were all turned into corpses.

The earth was roaring in rage, the ocean was rolling and the sky was crying in misery. Everything was broken and shattered as if it was the last day of the world. Jiang Chen was like an outsider, watching all of these in silence but he felt pain growing in his heart. 

Jiang Chen pressed his chest tightly and kneeled down on the ground unexpectedly.

“It’s dreadful. Why did I shed a tear?”

Jiang Chen murmured as tears rolled down from his eyes unconsciously.

“You should die!”

Old Macaque roared in rage and his voice was like the sound of bells surrounding Jiang Chen’s ears. Jiang Chen’s chest was hit by Old Macaque hardly and he was sent flying. Jiang Chen fell near to the magma and blood spurted out from his mouth. Jiang Chen still could not forget the scene he had seen with his eyes just a moment ago.

If it was not Jiang Chen but other ordinary True Gods, they might have been killed by Old Macaque’s attack.

However, Jiang Chen only patted off the dust on his clothes and stood up again. 

Liu Chaoquan and others who were nervous just now had become even more solemn now as they thought that Jiang Chen would’ve died. But now, they saw him standing up again and he did not seem to be injured badly.

The Profound Heavenly Armour saved him at this critical moment. The Profound Heavenly Armour was not like the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour that he needed to control. The armour could simply be put on and it’ll be able to defend Jiang Chen from a Heavenly God Realm experts’ attack. Although Old Macaque’s strike was formidable, it only managed to cause him a light shock and it was not even a minor injury. 

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