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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2326

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“Sky Opening Eight Extreme Collapse!” 

The power of the divine weapon Li Yanchao possessed was boundless. It was a pretty powerful weapon. But Xue Qianying and Jiang Chen were not scared of it. 

As a reply, Jiang Chen casted the Dragon Transformation and unleashed his might upon the  enemy, causing the void to collapse. Li Yanchao was forced to back away from just a single sword strike. Even Xue Qianying’s expression slightly moved. Jiang Chen’s Dragon Transformation was very strong after he reached the True God Realm. 

“Such dominating strength!” Li Yanchao’s hand was heavily injured after taking on the attack. 

That slash had completely locked down his attack and his dominance has been suppressed by it too. 

Jiang Chen’s sword strike had reached an unprecedented level. Li Yanchao backed away for ten li and he was in a completely passive state. 

“Prepare to die! Little bastard of the Divine Pill Sect,” Jiang Chen roared and attacked together with Xue Qianying. 

Their attack forced Li Yanchao to back away and was forced back three hundred li. But Jiang Chen wasn’t planning on letting Li Yanchao go and kept on pressuring. Li Yanchao did not have a chance to breathe and was finally injured by the Heavenly Dragon Sword qi. 

Xue Qianying didn’t want to lose out and did whatever she could. Li Yanchao was pushed in the total edge of darkness after seven consecutive sword strikes shattered his defences. A deep sword wound could now be seen on his body. 

Li Yanchao stared at Jiang Chen. He did not expect to lose against these two and in such a horrible state too. Jiang Chen was like a different person after breaking through. 

Xue Qianying too was shocked by Jiang Chen’s performance that totally shadowed her performance. She was pretty impressed by Jiang Chen as she could not possibly defeat Helian Wuji by herself. 

“It’s not going to be easy to kill me!” Li Yanchao did not back down because he could not afford to lose as death awaits him. 

This was not the outside world, but the Hidden Secret Realm. Jiang Chen would definitely not let him go. 

“Let’s see what you can do about this!” Li Yanchao instantly took three pills.

Those were his self-made supreme grade pills, their effect was instantly boosting one’s battle power. It did not push him towards the Half-Step Heavenly God Realm but he managed to at least reach the Peak True God Realm. He then clashed with Jiang Chen again who was now not on-par with him. 

“Interesting.” Jiang Chen sneered. 

Jiang Chen would not lose against him. He used his sword moves and blocked off Li Yanchao’s attack completely. 

“Why do I feel that he’s seen through all my attacks. All of my moves became useless and the pill energy is quickly decreasing.” Li Yanchao thought. 

He was supported by pills while Jiang Chen had the Dragon Transformation. When the energy of the pills was gone, he would become vulnerable temporarily, then he would surely lose. 

“A single sword strike shines upon fourteen regions!” 

Jiang Chen was unstoppable as he unleashed a powerful sword qi. 

“Sacrificing the heavenly flame, gold-plated phoenix feather, holds the universe!” 

A heavenly flame rises from Li Yanchao’s weapon. That was his flame essence, it was forged from a small Heaven-swallowing beast. This was his final attack, his ace-in-the-hole! 

Flame covered the sky and the whole place was lit up in brilliance. 

“Get back and wait for an opportunity.” Jiang Chen shouted towards Xue Qianying.

Xue Qianying knew that Li Yanchao’s attack was not something to be trifled with. She was suppressed from the heavenly flame as ice and fire cannot coexist. But, could he win against Jiang Chen?

“You overestimate your own ability. Go to hell! Trying to play fire with me? Aren’t you ballsy?!” Jiang Chen drew his blade and the fiery raging flame was cut in half. 

“The Fusion of Dragon and Sword!”

Jiang Chen split the raging flame in half and flew straight towards his opponent. 

Li Yanchao swiftly backed off with disbelief in his eyes. His ace-in-the-hole could not even win against Jiang Chen! Yet Jiang Chen managed to break through it and split open Jiang Chen’s defence! 

“No….” Li Yanchao shouted with all his might. 

In the next moment, Jiang Chen appeared behind his back and then  pierced through his body. 

“Five Elements Battle Dragon Seal!”

The dying Li Yanchao was then thoroughly vanquished. He never expected himself to die in the hands of Jiang Chen, even at his very last moments. He was the number two in the Divine Pill Sect, yet he lost against a nameless cultivator like Jiang Chen……  

As the fire died out, Li Yanchao’s body fell down and the whole place became silent. 

“Trash. To think he got done in.” Lang Ya murmured as he frowned. 

He was holding a jade talisman that could communicate with one another. When Li Yanchao fell, the jade talisman in his hand shattered into dust. 

“There are less than ten people in this Secret Hidden Realm that are able to kill Li Yanchao. Who is the one that killed him? You pray that I don’t find you.” Lang Ya said as he took flight. 

He should not be killed by a beast, at least he should be able to survive even though he may not defeat those beasts. 


Xue Qianying finally calmed down a little. This guy is preposterously strong. Killing off his opponent in a single strike, and mercilessly to boot. Li Yanchao is the prodigy of the Divine Pill Sect… 

Now that he’s an Early True God, he’s so much different when he was still just a Void God. This guy will surely rock the world in the future. 

Of course, he had to walk out from this Hidden Secret Realm. 

“Many thanks.” Xue Qianying said with a serious face. 

Although her beauty knows no bounds and she was like an ice sculpture, there wasn’t much emotion shown towards Jiang Chen, her benefactor. 

“I’ve heard it more than once. Is there nothing else except for thanks? I thought you’re going to devote your life to me.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

“You think too much,” said Xue Qianying coldly. 

“You are also thinking too much. I’m just playing with you. Haha.” 

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