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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2296

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“Scram!” Yang Jian was the first to push forward. 

At this moment, his Shredding Heavenly Eye unleashed a great energy, shooting out a ray of piercing energy towards the left paw of the three-eyed beast. The beast once again let out a furious roar as it pounced towards their group. 

“Many thanks.” Pan Yong said and looked at Yang Jian. 

Luckily, Yang Jian arrived at the right moment and forced the beast back. 

Yang Jian nodded but dared not to dawdle even if his Shredding Heavenly Eyes was effective towards the beast. 

“Oh no. This fella is going to use its third eye,” Jiang Chen said. 

Yang Jian and the beast’s third eye clashed against one another. The beast’s third eye was extremely terrifying too, immediately pushing Yang Jian back. 

Pan Hong used this chance to attack with his blade, slashing through the void and managed to cut the beast’s back. 

“Here it is!” 

Jiang Chen’s lips curved and launched his Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal and landed on one of the beast’s injuries, causing it to burst into flames. The skill gave the beast a great wound and intense pain, causing it to go berserk while staggering backwards. The others quickly took this chance to fly up to the sky and bombarded the beast with their attacks. 

“Its two other eyes should be his weakness. Attack its eyes.” Jiang Chen wielded his sword and jumped forward. 

At this moment, his sharp and powerful blade was extremely effective because the beast did not expect his blade to render its defences useless with just a single strike. With Pan Hong and Yang Jian leading the attack, their strikes were hitting its mark and they felt less pressured, unlike before. 

Jiang Chen launched three consecutive attacks. The sharp Heavenly Dragon Sword easily cut through the beast’s defences. With the beast getting injured by the sword, it did not have the energy left to defend against the group’s attack. 

The beast could feel that it’s falling into a disadvantageous position and started to search for Jiang Chen, yet the latter evaded at a fast speed. Nobody knew where he would appear next. 

Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword and Great Void Technique had made a great contribution in this battle. The Great Void Technique managed to anger the beast, whereby it could not pinpoint Jiang Chen’s location. Pan Hong and Yang Jiang were shocked by this technique too and they realized that only those that were few cultivation realms above Jiang Chen could threaten his life. 

Jiang Chen knew that not even Heavenly God experts could catch him. Because his Great Void Technique could easily move through the void and space. It would be impossible to catch him. 

Jiang Chen waved his unstoppable sword, unleashing fierce and powerful strikes upon the beast from its blind spots. However, he did not attack its weak spot, he gave that chance to Bai Yunfei and the others. 

Yang Jian and Pan Hong unleashed their full strength upon the injured beast. Both of them did not want to lose against the others. Even though Yang Jian was weaker than Pan Hong, his skill was extremely effective against the beast, as it managed to force the beast backwards. Even though it was just an instant, it managed to buy time for the others to attack. 

Jiang Chen’s lips curled into a smile after attacking more than thirty times more without remorse, giving the beast a body full of cuts. The beast was enraged yet it could not catch Jiang Chen as the pesky human continuously cut upon its body. It was utter humiliation. 

At this moment, the beast wanted to run away as it found out that it could not win against these humans. The beast knew that it underestimated these pesky humans too much. Unfortunately, as the beast’s body was now covered with cuts and wounds, it would be extremely hard for it to run away now. 

Why would they allow the beast a chance to run away? Jiang Chen stood silently and gave the beast an extreme mental pressure. Then, the beast was severely injured by the group led by Pan Hong and Yang Jian. 

“Die!” Pan Hong roared furiously, unleashing the deepest rage within him as he stabbed into the beast’s third eye. 

The beast staggered backwards and slowly fell down as it roared in despair, slowly moving towards the embrace of the Lady of Death. 

Pan Hong and the others gasped for air after the battle of life-and-death ended. They’re all currently filled with sweat. 

“Finally finished off that three-eyed beast. F*ck. This is tiring.” Man Shuai said while clenching his teeth and gasping for air. 

Nevertheless, it was still a victory. But no one was happy because one of their brothers was killed from the beast’s sneak attack. It was a humiliating loss and a sad event. 

Unfortunately, it was an unchangeable fact, as one’s life is decided by the heavens. It was one of the lessons that must be learned in this place. 

Only by getting used to life and death could one truly become a true expert. It’s not that one should become heartless, but to know how to hide their feelings deep within themselves. Especially at this moment, their greatest regret was probably not being able to save their brother. But what’s dead stays dead. Nobody could change this fact. 

What they needed to do now was to think of how to get out of this mentality and situation, getting away from this dangerous situation. Their later days would be filled with more life-and-death situations and it may become their last.

“Let’s think of every day as our last day. That will be the best for us,” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

He was quite optimistic. In this world, he may be the youngest, but his mind was the best in the three worlds. 

“Jiang Chen’s right. Let’s treat every day as our last, that is our only choice. Now we move as a unit, not giving up and not abandoning one another.” Yang Jian said. 

“Jiang Chen had contributed the most in this battle. we may not be able to get out of that sticky situation without his divine sword breaking the beast’s defences.” Pan Hong complimented Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, your Heavenly Dragon Sword, is it……” Man Shuai asked curiously. He felt that the sword was somewhat indestructible, pretty scary. 

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