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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2291

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At the moment, the atmosphere of the scene became more intense following Jiang Chen’s voice. He really showed his support and everyone applauded for him. Why did they applaud Jiang Chen? It was because of his overbearing imposing manner.

“Mother f*cker, it’s a splurge!”

Bai Yunfei could not help cursing. 

Behind the scene, Zi Luo squinted her eyes and looked at what was happening. Undeniably, Jiang Chen had become the spotlight in the scene. She grinned from ear to ear. She initially thought that 7,000 was the highest price for Jiang Chen’s sword because although it was much superior than a normal Divine Tool, not everyone found it practical to use. It was different from the Divine Tool which everyone loved to have. 

This time, the people of Divine Pill Sect were bidding against an unknown guy and the bid had unexpectedly gone to twenty thousand Divine Origin Stones. This was the highest bid in the past three years. How could Zi Luo not be happy about this? The young man’s background seems extraordinary.

Some people were excited while some people were anxious about such competitive bidding. Jiang Chen felt complacent whereas Lang Ya became frustrated.

Lang Ya was staring at Jiang Chen fiercely without blinking his eyes. At this moment, he had lost all of his way as he did not have any capital to continue to bid.

“20,000 Divine Origin Stones going once, 20,000 Divine Origin Stones going twice, 20,000 Divine Origin Stons going thrice. SOLD!” 

When the auctioneer Hao Dabing knocked the table with his hammer, everyone cheered and applauded. Jiang Chen took the cake in the auction! 

Jiang Chen nodded with satisfaction as he did not waste his effort to come here.

“Wait for a moment!”

Someone from Divine Pill Sect shouted. The person was not any stranger, he was actually Li Yanchao. Of course, he did not call with his own initiative. Instead, he was under Lang Ya’s order.

“I doubt that he has enough Divine Origin Stones to pay such a high price. He is here to stir up trouble. How would he have such a huge wealth to afford this? He’s just a low grade disciple. A formula of medicinal pills that’s worth 20,000 and 5,000 Ten-Thousand Years Blood Spirit Mushroom and Human-faced Demon Ginseng. Hehe. None of you suspect him? Does he really think that he is a wealthy young master? Today, I would like Jiang Chen to do the transaction on the spot because I really doubted if he could afford this.”

Li Yanchao hated Jiang Chen to the core for being so complacent today and becoming the public’s spotlight. Of course, Li Yanchao was very envious of him. The price was so high and it must have attracted even more public attention.

Lang Ya squinted his eyes as he wanted Li Yanchao to stand up and unravel the veil of Jiang Chen and see if he was really that wealthy to afford this.

Although Li Yanchao’s words sounded quite ridiculous and lacked reason, his words actually also gained some people’s support because they also wanted to know what kind of background Jiang Cheng had to have such courage to compete with the people of Divine Pill Sect. 

“Oh right. Why didn’t I think of this? Did this guy purposely go against the Divine Pill sect?  He had done the same thing with the  Ten-Thousand Years Blood Spirit Lingzi and Human-faced Demon Ginseng. It’s hard for us to imagine what his intention is.” 

“Maybe he has some hidden secrets? I am now really looking forward to knowing whether he has the fortune to afford this.” 

“It’s hard to say. Who knows, maybe the people of Divine Pill Sect also have their hidden intention behind.”

“I would rather believe that this guy does really have this capability. Otherwise, we were just excited for nothing just now.”

Quite a number of people doubted Jiang Chen. After Li Yanchao had expressed his suspicion, many people were itching to find out the truth as well. 

At this moment, Zi Luo was walking towards the auction place.

“Hello everyone, I am the manager of Gathering Destiny Square. We can fulfill everyone’s request but we have to seek the bidder’s opinion first. If the bidder doesn’t agree with that, then we have no right to do the transaction on the spot. Thank you.”

Zi Luo smiled faintly in a pleasing manner. Her lips were soft and red and she had a pair of attractive, glittering eyes. Her long legs were partly hidden and partly visible in her cheongsam. She definitely could be considered as an unparalleled beauty.

As soon as Zi Luo appeared, most of the people on the scene calmed down, but there were still quite a lot of people wanting to find out Jiang Chen’s background. 

Li Yanchao’s words obviously had provoked many people’s suspicion. However, facts spoke louder than words. If Jiang Chen really had the wealth, Li Yanchao could not do anything to stop him. 

That was why Lang Ya was not the one who enticed the crowd but ordered Li Yanchao instead. Although Li Yanchao knew that he was tricked, he had no choice as well. Both of them were the genius disciples of the Divine Pill Sect, but they had very different ranking and status in the sect. Li Yanchao was more inferior than Lang Ya in this sense.

“Alright. Alright. Then I will fulfill your request, is that okay? I am going to show you fairness and justice.”

Jiang Chen said and smiled. In a flash, he jumped onto the stage and smiled. Zi Luo looked at Jiang Chen delightfully as well because he was her special customer. Zi Luo actually believed Jiang Chen because he had that piece of Divine Tool. She had been seeing many people selling Divine Tools but none of them sold something so precious as easy as Jiang Chen who acted like selling a broom instead of a Divine Tool. 

At that moment, Zi Luo had known that this young man was not a simple man.

“Let me tell you guys. Indeed, I dont have the Divine Origin Stones to pay.”

Jianng Chen opened out his hands. Silence swept across the scene following Jiang Chen’s words. At the moment, Zi Luo squinted her eyes and looked at him in silence without taking any action.

Lang Ya’s eyes carried some kind of excitement because as long as Jiang Chen gave up the auction, he would be the winner. 

The people around who were looking for the show started being impatient and unhappy about this. No money? No Divine Origin Stones? Were you kidding us?

“However…” Jiang Chen added. 

“I can take out two pieces of Divine Tools for the auction. Because the nine thousand three hundred high-grade Divine Origin Stones from the auction was mine.”


Everyone was stunned on the spot. Was he actually the seller of that Divine Too? Now he was going to take out another two pieces? Bro, were you operating a Divine Tool store? Since when did Divine Tools become so unworthy?

Let alone the audience,  Zi Luo was also dumbstruck. Two more pieces of Divine Tools? Are you kidding?

While Zi Luo and the public was still in a state of great shock and exclamation, Jiang Chen immediately took out two pieces of Divine Tool 

“Scarlet Light Sword and Nine-Segmented Whip. Take them.”

Jiang Chen gave them to Zi Luo and said. Zi Luo was stunned for another moment as if the time had stopped passing.

Jiang Chen slapped Zi Luo’s curvy butt lightly, making her shiver for a while and blushed. At the moment, she only realised that she had been entranced. 

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