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    Magic Gems Gourmet (WN)

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    Finally, in less than an hour, everyone had entered the Hidden Secret Realm. 

    Ren Yuanzi sighed a little. 

    “I wonder how many people will be able to come out this time.”

    “I hope Jiang Chen does not disappoint me. Still, his cultivation is just too weak. Moreover, he has so many enemies that are aiming for his life from all sides. I am worried,” said Xuan Qingming worriedly. 

    “Aren’t you getting sentimental. Haha, relax. I think that lad is exceptional. He probably has some cards under his sleeves. ” Old Ancestor Di Long said. 

    “Who knows when we could see them next time, maybe, we may not even see them forever.” Mu Tianen was slightly worried, compared to the optimistic Old Ancestor Di Long. 

    After all, the strongest one, Jiang Hao, was only at Mid Void God Realm. Compared to the experts of those giant sects, he’s still lacking by a mile. This Hidden Secret Realm ‘produced’ countless great experts, but some stay in there, forever. 

    It’s a furnace, a cauldron, that melts everyone and only the best of the best that’s able to withstand the hardships could come out, only those peerless prodigies. 

    “From the moment they enter the place, their lives are not theirs anymore.” Ren Yuanzi looked at the horizon and smiled. 

    One year later, it’ll be their time to soar towards the supreme heavens like a dragon. 

    Jiang Chen’s group entered the realm with extreme caution. Grey-ish light covered the skies, it was somewhat dark and gloomy, but they could clearly see their surroundings. 

    The flora was different from the outside. There were long and tall, ancient trees at the height of several hundred metres but everything felt like it was covered by dust. 

    Looking afar, one could see deserts, mountains, and jungles.

    “I heard that the flora and demonic beasts here are dangerous. Be extra cautious.” Pan Hong reminded the others. 

    Liu Quanchao’s expression was solemn and said to his teammates, “Let’s separate here. This is my summoning spiritual talisman.” Liu Quanchao passed the talisman to Jiang Chen. 

    Jiang Chen clasped his fist and replied, “Alright. Thank you, Senior Liu.” 

    “Look out for yourself.” Ling Long looked at Jiang Chen and said indifferently. 

    “Let’s depart too. Junior Jiang Chen, I shall take my leave. This talisman is for you.” Zhang Lei smiled. 

    “I’ll surely be there when there’s any request.” Jiang Hao gave a talisman to Jiang Chen too. 

    The people of the Heavenly Star Sect, Earthly Hades Sect, and Yellow Flame Sect left, leaving Jiang Chen, Pan Hong and the others. 

    A while later, an inner sect disciple said, “Looking at the surroundings, this place doesn’t look all that dangerous… ” 


    At this moment, before he could finish his sentence, a giant beast came from behind him and gnawed his head off which blood splatter everywhere. Everyone jumped back and saw a ten zhang tall three-eyed beast with the shape of a leopard and with a hide as sturdy as a rock, was chewing down on the inner sect disciple that was still speaking just seconds ago. 

    Everyone gasped. Facing such a giant three-eyed beast, their hearts slightly faltered. Terrifying, such a powerful beast… it instantly killed a Half-Step True God … A chill went down all their spin as the big fella gave off a strong vibe that scared them off. 

    “This fella’s cultivation is at the Mid True God Realm, it’s extremely fast and it’s not an oaf. That sneak attack was obviously planned!” Pan Hong shouted. 

    “Prepare to attack and kill this beast!”

    Jiang Chen and the others dared not to dawdle since the beast was extremely big and sturdy. 

    “This f*cking beast killed our brother, we must slay it.” Man Shuai’s eyes shone as he rushed forward with his Green Dragon Crescent Blade (Frost Fair Blade) and dealt a powerful slash. Yet it was ineffective as it landed on the beast’s hide. The beast roared and poured its anger towards the group. It was also excited because it could eat more humans, the one that he ate before was extremely delicious. 

    “Careful, Man Shuai!” Jiang Chen shouted. 

    Man Shuai felt his ear ringing as he suffered the beast’s roar up close. His expression became pale as he coughed out blood, he then quickly flew backwards and stabbed his blade into the ground to steady his stance. 

    Nobody anticipated a fierce attack right after they entered the realm and one casualty before their first clash too. Plus, Man Shuai was forced to retreat, which was shocking. 

    “Five Elements Battle Dragon Seal!” 

    Jiang Chen quickly moved up with Wang Chongyang and Bai Yunfei supporting him. 

    “Great Shattering Palm!” Pan Hong unleashed a palm strike. 

    An attack coming from a Mid True God expert had finally made the three-eyed giant beast to be slightly scared. It then tried to back off and was caught by Yang Jian and the others. It was trapped by a powerful attack from all sides. 

    The twelve of them simultaneously attacked the beast. At this moment, they were a unit, a united unit. After all, once a person falls, the others will fall too. They will have to stay in this realm for a year. They do not know what kind of danger they may face in these 365 days. 

    Unfortunately, one of them already died the moment they entered the place. They felt pressured, but they could not show it now, because the danger in front of them was still active. 

    Pan Hong’s palm strike was the strongest. The beast roared as the attack landed on its skull. It gave a big sweep and forced all of them to back off, leaving only Pan Hong and Yang Jian able to move forward and struck the beast with their blades, but to no avail. 

    The beast suffered zero injuries from all their attacks as if they were giving the beast a good tickle. 

    “Sh*t. Retreat. That fella is getting mad!” Jiang Chen shouted and quickly retreated. 

    But the beast was thoroughly angered by Pan Hong’s palm strike and then pounced towards Pan Hong with its giant body. Its terrifying figure was closing in on him, covering the sun as it inches in towards its target. 

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