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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2300

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“A bunch of ants trying to fight a tsunami?” The Nine-tailed Fire Fox harrumphed and waved its nine long tails. 

Everyone’s expression changed drastically because the sea of flames was coming straight towards them. Everyone was forced to retreat except for Yang Jian and Pan Hong. The beast was too strong, it really was a Late True God. Their group consisted of only two True God experts and the rest were all Half-Step True Gods. Their overall strength was insufficient, they could not resist that raging hot flame. 

“You have the Nine-tailed Heart Fire!” Jiang Chen gasped. 

This Nine-tailed Heart Fire was on-par with the Qilin Saint Fire. The Nine-tailed Heart Fire uses the beast’s own lifeforce as fuel to burn. Its living flame could melt everything under the heavens. Such a divine beast was one of a kind. 

The Nine-Tailed Fire Fox was a beast that was on par with the Qilin Saint Beast. Nobody knew which era this beast was born, but the beast was said to exist during the immemorial heaven and earth. They’re rare, just like the Qilin. 

“You guys back off, leave this to us.” Pan Hong shouted. 

At this moment, there was no other choice, the others would only become fodder if they joined. They might as well stand aside and respond to whatever that may come. 

“Why don’t you taste some of my flames too.” Jiang Chen shouted as he unleashed the Qilin Saint Fire. 

This slightly stunned the beast. To think this fella has such a powerful technique, no wonder he’s this composed. But he’s still too weak. 

No matter how proud Jiang Chen was, he does not have the strength to stand in front of the beast so arrogantly because the beast’s Nine-tailed Heart Fire was as strong as his Qilin Saint Fire. 

“Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal!” 

Jiang Chen unleashed his flame dragon seal like a tidal wave. Which was stronger than the Qilin Saint Fire. 

“This is?” The beast’s pupil constricted. 

The Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal was much more terrifying than the Qilin Saint Fire if unleashed at its full force. Yet, the beast did not want to lose, its heart fire burned everything as its nine tails swept across the battlefield. No matter if it was Yang Jian or Pan Hong, they were pushed back awkwardly. 

In the end, the Nine-Tailed FireFox was able to block the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal. But the beast was still shocked because the gap between them was supposedly too great. At this moment, the beast moved at an extreme speed and trapped Jiang Chen with its Nine-tailed Heart Fire. 

“Jiang Chen!” Bai Yunfei’s gaze became cold and shouted.  

However, none of them were able to break through the beast’s defences. At this moment, Jiang Chen was pinned down by the beast. It was out of everyone’s expectation. 

“Halt. Bai Yunfei!” Yang Jian stopped Bai Yunfei. But the latter’s eyes were about to pop out. 

“Are we going to just watch Jiang Chen getting slaughtered by that beast?” Bai Yunfei shouted at Yang Jian. 

He tried to fly once again and this time, together with Man Shuai and Wang Chongyang. Their combined strength was almost equal to Pan Shuai’s strength. Unfortunately, they still could not move the beast. Instead, they were swept away by a swipe of the beast’s tail. 

“Obnoxious fools! Die!” 

The beast’s nine tails pinned the trio down. The powerful trio was forced into a passive state by the beast. 

“Proud Cold Nine Blades. The blade shall shatter the void without revolution.” Wang Chongyang’s blade waved as he attempted to sneak through the beast’s defences. 

Jiang Chen once again appeared before them, making the beast not able to kill them. 

“How can this be?!” The Nine-Tailed Fire Fox was extremely shocked. Including Bai Yunfei and the others. 

“You cannot stop me!” Jiang Chen sneered. 

At this moment, the Nine-Tailed FireFox was at the peak of its anger, and it swept its nine tails. 

Jiang Chen could not steady his stance under the violent strikes of those tails. He was then whipped away by those tails. Fortunately, he suffered no injury from this strike. But due to Jiang Chen saving Bai Yunfei and the other two earlier, he suffered a heavy strike from the beast. His whole body felt like it was about to shatter at any moment, his bones were not in his control. 


Jiang Chen took in a cold breath. This Nine-tailed Fire Fox is too strong. At this moment, the gap between him and the beast was completely revealed. Three giant realms. If Jiang Chen does not unleash his full strength now, he’ll only suffer a beating from the beast. 

“Go, quickly. You have to leave here, fast. I have my own ways of getting away later.” Jiang Chen said as he patted Wang Chongyang’s shoulder. 

Only Wang Chongyang remained calm amongst them. Now, Jiang Chen had no choice, they had to leave because they have become a baggage for Jiang Chen, causing Jiang Chen to not be able to unleash his full strength. 

“But……” Bai Yunfei wanted to say something but was stopped by Jiang Chen. 

“If you do not want to see me die. F*ck off. I don’t want you all to drag me down!” Jiang Chen shouted. 

Everyone of them became dumbfounded because they have never seen Jiang Chen being so angry and so serious before. 

The current Bai Yunfei finally realised that, in Jiang Chen’s opinion, they were just heavy baggage. The current Jiang Chen may look like he’s on the same level as them but only Yang Jian and Bai Yunfei knew how strong he was. 

“Is it really okay?” Pan Hong was perturbed. 

He was worried that the beast would kill Jiang Chen. If that really happened, he’ll become a sinner. After all, he promised the sect lord to protect Jiang Chen. But now, he had to abandon Jiang Chen, how could he be at ease? 

“Rest assured. Jiang Chen killed a Peak Mid True God expert before. He still has a lot of cards under his sleeves. That number two prodigy of the Taichi Sect, Helian Wushuang, was also killed by Jiang Chen. You should know about this.” Yang Jian advised. 

At this moment, they’ll only serve as a burden for Jiang Chen. Only Jiang Chen could help and save himself. 

“Alright!” Pan Hong could not accept it. 

But with Yang Jian and the other’s suggestion, they chose to leave first. 

Bai Yunfei’s eyes were red in colour as he looked at Jiang Chen. At that instant, Bai Yunfei knew that deep within his heart, he hoped and desired that he could fight alongside Jiang Chen, but he was just too weak and would only cause trouble for Jiang Chen. 

The current him was one that was revered by thousands of people in the outer sect. But now, only then did he realise how foolish he was and how arrogant he was, he was nothing. He could only run away when faced with a slightly stronger opponent, he could do nothing, he could not stand side-by-side with Jiang Chen and take off some of the pressure that Jiang Chen was taking. 

“I cannot accept this. I cannot!” Bai Yunfei clenched his fist and shouted in anger. 

But Bai Yunfei still left Jiang Chen. At this moment, not just him, every single one of their hearts had undergone a great change. 

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