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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2313

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‘A dragon shall come out from Luo waters with the river scripture on its back!’ These words continuously resounded in Jiang Chen’s mind. This God Luo Scripture must be a very sought after treasure in the Divine World. 

Even though Jiang Chen did not know what this treasure meant, at least it was a secret that the unparalleled Hierarch Realm Refining King Craftsman God guarded with his life. Moreover, Craftsman God was someone on the level of an unrivalled Divine Emperor and God Emperor. One could see the greatness and importance of the God Luo Scripture. 

Unfortunately, Jiang Chen had no idea of what this God Luo’s Scripture might be.  

Right now, his concern was to forge a divine tool, a body armour. But currently, he could not do it, he had to place his hope on Red Lotus because he could not melt the shell alone. 

“That… Red Lotus, can you melt the Green Jade Profound Tortoise shell for me now?” Jiang Chen smiled. 

Red Lotus looked at him and said, “Just this time and no more.” 

Jiang Chen was happy that Red Lotus was willing to help. He could save a lot of time and energy now. Most importantly, the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus could melt anything under the heavens, including this shell. The shell of the Green Jade Profound Tortoise was melted in less than an hour with Red Lotus’s help.  

“Thanks, Red Lotus”

“Don’t be so intimate, you’re still a stranger to me,” said Red Lotus coldly, and disappeared into the void and entered the Myriad Qi Cauldron. 

Jiang Chen shook his head and smiled bitterly. This fella is not easy to converse with. She wouldn’t have helped if I didn’t beg her and with the God Luo’s Scripture being there. 

Jiang Chen did not think further and started forging his divine tool with a hammer. He continued to forge his divine tool in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda for a whole month, continuously. However, only a day has passed on the outside world. 

Even though the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour had great defensive abilities and it grew along with him, and was considered to be a peerless treasure, Jiang Chen did not want to keep using it as it may attract more trouble for him. The Divine World was a cruel and cold world, as he continued to dwell in this place, he would meet people who were stronger than him more and more. 

One shouldn’t simply show one’s treasure. If it was simply shown, then one would possibly get targeted and possibly killed. It was not a joke. 

The Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour had great defensive abilities but it could also attract Heavenly Gods and Divine King experts. Hence, he could not simply use it. That’s why he wanted to use the shell of the tortoise to forge a body armour and it’ll certainly become useful. Plus, with two armours protecting him and the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda in his hands, he would become almost invincible. 

A month of hard work did not go to waste as Jiang Chen successfully forged a body armour, it had a shiny green colour and could be fused with one’s body. He then used his Heavenly Dragon Sword and slashed it using 100% of his strength. The attack only left a tiny microscopic mark on the armor that he then immediately smoothened. 

The green body armour was exceptionally sturdy due to Jiang Chen’s hard work. Moreover, he felt that even though this armour was just a peak divine tool, it’s performance was better than any average heavenly divine tool. After all, the shell of the tortoise was extremely sturdy which he had experienced firsthand. 

“Let’s call it the Profound Heavenly Armour!” 

Jiang Chen’s lips curved up into a pale smile. He was confident in this armour!

In this one month of time, his strength had also gained a great boost. He felt that he’s about to reach the True God Realm. Even though he was a Half-Step True God, he could still fight against some powerful experts, however, he still found it difficult to completely defeat them. Plus, the people outside are not any average joe, they’re the top prodigies of the whole Linhe Boundary, they’re not some easy cherries to be picked. 

Hence, Jiang Chen somewhat felt that his abilities were lacking because he didn’t want to rely on outside force but his very own strength to win against these opponents. 

In this very month, he was extremely harsh towards himself. As the inheritor of Craftsman God, he doesn’t have the qualification to show this identity towards the world because he was still too weak. He would attract insanely powerful people to come for him if he revealed his identity to the world. Hence, he needed to keep pushing forward and increase his strength. 

Jiang Chen took five Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pills due to extreme fatigue.  These medicines were great tonics for him. But if anyone knew that he was taking these immortal grade pills like snacks, they would’ve coughed out blood and died from anger.  

“Just a single step further!”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. At this moment, he was just a step away from the True God Realm. 

Countless dangers were laying in ambush in this Hidden Secret Realm. Countless prodigies have fallen prey into these dangers. Three months have passed in this dangerous realm, half of the participants have already become nutrients for this dangerous land. The ones that were left are the true and powerful experts. Those self-proclaimed experts usually get massacred by the devilish law of the Hidden Secret Realm. 

On the extreme west of the realm, a large mountain range that was covered with tall cypress trees could be found. It’s a place where one could hear intermittent ear-piercing cries of the crows, a place that was filled with a deadly air. 

Corpses and skeletons could be seen littered all over the mountain range. At this moment, a thirty man platoon could be seen slowly walking into the valley. With a dozen of them being heavily injured and terrified. 

They’re in such a state because, not too long ago, they had just fought an Infernal Evil Dragon which resulted in a massacre of more than forty of their comrades and this was what’s left of them. They were moving back and forth in this mountain valley, not knowing when they were going to leave this terrifying place. 

“I don’t want to die. This one has had enough of this f*cking place.” A person said with anger and hatred in his eyes. 

“You think I want to die? This is just like a f*cking prison, a cage, where we are the food for those devils.”

Some of them were terrified to the core, and their mentality was slowly collapsing because for every single minute that passed, more and more people were dying a terrible death. This was not a trial, it was a massacre. A place that embodied the saying ‘Survival of the fittest’ to the best. Nobody could change the situation here, because people were dying all over the place. 

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