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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2299

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“I’m surprised… To think you’re here much earlier than I expected.” Lang Ya sneered as he looked at the giant Fire Fox with nine tails over the horizon. It had flame covering its body, bright red tails, able to control the winds and clouds, and the air surrounding it was exceptionally hot. 

“Then…  I’ll leave this Nine-tailed Fire Fox to you.” Lang Ya sneered. 

Previously, his henchmen reported to him that Jiang Chen was spotted at the Japan Luo Yin Mountain that was not far away. Once they arrive on the foothills and reach the summit of the mountain, the beast will certainly be angered. Then, he’ll take this chance and run away, whereby the wrath of the beast will be dumped onto Jiang Chen’s group. 

“I hope you don’t disappoint me, Jiang Chen,” Lang Ya said indifferently. 

He then attacked once more and quickly retreated, going through the piedmonts, attempting to get away from the Nine-tailed Fire Fox.

“We should find it soon.” Jiang Chen’s lips curved. 

If his guess was right, the thing that they’re looking for should be around here. 

But at this moment, he suddenly had a bad premonition. 

“I think this place is not as peaceful as we thought.” Jiang Chen said. 

Because his hunch was always right. This Japan Luo Yin Mountain was definitely not as peaceful as it seems. 

“Everyone, be careful.” Pan Hong said quietly. He followed Jiang Chen’s suggestion and pressed forward with extreme caution. 

The surrounding flora had withered, it’s as if the essence was sucked away. Not a single chirp from the birds could be heard in this vast mountain. 

Bai Yunfei shivered. This place is creepy, not a single sound could be heard… Everyone was extra careful while taking each step forward. They feared something might go wrong and cause their comrades to die due to a single  mistake. Death could come and visit their doorstep at any moment. 

The soil beneath their feet was completely dried up. Man Shuai and Wang Chongyang looked at each other and put all of their concentration towards their surroundings, after all they did not want to bring down themselves and their own brothers towards the grave. 

They can overcome anything if they’re united. Only by connecting their lives together could they throw away their last shred of worry.


*Bang! Bang!* 

*Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of ramming voices kept closing in on them. Jiang Chen’s expression changed as he looked up and saw a red figure flying through the skies. 

Lang Ya’s expression was slightly pale but his lips curved into an evil smile. 

“Jiang Chen, I’ve prepared a great gift for you today. Hahaha.” Lang Ya said and flew towards Jiang Chen’s location and got away. 

The incoming Nine-tailed Fire Fox was closing in on Jiang Chen’s group. Yang Jian and Pan Hong launched an attack together but was swiftly pushed back by the beast. Both of them were tremendously shocked. The beast was terrifyingly powerful. A simple push from the beast could easily break a thousand-meter high mountain into halves. The force of the beast’s tackle was absolutely terrifying. 

“Who is it?! Who took my golden lotus?!!.” The Nine-Tailed Fire Fox said with extreme pressure and sharpness. 

It made the group’s mind tremble and they all retreated and regrouped. 

“No one’s talking?! Then I’ll just kill you all to be sacrificed for its soul up in the heavens.” The Nine-Tailed Fire Fox

The beast was covered with a raging flame that towered to the skies. Its several dozen Zhang tall body covered the sky and the sun. Everyone looked at the beast and was at a loss of words because they had no idea what the beast was talking about. 

Even the hidden Lang Ya slightly frowned. Where is the golden lotus? Even he did not see it too. 

“Who are you? Why did you attack us? We have absolutely no idea what this golden lotus is.” Jiang Chen harrumphed while standing proudly as if he was not afraid of the Late True God Nine-tailed Fire Fox. 

“Despicable humans, you think I don’t know what you’re thinking about? You guys are here for my golden lotus. Aren’t you guys here to rob, kill and plunder for the sake of treasures? Am I wrong?! Hehe, hilarious, it’s better to not trust the words of humans like you. Hand over the golden lotus, if not, die!” the Nine-Tailed FireFox shouted

The beast did not distinguish what’s right or wrong and rushed forward without giving Jiang Chen any chance to explain themselves. 

“B*stard. Lang Ya. You’re dead meat!” Jiang Chen clearly saw who that figure was, it was Lang Ya. 

This beast was also lured by Lang Ya. The reason? It was clear. That ambitious bastard did not just steal the golden lotus, he even framed Jiang Chen’s group. But Jiang Chen thought about it for a second and understood why Lang Ya did so. They already had bad blood between them. The opposite party wanted him dead, he too wanted Lang Ya dead, it’s just the same. 

“Then, let’s see how you’ll deal with this Nine-tailed Fire Fox first. Hmph.” Lang Yan harrumphed and left. 

Even he would most likely die if he were to face the Nine-Tailed FireFox. It’s impossible to kill the beast. Now that he has lured the beast to Jiang Chen, an intense battle would surely erupt because the two of them will not back off. 

“A mere Void God trash wants to fight me? Hahaha!” Lang Ya had planned everything well. 

If Jiang Chen died, all of his possessions will be Lang Ya’s to collect. But there was a problem, the golden lotus mentioned by the beast was stolen by a black figure before he met the beast. Hence, Lang Ya wanted to pursue that black figure, but as for who that was? Nobody knew. 

Nevertheless, Lang Ya will not let this chance go, seeing how the beast was angered, that golden lotus must be an exceptional item. Once he gets his hands on the item, he’ll come back and kill Jiang Chen’s group. Or even benefit from this whole situation as the third party. 

“We have never heard of this golden lotus that you spoke of. Demonic beast, you’ve gone mad after your possession is lost. A beast’s intellect can never be compared to a human’s, it’s too low. You’ve been used by others and you’re still oblivious of it. Truly hilarious.” Jiang Chen sneered. 

“A puny human like you dares to talk reason with me? You do not have the qualification to do so.”  

The Nine-Tailed Fire Fox instantly flew up the sky with his flaming body. At this moment, Jiang Chen was targeted by the beast, the beast easily shot out thousands of fire arrows towards Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen steadied himself and defended against the arrows with his divine blade calmly.

The Nine-Tailed Fire Fox’s eyes became cold. Looks like this little fellow is pretty interesting. Even though he’s cultivation is low, he’s able to defend against a wave of fire arrows. Pretty good. 

In the meanwhile, Yang Jian, Pan Hong and the others were preparing to attack. 

The Nine-Tailed FireFox was obviously furious. Now, there is zero chance in making peace. There was only one result and that was to fight until the end. If Jiang Chen were to fall, then no one from their group would be able to walk out with their lives intact. 

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