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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2286

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At this moment, everyone was so shocked their jaws dropped to the floor) because Jiang Chen gave away three peak supreme grade Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill to others. 

“Senior Ren Yuanzi, Senior Di Long, Senior Mu. These three Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pills are yours, please do accept it.”

Everybody was dumbfounded, including the three seniors. Three peak supreme grade Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pills that would even entice a Divine King, to think he would just give it to others?! At this moment, even Xuan Qingming felt somewhat jealous, after all his own Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill could not be compared against those three. 

But Xuan Qingming understood that this gift had other meaning. It will play an important role in the alliance of the four sects in the future. 

Ren Yuanzi and the others were not stupid. Jiang Chen giving them these pills meant that it’ll be hard for them to go against Profound Peng Sect. The four sects will become much more unified than before now. 

“Are you sure?” Old Ancestor Di Long looked at Jiang Chen with extreme shock.

“It’s just a mere medicinal pill,” replied Jiang Chen indifferently. 

At this moment, the entire event was pumped. A mere medicinal pill? That is a freaking Supreme Grade Pill! A Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill that even Heavenly Gods want! Such a pill is usually priceless, those high-grade pills that usually appear only on auctions cannot be sold due to its high price. 

Jiang Chen waved his palm and gave it to the three of them. Ren Yuanzi and Mu Tianen looked at each other as they were extremely happy. Especially Mu Tianen, he did not expect the boy from Profound Feng Sect to be this generous. How could this lad do such a thing? If these were to be auctioned, it would be a great fortune especially for a Late Void God like Jiang Chen. 

He could even spend the fortune he’ll get without worry for the rest of his life. 

Some people thought Jiang Chen’s brain must be fried. But there were also those who couldn’t help but admire Jiang Chen’s generosity. Now, those who had some schemes or thought in regards to him had to withhold and recalculate their plans. After all, iwas rare to have such a generous person in this world. 

Jiang Chen giving out the pills made the whole event fall into madness. His generosity was way beyond their comprehension. How could he give out such a pill to others? Moreover, the one giving out was just a Void God disciple. 

Jiang Chen became famous in the event. 

“This lad is truly a shocker. Damn. How come I do not have such a prodigious alchemist under me?” Old Ancestor Di Long curled his lips, feeling unsatisfied. 

Meaning, he liked Jiang Chen, extremely. As the boy gave him a peak supreme grade Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pills. The benevolence he received couldn’t be described. 

“Hehe. You’re right. Looks like the Profound Feng Sect will become famous. Moreover, this Jiang Chen will be the cause of it.” Ren Yuanzi said. The rating he had towards Jiang Chen was raised within his heart. 

“But, it’s not a great thing. You should know that ‘A gentleman was originally innocent, but he became guilty because of the item he possesses’ I advise you to stop him from going into the Hidden Secret Realm. Otherwise… it’s not like I’m cursing him but I bet he’ll be targeted by the others. Now that he’s famous, the Divine Pill Sect will surely be one of his pursuers. ” Mu Tianen said indifferently. 

Even though it was not great for the ears, Xuan Qingming too thought of it. He’s right. Jiang Chen may have made the Secret Hidden Realm his final resting place, it’ll be a hard battle for him if he enters it. 

Xuan Qingming frowned deeply. It was definitely a problem. This time, Jiang Chen and the Profound Feng Sect won great cheers from the people here. But it’ll not help them in their journey in the Secret Hidden Realm. Since, Jiang Chen was still too weak. A Late Void God was the weakest in the whole Secret Hidden Realm. 

“F*ck. I said you’ll definitely do it. Haha. Good! Jiang Chen.” Bai Yunfei hammered Jiang Chen’s shoulder. 

The people of the four sects cheered for Jiang Chen. And some other sects even couldn’t help but accept Jiang Chen. It was rare for such a young man with such an attitude in this world. There were even many female cultivators secretly falling in love with Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen smiled and did not speak a word while the crowd cheered him on, he was used to it. At this moment, he was looking forward to the Hidden Secret Realm instead. It’ll be a battle of life-and-death, as the whole young experts of the Linhe Boundary will be there. 

Xuan Qingming hesitated for a while, but he knew that this was the best for Jiang Chen. It felt like he’s going to take away Jiang Chen’s qualification to enter the realm. Can he do it? Xuan Qingming could not bear to do such a thing towards this exceptional disciple. 

“Jiang Chen. I feel that your strength is still lacking. Why not reconsider and not enter the Hidden Secret Realm.” Xuan Qingming said meekly.  

He felt embarrassed uttering those words. But he had no choice, Mu Tianen was right. Jiang Chen won the greatest honour for the Profound Feng Sect, but will he choose to back off right now? 

Xuan Qingming thought that Jiang Chen was not such a person. 

“Sect Lord, you should know that for the sake of this Hidden Secret Realm, I killed Yan Cheng in a single strike. Hence, I will not give up.” Jiang Chen shook his head. 

Xuan Qingming sighed. He chose to respect Jiang Chen. Yet in the end, he’s afraid of  this result. The whole place will be filled with experts, Jiang Chen may not be able to become one of them. 

“Jiang Chen is our Profound Feng Sect’s hope in rising up. You guys must protect Jiang Chen. Pan Hong, this time do not disappoint me!” Xuan Qingming said towards Pan Hong.

“Acknowledged, Sect Lord. Pan Hong will not disappoint your expectation.” 

“Jiang Hao, when the need arises, ally with the Profound Feng Sect, do not allow any losses befalling them, especially Jiang Chen.” Mu Tianen said. 

“This disciple understands.” Jiang Hao nodded. 

“Zhang Lei, you too. Protect Jiang Chen. Our Earthly Hades Sect will not allow others to bully us and our brothers.” Old Ancestor Di Long said. 

“Yes. Old Ancestor.” A handsome man said respectfully. 

“Ling Long, protect Jiang Chen.” Ren Yuanzi looked at the only girl behind him and said. 


Ling Long nodded and looked at Jiang Chen with a calm expression. 

Jiang Chen looked back at her, a beautiful girl that garnered the gaze of others, one that was favoured by the heavens. 

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly. Looks like the three pills he gave off was worth it. To think it managed to rope in so many bodyguards for him. 

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