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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2306

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“You take the Water Repelling Spirit Pearl. I want the Green Jade Profound Tortoise.” Jiang Chen nodded. 

“It’s a deal!” 

Jiang Chen and Tang Zhen continued forward for several hundreds of lis and reached a lake covered with fog as it was surrounded by giant mountains. Endless chirping of birds and cicadas could be heard from within.   

The scene was magnificent with ancient trees beside the tranquil lake that allows one to sit down and enjoy the cool air. The air was fresher than any other place too. 

“This is the lake where the tortoise and clam resides.” Tang Zhen said as he pointed forward.

“Watch me.” Tang Zhen then took out his Divine Hunting Spear and threw it into the lake with vigour. Ripples and waves were created from the tranquil lake. 

“Divine tortoise, quickly come out and meet me.” Tang Zhen shouted as he levitated in the air. 

Jiang Chen looked at this scene. Looks like this is not this fellow’s first time and there’s not much progress by the looks of it. 

At this moment, a green jade coloured tortoise of about three meters in radius emerged from the water, shook its giant head and spoke angrily with its deep voice:

“Despicable human. You come again and again, but every time you’re repelled by me. Now you dare come here to give your life up. This time, I will not let you get away.” 

Obviously, Tang Zhen’s provocation has made the beast furious. 

“I’m not alone today. If you know what’s good for you, hand over your shell and the Water Repelling Spirit Pearl. Perhaps, I could spare your life.” Tang Zhen said.

The Green Jade Profound Tortoise gritted its teeth and said, “You sinister and deceitful humans, you want my shell and my pearl. How do you expect us to live? I see that you’re here to seek death.” 

Jiang Chen laughed and said, “You’re right, old Tortoise. Come out and fight 300 rounds with me. Hahaha.” 

The Green Jade Profound Tortoise was angered and it coldly looked at Jiang Chen and Tang Zhen. 

“Since the both of you are here to die. Then today, this old one shall kill the both of you!” The Green Jade Profound Tortoise roared furiously. 

Water splattered and countless water arrows were formed. It then shot towards Jiang Chen and Thang Zhen who quickly retreated and evaded the attack. Both of them then rushed forward simultaneously. 

“Slaughter Dragon Seal!” Jiang Chen attacked and the Green Jade Profound Tortoise quickly hid inside its shell. 

“Invincible Splitting Sharp Spear!” Tang Zhen pierced and it landed on the tortoise’s shell, a sound of metal collision could be heard and sparks flew in all directions. 

At this moment, the Green Jade Profound Tortoise spun, making the water splash, and ice blades to scatter on all sides. Jiang Chen waved his blade and blocked most of the densely packed sharp ice blades. The attack forced back Jiang Chen and Tang Zhen. 

“Such a terrifying Green Jade Profound Tortoise. This beast’s cultivation is at least at the Late True God Realm,” Jiang Chen said solemnly. 

“Be careful. Those ice blades are not his lethal move.” Tang Zhen warned. 

“Myriad Swords Return Art!” 

Jiang Chen’s technique dissipated the Green Jade Profound Tortoise’s ice blades, changing it into snowflakes. The resulting scene was magnificent. 

Tang Zhen followed suit and launched countless piercing strikes towards the beast. 

“Not bad. Pretty great. Look at this Void God lad, quite capable. Lethal Tackle!” The Green Jade Profound Tortoise roared. 

The beast then hid inside its shell and rammed itself towards Tang Zhen. The latter waved his spear and launched a series of piercing strikes towards the reptile. Yet, no damage could be seen on its shell, only the sound of the metal collision was heard, which was extremely harsh to the ears. 

“Let’s see whether you can withstand my Heavenly Dragon Sword.” Jiang Chen took this chance and leaped forward. 

At this moment, the Green Jade Profound Tortoise was not showing any weakness and clashed with Jiang Chen’s blade. Jiang Chen was taken aback after being pushed back. He could not withstand the tortoise’s strength and defence. Especially its sturdy shell, the backlash from attack on its shell was returned to the attacker. Jiang Chen became nervous as he quickly retreated. Nevertheless, a deep mark was left on the beast’s shell. 

The Green Jade Profound Tortoise tackled thrice, and Jiang Chen attacked thrice. Their collision caused a huge tremor on the beast’s shell. 

“Such terrifying defence!”

Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword was a supreme grade Primal Origin Treasure. Yet it could not break a Late True God’s shell. It was unbelievable. 

“To think he could leave such a deep mark on my back. This fella’s weapon is extremely sharp.”  The Green Jade Profound Tortoise was extremely shocked deep down. 

At this moment, the beast knew Jiang Chen was not strong. If Jiang Chen really was strong, the beast wouldn’t have simply used its shell to attack.

“Two versus one. What heroes are you? Hahaha. Old Clam, let them see how powerful the devastating Tortoise-Clam duo can be. ” The Green Jade Profound Tortoise sneered with a thunderous roar. 

A several zhang tall giant clam emerged from the water. Its body was gold in colour.

The Heavenly River Female Clam shouted, “It’s that bastard again? This time, you won’t get away. Old Tortoise, let’s kill them.” 

A human-shaped woman could be seen inside the clam, but it doesn’t have legs or arms, its whole body was embedded in the clam. It was weird. The shining Water Repelling Spirit Pearl was under the woman’s body. 

“Heavenly River Female Clam, Green Jade Profound Tortoise, they’re both finally here. Hehe.” Jiang Chen’s lips curved. 

At this moment, they have to fight these two beasts. 

“It’s not too late to surrender now. You’ll regret it otherwise,” Jiang Chen said. 

“Oh, really? Why don’t you defeat us before you talk? Otherwise, I fear you may not be able to fulfil this wish.” The Green Jade Profound Tortoise sneered. 

The tortoise and clam joined hands together and became even more powerful. Jiang Chen faced the Green Jade Profound Tortoise while Tang Zhen faced the Heavenly River Female Clam. 

“Your opponent is me. Now let’s see how powerful you are. You’re unworthy to fight me if it weren’t for that sword in your hands.” The Green Jade Profound Tortoise looked at Jiang Chen with disdain. 

“Really? If so, I have to really work my worth. You have great defence. But today, let’s see whether my attacks are strong enough.” Jiang Chen’s gaze became cold. 

How could Jiang Chen be happy when he was looked down by a damned tortoise? 

“Old Tortoise. Today, I want to drink a Chinese softshell tortoise soup! Nutritious!” Jiang Chen licked his lips, making the beast angrier.  

“D*mned human. You’ll die an honourable death. I love human meat. It’s a delicacy. I’ve not tasted it for a hundred years. Hehe.” The Green Jade Profound Tortoise shook its head and retaliated. 

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