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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2322

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“It’s not that easy to defeat me.”

Jiang Chen gripped his wrist and casted his Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal. He struck a heavy blow against the Taichi Chart, but it did not cause any damage on the chart at all. After that, Jiang Chen struck another attack using his Slaughter Dragon Seal, but it only caused a few ripples on the Taichi Chart. No significant damage was done on the chart.

“Just give up, Jiang Chen. The Taichi Chart can absorb energy from the heavens and earth. Even if your attack is very formidable, it wouldn’t cause any damage on the chart. Hahaha. Just give up, you are not a match for me.”

Helian Wuji’s eyes looked ruthless. The Taichi Chart became bigger and bigger. It’s astonishing. Jiang Chen already felt great pressure at this moment, and he knew that he had to show his true colour to deal with the chart now.

“Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. Suppress it!” 

Jiang Chen held the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda which was giving off a dazzling brilliance. As soon as the Pagoda was casted, he was enfolded inside. The mightiness of the Pagoda finally brought some effect on the Taichi Chart.

“Break it!”

Jiang Chen roared in rage. The enormous energy of Ancestral Dragon Pagoda broke through the Taichi Chart. Helian Taiji’s Taichi Chart was torn apart, turned into ashes, and disappeared in the void in an instant. Helian Wuji was repulsed backwards and a mouthful of blood spurted out from his mouth. He looked pale.

“What treasure is that? It was even able to destroy my Taichi Chart.”

Helian Wuji looked at Jiang Chen with great shock. At the same time, everyone reacted like Helian Wuji and stared at Jiang Chen’s Ancestral Dragon Pagoda without even blinking their eyes. Everyone took a deep breath, dumbstruck by the dreadfulness of the Ancient Dragon Pagoda. The mightiness of Ancient Dragon Pagoda was even more superior now, easily shattering the Taichi Chart effortlessly.

“I don’t believe it. Even if your treasure is supreme, your strength is still so weak,” said Helian Wuji while gritting his teeth.

“Eight Trigrams strikes in all directions!”

Following Helian Wuji’s ruthless voice, two Taichi Eight Trigrams had suddenly appeared in his hands. Each of which seemed to contain an incredibly dreadful and boundless energy of Wuji Dao. Undeniably, Helian Wuji started becoming more serious because his opponent was very really formidable. His Taichi Chart had evolved into another terrifying level. Jiang Chen felt slightly threatened by now.

“I am going to see how you are going to break through my Wuji Dao!”

Helian Wuji’s strength made a huge disturbance in all directions. Each of his strikes contained the strength of Wuji Dao, and its momentum was as powerful as the strike of a Heavenly Divine Tool.

“It’s too terrifying, brother Helian has finally shown his true colour. Seems like he has mastered the great cultivation art of Taichi Sect.” 

“Undeniably, this battle is really astonishing!”

“Seeing this battle, I now know that those so-called geniuses are bullsh*t. In front of them, we are not qualified to be geniuses.”

Some people were startled and wished to be like Jiang Chen and Helian Wuji while some people were disappointed in themselves. Jiang Chen and Helian Wuji were incredibly dreadful and they could never surpass them.

This was indeed a battle of heavenly kings! 

The Wuji Dao was even more ferocious than the Taichi Chart. At this moment, Jiang Chen was repulsed by Helian Wuji continuously. He did not dare to fight Helian Wuji head on despite being in his dragon transformation state because Helian Wuji’s Wuji Dao was indeed too oppressive.

Helian Wuji pressed against Jiang Chen many times, to which Jiang Chen wasn’t able to overcome even with the Heavenly Dragon Sword. After being attacked by Helian Wuji continuously, Jiang Chen spurted out some blood but his face remained incomparably cold. Helian Wuji unexpectedly did not manage to injure Jaing Chen badly.

“Luckily, I have the protection of the Profound Heavenly Armour.”

Jiang Chen spurted out some blood while looking incredibly gloomy. This time, he was really irritated.

“If I don’t show some power, you would think that I’m weak.”

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth while looking at Helian Wuji fiercely. 

“I can’t believe that you would have such a strong defensive strength. However, no one will be able to survive under my Taichi Strength. Plus, my Wuji Dao is supreme!” 

Helian Wuchi continued to send out heavy blows with his Wuji Dao, which had really injured Jiang Chen this time. Although Jiang Chen had the Profound Heavenly Armour with him, he was still injured by the Taichi Strength. This showed that the Taichi Strength was not something ordinary. 

“The real battle has just started.”

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth was overflowing with a cunning smile. He raised up his head slowly and saw the thunderstorm started rolling in the sky.

“You… you can trigger the Eight Direction Lightning Tribulation?”

Helian Wuji gave a shocked glance to Jiang Chen but he still thought that it was impossible for Jiang Chen to defeat him. After all, Jiang Chen’s cultivation realm was only at the Void God Realm. If he was defeated by this punk, how could he walk out of the Hidden Secret Realm with dignity? 

“So? It will be difficult to deal with you if I don’t increase my strength.”

Jiang Chen smiled, looking completely calm.

“Are you going to breakthrough here?”

Helian Wuji sneered.

“Are you crazy? Do you really think that you can fight me under this Lightning Tribulation? You have overestimated yourself. You will definitely die today.”

Helian Wuji took a step forward, shattering the void and sweeping across in all directions. His Taichi strength pressed against Jiang Chen as he had the intention to eliminate Jiang Chen today.

“You should die now!”

Helian Wuji roared in rage and struck Jiang Chen once again. However, Jiang Chen remained motionless while the thunderstorms gathered above the sky, and then lightning struck! 

Dealing with Helian Wuji’s Taichi Strength and the Lightning Tribulation, Jiang Chen just remained relaxed. Although a crisis was upon him, he remained calm while resisting the Wuji Dao.

“I am going to see whether the Lightning Tribulation you caused would be terrifying.” 

Helian Wuji remained motionless despite the thunderstorms. Under the thunderstorms and lightning, the bystanders were all shocked and withdrew themselves. More and more thunderous clouds gathered above the sky, making Jiang Chen more and more delighted.

“Let’s fight. Since you are here already, then don’t leave.”

Jiang Chen and Helian Wuji looked at each other. Under the Lightning Tribulation, another battle erupted! 

“Sword of Solitude, Sword Qi sweeping across in all directions!”

Jiang Chen struck with his sword while the sword qi of the Sword of Solitude swept across in all directions, crashing into the Taichi Strength. At this moment, both of them were sent staggering back. It was a neck-and-neck battle.

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