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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2278


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“Since there’s no evidence, stop making false accusations. Is your speciality bullying juniors? You’re the one saying who is the killer and whatnot. If so, wouldn’t everyone have to die because of your scheme?” Ling Yun said coldly. 

“Who are you? There is no place for a brat like you to stir trouble in Profound Feng Sect.” Yan Jun said as he looked at Ling Yun furiously. 

If it wasn’t for this girl, he would’ve killed Jiang Chen already. Pity. 

“She’s not one of us but she’s a guest from outside.” Xuan Qingming said quietly. 

“You do not need to feel discontented. I’m just stating the facts. But to think the elder of this esteemed sect would be this unreasonable… towards your own disciple, nonetheless. So, you can just kill whoever you want? This is truly eye-opening.” Ling Yun said. 

Yan Jun’s expression kept changing. He was sure that Jiang Chen was the murderer of his flesh and blood, but there was no evidence. 

“Great Elder. I think this matter needs further discussion. Jiang Chen had just done a great deed for the sect. We cannot just let our disciple suffer on a false accusation even if you or we felt wronged.” Xuan Qingming said quietly. 

“Him? Doing a great deed for the sect? Have I never done anything for the sect?! For all these years, this old one has done everything I could for the sect, is that wrong? Sect Lord, you have truly disappointed me. He’s just a mere disciple, do I not have the authority to punish him?” Yan Jun said. 

“Great Elder, you have to know that this is not just about Jiang Chen because he has already garnered the support of countless disciples. If we were to punish him without a justifiable basis then how would our disciples see us? Will they accept it? Wouldn’t our Profound Feng Sect wrong them? Moreover, most importantly, you need to have a piece of evidence. Otherwise, I cannot judge whether he’s the perpetrator. It is hard to convince the masses with just your word alone, Great Elder. ” Xuan Qingming tried his best to convince him. 

He was in a dilemma. The Great Elder was respected and one who has supported the sect for all these years. Whereas Jiang Chen had done great deeds for the sect just recently and was supported by the people of the Earthy Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect.  

“I will not be biased in this matter, I can only act based on facts. Great Elder is a great friend of mine. But in this matter, I will not step down. If the Great Elder can bring me a piece of evidence, then I shall not inquire further and Jiang Chen is all yours. However, I have to be responsible for the whole sect if there isn’t any evidence provided.” Xuan Qingming said sternly. 

At this moment, Yan Jun knew he could never harm Jiang Chen, with that girl and the Sect Lord standing by that boy’s side. Yan Jun was not a reckless man. At this moment, he knew he had to back down, otherwise, it’ll be viewed that he’s throwing a tantrum. But the anger in his heart could not be quenched. 

Yan Jun too knew what Xuan Qingming’s personality was, he was just a man. Without any evidence, it’ll just be slander. Now, Jiang Chen was standing at a higher position than him, in terms of the moral standpoint. 

“I am just doing my best for the sect. To think that the Great Elder would wrong me. This is truly disappointing… ” Jiang Chen sighed with a helpless expression. 

“Don’t be too happy about it. This matter will be settled sooner or later, blood for blood.” Yan Jun harrumphed and left. 

He’ll be ballyhooing if he persists any further. This fellow will regret going against me. I refuse to believe that the sect lord will protect you forever. Yan Jun suppressed his anger and left. 

Xuan Qingming said after seeing the great elder left:

“Jiang Chen, you have done a great deed for the sect and made our sect proud. But you’re pulled into the matter of the death of Yan Feng, but there are too many questions in regards to this case. Hence, your rewards will be used to equalize your punishment. Be sure to remember to work hard and do not disappoint my expectation towards you. If you can return back from the Hidden Secret Realm, I shall grant you a great gift.”

“Many thanks for the appreciation of the Sect Lord. Jiang Chen will do his very best to make the sect proud. This Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill has reached the supreme grade. It’s useful for the Sect Lord, I hope the Sect Lord will accept it.”

Jiang Chen gave the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill to Xuan Qingming.

Cough* Cough* This… ” Xuan Qingming coughed a little and said with a smile. 

Jiang Chen saw through the Sect Lord liked the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill he made. Hence, he gave the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill for his favour. Moreover, he could see that the Sect Lord was on his side, and he was grateful for it. Jiang Chen does not like to owe people’s favour. 

“I have no use for this medicinal pill. Plus, I could always concoct myself later. But this pill is useful for Sect Lord, I hope you won’t turn it down.” Jiang  Chen said with a smile. 

“Alright. I’ll accept it then.” Xuan Qingming took the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill and felt excited. 

This Supreme Grade Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill was priceless. Not even Heavenly Gods possess such a pill. Xuan Qingming never imagined that Jiang Chen could concoct such a pill with such grade. Looks like he’ll have to ask Jiang Chen if he needed any pill in the future. 

“Sect Lord. What kind of place is the Hidden Secret Realm?” Jiang Chen asked. 

Xuan Qingming became solemn, kept the pill and said: 

“The Hidden Secret Realm is a secret realm created by a peerless expert from the Lone Dragon County in the past. It is considered to be a world on its own, it could not compare against the Divine World but is almost similar to those lower Immortal Worlds. But after that peerless one fell, the secret realm was left without an owner and fell in this area. It’ll open itself once every hundred years and lasts for a year. In that place lies the treasures and wealth left behind by that peerless one but it is also accompanied by great dangers. The beasts over there are exceptionally strong.

“But without the owner of the Hidden Secret Realm, only less than 10,000 people can go into the realm. Otherwise, those who entered the realm will be instantly devoured. Even though 9,999 people is not a small number, there are countless sects scattered within this place, each sect is given a limited set of numbers to participate. We were originally given 15, but now it’s reduced to 13. Those powerful sects around here were given much more slots to enter the place.” 

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