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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2304

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“How could this be possible?”

“Yea, he is only a half-step True God but he managed to kill two Early True God experts. It’s unbelievable.”

“I don’t believe it. His sword strike is too quick.”

Ouyang Shaoxin’s eyes were filled with ruthlessness.

“No wonder you’re so conceited. It’s because you have some tricks under your sleeve. Okay. Now there’s no reason to spare your life.”

Ouyang Shaoxin snorted coldy and stared at the two guys who were just killed. His mouth twitched, like saying something “bastard” to them.

The sword rose up again in Jiang Chen’s hand, and its light swept across in all directions. Ouyang Shaoxin’s facial expression changed and immediately withdrew himself. His Nine-tooth Steel Blade was destroyed, there was a huge opening on it. When Jiang Chen’s sword swept across near his shoulder just now, he felt its dreadfulness.

Ouyang Shaoxin still could not believe that Jiang Chen’s combat strength was so dreadful. It was so terrifying to know that he was repulsed by a half-step True God.  

“I don’t believe it.” 

Ouyang Shaoxin was unwilling to believe it as there were so many people looking at him. How could he lose his face in this way? He could not let that happen. If he was really defeated by Jiang Chen, he would be really ashamed of it. He was one of the genius disciples of the Five Elements Sect, and was only inferior to Zhu Mingyang.

“Five Element Blade Technique, Escaping Symbol Art!”

Ouyang Shaoxin looked very serious. The shadow of his blade was spreading everywhere. However, when Jiang Chen appeared next to him, he did not know that he would be defeated very soon. Because he did not know where Jiang Chen’s next attack would come from. By the time Jiang Chen’s sword appeared, his blade was already broken. When he wanted to withdraw himself, only then did he realise that Jiang Chen’s sword had already moved again and chopped his arm off which was holding his blade. 


Ouyang Shaoxin screamed in despair and took a step backward. However, when he came near Zhu Mingyang, he only felt fear.

“Save me, brother!”

“Five Elemental True Fire, burning with fierce fire!”

Jiang Chen snorted coldly. The Five Elemental True Fires engulfed Ouyang Shaoxin. Since he was a disciple of Five Element Sect, then I am going to let you die under my Five Elemental True Fires. 

Zhu Mingyang turned his head immediately and his countenance fell. It was out of his expectation that Ouyang Shaoxin would be defeated completely after being trapped in the Five Elemental True Fires. Zhu Mingyang wanted to take action to save Ouyang Shaoxin but realised that he could not approach the Five Elemental True Fires at all because it was burning! Many people also took a few steps backwards with faces full of terror. In less than ten seconds, Ouyang Shaoxin, without even having a chance to scream, had been burned into ashes under the Five Elemental True Fires.

Everyone withdrew themselves; Zhu Mingyang’s face looked gloomy. He walked towards Jiang Chen step by step.

“You really do have great fighting skills. Seems like you won’t be obedient if I don’t take action.”

Zhu Mingyang and Jiang Cheng exchanged glances. Jiang Chen looked clam and did not show any fear at all. Since Zhu Mingyang had challenged and offended him continuously, he felt that he should not be merciful as well.

“Brother, you must avenge young master Ouyang.”

“Yes. He died tragically. This guy deserves punishment.”

“The man who killed young master Ouyang is unforgivable. It’s unbearable. Kill him, kill him!” 

Looking at these people who kept on talking, Jiang Chen felt pity for them as they always lacked their own opinion and only followed what other people dictate. Weak people like them could only be trampled upon, regardless of their physique or dignity. Moreover, they did not have any strength to counterattack at all, and they only relied on someone strong. It’s really sorrowful.

“If you take action, your ending will also be death.”

The distance between Jiang Chen and Zhu Mingyang was less than half a metre and both of them were very confident in themselves. Being the second strongest of the Overlord Sect, he was of course very proud of himself.

In his heart, except for the top three experts of the Clear Stream Sect, the top two experts of the Ghost Eye Sect, Lang Ya of the Divine Pill Sect and his own senior Qiu Zhen, no one would be able to pressure him. Even Ling Long of the Heavenly Star Sect and Liu Quanchao were much inferior to him.

Zhu Mingyang pointed at Jiang Chen and said, “It’s the funniest joke I have ever heard. But it’s also the only joke that I can’t laugh at.” 

“Okay, I’ll give you a chance to attack. Let me see how strong you are since you’re able to kill even Ouyang Shaoxin. You should feel honoured as you are going to die in my hands. Otherwise, even if you get out of here alive, the people of the Five Elements Sect would not let you go.”

“Alright. As you wish,” Jiang Chen replied faintly. 

Having reached the half-step True God Realm, he was even stronger now. Although it was not that much, killing this guy would not be too difficult for him.

Jiang Chen stepped on the void and his Azure Dragon Five Steps had eliminated all of Zhu Mingyang’s path of retreat. He was going to fight Zhu Mingyang until the end. Jiang Chen casted his dragon transformation, making his strength rise so suddenly to ten times than before. This helped him reach the peak of Mid True God Realm, making him many times stronger than Zhu Mingyang now.

Every strike Jiang Chen made was incomparably ferocious which repulse Zhu Mingyang continuously under his Heavenly Dragon Sword.

Zhu Mingyang never expected that Jiang Chen would be this brutal. Especially after the dragon transformation, it was like Jiang Chen had become another person, making Zhu Mingyang unable to withstand him at all. Jiang Chen was like a monster in human form. When Zhu Mingyang’ sword cleaved on Jiang Chen, it was only like a tickling Jiang Chen. On the other hand, Jiang Chen’s vigorous attack had made Zhu Mingyang suffer. 

“Damn it, This guy is too monstrous, isn’t he?”

Zhu Mingyang thought in his heart.

“If you don’t take action now, when are you going to?”

Zhu Mingyang shouted in rage. Qin Lang took the lead and brought the other thirty people to join in the battle, intending to pressure Jiang Chen. However, Jiang Chen’s mightiness was irresistible at the moment. Under the dreadful dragon transformation, he could eliminate a True God expert effortlessly in a flash. Blood dripped from the Heaven Dragon Sword while the terrifying sword qi swept across in every direction. Such a brutal Jiang Chen had really terrified Zhu Mingyang.

Only now did he understand that he shouldn’t have offended this guy at the very beginning but who knew that he would be this terrifying? 

More than thirty people were killed by Jiang Chen in less than a minute. Only Qin Lang and Zhu Mingyang were left and the surrounding was covered with blood. 

“You…you…you are a lunatic!”

Qi Lang unconsciously withdrew himself, his face looked extremely ugly to behold after being slashed by Jiang Chen’s sword. He managed to escape death just now, but he knew that Jiang Chen would not let him go alive.

After Jiang Chen failed to strike Zhu Mingyang, he turned around and rushed towards Qin Lang. In the void, a shadow of a sword broke through with dazzling radiance. Qin Lang knew that he would be able to run away from death this time.


Qin Lang stared at the gloomy sky but couldn’t find a suitable word to describe Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen had killed more than thirty people in an instant. It’s too violent and too brutal.

Zhu Mingyang took a deep breath. Jiang Chen’s dreadfulness had made him feel like withdrawing himself. 

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