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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2302

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Jiang Chen could not help feeling sympathy towards the lady; after all, he was not an iron-hearted man. Although their battle was incomparably intense, it did not prevent Jiang Chen from sympathising with the Nine-tailed FireFox. 

She had safeguarded the Golden Lotus for hundred thousand years but her dream was shattered in just a day! Who would not be mad by this? Jiang Chen could feel the rage and struggle of the beautiful fox.

“If my strength did not keep deteriorating, I wouldn’t have faced this situation today. Back then, sigh.”

The Nine-tailed FireFox smiled bitterly, however, it was all history now. What was the point of recalling it?

“I will definitely find out who stole my Golden Lotus. Even if I manage to kill the culprit a hundred thousand times, I will still not be satisfied!” 

The Nine-tailed FireFox roared. The delicate lady suddenly became incomparably strong at this moment. That was the power of love. 

“Don’t worry. I will be staying in this Hidden Secret Realm for a year. If I am able to find your Golden Lotus, I will definitely return it to you,” Jiang Chen said solemnly. 

“Thank you very much.”

“If he’s still here, he will definitely not put the blame on you,” said Jiang Chen in a deep voice.

“I have already seen through life and death, but I only have a single wish in my life, which is to see him one more time.”

The Nine-tailed FireFox then walked towards the Japan Luo Ying Mountain while looking miserable. The lady who had been crazy for love for more than seventeen thousand years. She must have suffered unbearable pain and her toughness also indicated her inner weakness.

Jiang Chen said firmly, “I will definitely help you look for the Golden Lotus.”


Lang Ya dashed wildly and chased the figure that disappeared from the Japan Luo Ying Mountain. After three days and three nights, he finally sensed the breath of the person.

“When there’s a will, there’s a way. Haha. Finally, I have sensed it. Hmm? Are they people from the Ghost Eye Sect?”

Lang Ya’s face looked serious and he dared not to be reckless at this moment. If there were really people of the Ghost Eye Sect, he wouldn’t dare to simply take action because the people of Ghost Eye Sect were ruthless. Even the Clear Stream Sect and Divine Pill Sect were not willing to offend them, especially the devil twin princes. It was said that they were able to escape from a Heavenly God. From this statement, one knew how terrifying they were.

Despite being confident and formidable, Lang Ya did not dare to take action recklessly and he only looked for a single opportunity.

“It must be the Moli Ghost who took away the Golden Lotus.”

Ya Lang murmured.

At this moment, quite a lot of people were rushing towards the place. They all looked cunning as they were from those small sects that practiced evil doctrine. They relied on Moli Ghost’s authority, and one could immediately see that they were only followers.

“Congratulations, second brother. Haha. I guess you have obtained quite a lot of treasure?”

“Yea. I can see that our second brother is filled with joy. Must be a good harvest.”

“Second brother, how about you take it out and let us open our eyes? Hehe.”

“That’s right. Second brother. That treasure must be very exciting since you love it so much. It must be an extraordinary item.”

Moli Ghost looked at his subordinates who showed faces full of admiration.  He could not help but feel proud and his face was overflowing with a cunning smile.

“Alright. I am going to let you guys see my Golden Lotus. Haha.”

Moli Ghost took out an incomparably dazzling item and held it in his hand. The Golden Lotus gave off a shining radiance and an overbearing aura that took away everyone’s breath. The energy inside the Golden Lotus was out of everyone’s imagination; it was like a saint light breaking through the sky between heaven and earth. The surrounding hundreds of square miles was filled with its brilliance.

“Wow, the Golden Lotus is really very mythical.”

“Yea, I’ve never seen a saint item which is filled with this amount of energy. Good job, second brother.”

“Second brother, you must have spent lots of effort to get this saint item.”

“Second brother, I dare to say that even our first brother never saw a treasure like this.”

After hearing the compliments around, Moli Ghost felt delighted in his heart. He kept the Golden Lotus immediately, then many of them heaved a sigh of regret because they had not seen the Golden Lotus long enough. 

“Getting this Golden Lotus was actually just a piece of cake to me. Hahaha. If I refine this lotus, I might advance to the Heavenly God Realm,” said Moli Ghost with pride.

“Great opportunity. It’s a great opportunity for you, second brother. Then you would be an unparalleled existence in the entire Hidden Secret Realm. Hahaha.”

“That’s right. Second brother is almighty and peerless.” 

“Bullsh*t, if I am peerless, then how about my brother? I want to share this with my brother.”

Moli Ghost was angry.

“Yes, yes, yes. Second brother is almighty and righteous.”


Right after Moli Ghost calmed down, his forehead was immediately filled with an oppressive arrogance after realizing that there were more than thirty people from other sects depending and following him. If one did not have an expert to rely on in this dreadful Hidden Secret Realm, one might not be able to survive for long here. There must be some conceited people who had chosen to go alone and died in the Hidden Secret Realm. 

“It’s him. Seems like it will be challenging to get the Golden Lotus now.” 

Lang Ya looked solemn. He was not worried about Moli Ghost. Instead, he was worried about the alliance of Moli Ghost and Moli Qing. If both of them joined hands together, he would definitely not be a match for them. However, luckily Moli Qing was not here. Lang Ya did not dare to make any mistake and was very careful. If he managed to rob the Golden Lotus but failed to kill Moli Ghost, then the consequence might not be that simple anymore because if the news spread to Moli Qing, then he would have to confront Moli Qing as well. 

Moli Qing’s strength was not any weaker than him at all. Being the number-one genius of the Ghost Eye Sect, Lang Ya did not dare to fight with him face-to-face.

Being the number-two in the entire Linhe Boundary, Ghost Eye Sect’s strength was also unpredictably formidable. Lang Ya did not dare to risk his life because once he lost, that would be the biggest failure in his life. 

“I’ll let you be happy first. Hope that you don’t eat the Golden Lotus, otherwise, I will force you to spit it out.”

Lang Ya snorted and disappeared.

Moli Ghost frowned and turned his head around because he sensed that someone had been staring at him. However, it might only be his own imagination as he did not see anyone. He shook his head then started searching for his brother again.

After entering the Hidden Secret Realm, many self-proclaimed experts had already gone on their own way. This was because if they managed to obtain any treasures, they did not need to share it with others. This was the real reason behind why they seperated in the Hidden Secret Realm. On the other hand, those people who were not confident enough would rely on each other or scheme in the dark to take advantage of others. 

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