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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2305

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Zhu Mingyang said coldly, “Jiang Chen, there were really no grudges between us. I hope that you know what you are doing right now, and don’t try to do something stupid. I am not from a low-grade sect like the Five Elements Sect or Sky Hawk Residence. My Overload Sect is one of the ten major sects and it is more powerful than your sect’s brother sect, Heavenly Star Sect. You better not ruin your own future.

“We could’ve talked nicely to each other at the very beginning. Why do you want to make a situation like this right now? I won’t let others know that you have killed all of these people. However, if you insist on taking action against me, then don’t blame me for the consequences. When two tigers fight, there is always a loser. One of us would be injured severely if we really fight.”

Jiang Chen looked at Zhu Mingyang and he calmly smiled. Looking at how serious Zhu Mingyang’s words were, Jiang Chen couldn’t help feeling amused.

“Overload Sect is not a sect that you could offend. If we join hands together right now, I guess we can achieve something huge in the future.”

Zhu Mingyang looked very serious and even Jiang Chen felt bad to interrupt him. 

Jiang Chen smiled and replied, “When two tigers fight, there must be a loser. I like this saying. Haha. However, I am not going to be a tiger today as I am going to be the hero to kill the tiger.”

At this moment, Zhu Mingyang’s countenance fell. From what Jiang Chen said, obviously, Jiang Chen did not want to reconcile with him.

“Do you really want to embark on a road of no return? In this Hidden Secret Realm, you won’t be able to overcome all of the experts by yourself alone. If you kill me, my senior brothers will definitely avenge me. I guess you might not have the ability to defeat him.”

“Yes. So I am going to try now if I have the ability or not,” Jiang Chen profoundly said.

“Jiang Chen, don’t destroy your own future. I am a disciple of Overload Sect. Unfortunately,  it seems like you don’t get it even though I have said so much. Wasting my effort to explain so much. Let’s have a fight then, come on.”

Zhu mingyang could not help but feel speechless at the end, and he completely changed his tone. He knew that Jiang Chen wouldn’t give him any chance. So the only way to deal with this situation was to have a life-and-death battle.

Jiang Chen smiled and said, “Let’s start then, you only have one chance.”

Dealing with Zhu Mingyang’s insane attack, Jiang Chen remained calm as his current dragon transformation had already reached the peak of True God Realm. With the aid of his Heavenly Dragon Sword, Jiang Chen’s combat strength was able to suppress Zhu Mingyang even though the latter was a Late True God.

“Lonely Star Shadow, Full Moon Sickle!”

Zhu Mingyang broke through the sky with the shadow of the Full Moon Sickle. His dreadful attack managed to encircle Jiang Chen fiercily. Jiang Chen was stunned for a second and he then wielded his  Heavenly Dragon Sword to collide with the Full Moon Sickle. 

Jiang Chen and Zhu Mingyang both fell on the ground with their back. Jiang Chen did not make any move. Zhu Mingyang grimaced after feeling that the sickle in his hand had already become extremely cold. 

When Jiang Chen stepped the fifth step of his Azure Dragon’s Five Steps, Zhu Mingyang was repulsed. His face was filled with blood and even his body was split into two. Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword had not only shattered his Full Moon Sickle, but also cut his body into half. 

“You will definitely…regret….”

Zhu Ming said with difficulty then he lost his life completely.

Jiang Chen sneered. His Five Elemental True Fires burned up more than thirty corpses and turned them into nourishment.

Jiang Chen did not plan to take any actions against them actually. Unfortunately, they had never thought of letting him go. That was why he fought them. Since he had chosen to do so, he would not regret it. They deserved the consequences. This was the karma they deserved as they wanted to bully him who was alone.

In the Hidden Secret Realm, there was no good or bad guy but only people who could survive.

Jiang Chen never felt compassionate to fools and he was also not a doormat as well. He would not feel bad for these people as they deserved death.

“Such an oppressive way of killing.” 

Jiang Chen raised his head and saw a white-clothed man hanging on a tree. The man smiled, and one could see from his eyes that he was not an ordinary man.

“Clear Stream Sect. The Great Guardian, Tang Zhen.”  

“Profound Feng Sect, Jiang Chen.”

“I never expected that your strength would be this strong. It’s unbelievable. Even a disciple from Overlord Sect died in your hands. Hehe. It’s really astonishing.”

Tang Zhen said in a playful tone while his face carried a smile.

“Why are you here, Tang Zhen? I don’t think you are here just to chat with me. Hehe. Since he had died, what can we say right now? He can only blame himself for having the thought of killing me. I wouldn’t just simply kill people,” said Jiang Chen. 

“Great. I admire people like you.”

Tang Zhen jumped off from the tree, looking extraordinarily charming. Being one of the Three Great Guardians of the Clear Stream Sect, Tang Zhen’s strength was undeniably powerful. Compared to Zhu Mingyang, he was much more powerful.

“Brother Tang, how about you just tell me honestly,” said Jiang Chen straightforwardly. 

“I am really dumbstruck by your strength. I am thinking of killing a monster and I need a helper. I wonder if brother Jiang is willing to help me? We join hands together to kill the monster. What do you think?”

Tang Zhen said in a kind way, treating Jiang Chen as if he shared the same position with him. In the entire Linhe Boundary, only very few people dared to call the Three Great Guardians of Clear Stream Sect as brothers.

Jiang Chen asked. “What can I get as a reward?”

“Hahaha. You’re so upfront. Being able to cooperate with you is my luck. What do you think about three thousand Divine Origin Stones?”

“I am not interested in Divine Origin Stones.” Jiang Chen shook his head.

Moreover, he did not know what Tang Zhen really wanted. The monster Tang Zhen was going to kill was perhaps not an ordinary monster. Otherwise, why would he ask his help if he could kill the monster himself?

“To be honest, the monsters that I am going to kill are the Green Jade Black Tortoise and the Heavenly River Clam.”

“Is that the number-one tortoise, Green Jade Black Tortoise? It has a very good defense and even a golden stone could not break its shell.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes showed interest.

“I want the shell of the Green Jade Black Tortoise.”

Tang Zhen smiled bitterly and replied: “The Green Jade Black Tortoise and Heavenly River Clam are together right now. However, their defense is extremely formidable and I could not do anything to them. I have fought them twice but it is not easy to get the Water Repelling Spirit Pearl from the Heavenly River Clam.”

“Why are they together?”

Jiang Chen asked in doubt.

“I don’t know about that. You can have the shell of the Green Jade Black Tortoise if we managed to kill it; my target is the Heavenly River Clam. I hope brother Jiang can give me a hand,” said Tang Zhen again.

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