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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2315

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They were stuck without a place to run. The others that were preparing to run were already swallowed whole by the giant pangolin. 

The remaining ones were terrified. They kept on moving backwards but there was nowhere to run, being cornered in between two powerful beasts. It was an unimaginable danger that they could not handle no matter what. 

“I think our end is near.”

“Looks like we’re not making it through this day. That Divine Pangolin is likely even stronger than the Infernal Evil Dragon.”

“Yeah. What should we do? Are we just going to sit here to wait for our death?”

“Heavenly God Realm. None of us has reached the Heavenly God Realm. Only six of us are Late True Gods. The remaining ones are either Early or Mid True God. This battle will thoroughly end us.”

Each and every one of their eyes were filled with terror as they kept backing off and grouping up together. In the end, the twenty plus of them were grouped up in a tight spot. 

*Roar!!!* *Roar!!!* 

The Infernal Evil Dragon’s roars were getting closer. A dim light could be seen from the faraway sky, a giant black dragon was flying towards the group. It’s roar was as if it was the most terrifying voice they had heard, each of their souls became extremely weak and fragile at this instant. 

Bai Yunfei, Yang Jian and Pan Hong included. Facing the giant black dragon, they could only look up and silently looked at it while they quietly hid in a quiet corner of the mountain range, hoping that the Infernal Evil Dragon will not spot them. But it was in fact impossible, the keen sense of the Infernal Evil Dragon has already spotted them long ago. 

“This is my territory, Infernal Evil Dragon are you trying to pick a fight with me?”

The Divine Pangolin was like a mountain. The Infernal Evil Dragon felt small compared to the Divine Pangolin. The pangolin’s voice wasn’t loud but it still made Yang Jian and the others feel wobbly from its voice. Just a single step from the pangolin could make the whole earth tremble. 

The Infernal Evil Dragon circled the sky, it’s majestic dragon eyes looked down proudly, and it then coldly said: 

“I’m only here to catch some rats. Are you trying to stop me?”

“Trespassers are killed on sight! Don’t you understand? A few human rats? I’ve eaten some of them. Pity they couldn’t even fill the gap in my teeth. Come and challenge me if you think you’re capable,” the Divine Pangolin challenged with its powerful and explosive voice. 

Nobody dared to look down on this Divine Pangolin as it was obviously stronger than the Infernal Evil Dragon.

“Do not think that I will not dare do so! Pangolin, I’ve lost my dragon eggs. Do you think I’m joking now? I’ll still fight you to death even if I’m heavily injured,” the Infernal Evil Dragon shouted. 

At this moment, the Divine Pangolin became silent. The dragon clan regards their offspring extremely important. Hence, the pangolin knew that the Infernal Evil Dragon wasn’t joking. 

“Looks like you’re getting trashier as time goes on. Your very own eggs are even stolen by these puny humans. Hehe, this is a joke. F*ck off immediately after killing these humans,” the Divine Pangolin said coldly with a taunting feel in its speech. 

But it was obviously giving face to this Infernal Evil Dragon.

Even though the Infernal Evil Dragon was slightly angered, it knew that some things were best taken without a fuss. Otherwise, it would not benefit if they fought. It had less than 50% chance of winning against the pangolin in its prime, and it’ll be worse now since it was injured. 

“But, I have a condition,” the Divine Pangolin said indifferently. 

“Speak, if it’s anything that I can fulfil, I, Infernal Evil Dragon, shall not refuse.” 

The dragon knew that the pangolin won’t be that kind. 

“The spirit water of the Holy Mountain, as an exchange for your son. It should be worth it, right? ”

The Infernal Evil Dragon gritted its teeth and said, “What?! You want my share of spirit water?!” 

“With your current condition now. Do you think you have what it takes to continue in the battle of the Holy Mountain?” 

Obviously, the Divine Pangolin was no simple fool. 

“Alright! I agree to your terms.” The Infernal Evil Dragon shouted. 

It also knew that the pangolin was right. Two more months left until the barrier of the Holy Mountain disappears. The Infernal Evil Dragon won’t be able to reach its peak by that time, hence it could only quietly accept the condition now. At this moment, the Infernal Evil Dragon was left with no other choice. Because if this pangolin wanted to fight, the dragon wouldn’t know what to do next. 

“That’s right. Hehe. I wish you luck. I’m going back to sleep. Yawn, I’m so sleepy.” The Divine Pangolin laid back and became one with the mountain. They could not see the difference between the beast and the mountain. 

At this moment, Yang Jian and the others were thoroughly panicking. They could hear the conversation between the Infernal Evil Dragon and Divine Pangolin.  Now that the Divine Pangolin has been lobbied then the Infernal Evil Dragon could do whatever it wanted on them, without restraint.

“Motherf*cker?! Why didn’t I know that someone stole its eggs? Who is it?”

“I thought, why did the Infernal Evil Dragon keep chasing us. It’s because one of use stole its egg. F*cking hell!”

“Who is it?! Come out! F*cker, you‘ve doomed me.”

People were cursing on and off. But none stood out. 

“I’m sorry, everyone. I am the great disciple of the Impermanence Sect, Liang Kuanping. This dragon egg… Haih, I never thought I’ll cause such great trouble.”

Originally, Bai Yunfei took a step forward but then quickly retracted. But this little step was caught by Yang Jian. 

“So, you too had stolen a dragon egg.” Yang Jian said quietly as he glared at Bai Yunfei, but it’s too late now to say anything. 

“Even if I come out and admit my mistake, it won’t matter at all.” Bai Yunfei replied with a shrug. 

He did not regret it. Even if they do not meet the Infernal Evil Dragon, they’ll meet other kinds of beasts, like the Divine Pangolin. God knows how many types of super beasts are in this Hidden Secret Realm. Each of which could easily kill them off. 

“Brother Liang, you have really dug a deep hole for all of us.” 

“Yeah. It’s too late now. Let’s fight to the end.”

“It’s all Liang Kuanping’s fault that we’re going to die a graveless death. Let’s hand him over to the Infernal Evil Dragon. The Infernal Evil Dragon may possibly even let us go.” Somebody suggested. 

At this moment, the Infernal Evil Dragon had rushed towards while kicking up a bunch of dust and roaring thunderously. 

“Lord Dragon. We’ll hand over the egg thief, will you please let us go?”

“You bastard! Do you think that evil dragon will let us go even if we hand over the culprit? Are you trying to provoke alienation at this crucial moment?”

“Yeah. Only death awaits us if we don’t stick together. Who’s able to face that evil dragon?! ”

At this moment, internal strife erupted, death was fated to befall them. 

“Each and every one of you must die, all of you deserved to die.” 

The Infernal Evil Dragon roared furiously. 

The dragon swept its giant tail, wind pressure that was sharp as a blade flew towards them. Hundred-meter trees that were in the path were cut apart. Yang Jian and the others quickly retreated. At this moment, the God of Death was upon them. 

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