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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2275


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“This guy seems really monstrous. Not to mention his strength, his skill in alchemy is really startling. Even our Alchemist Elder, Lin Zhongqiang, can’t find any flaws.” 

Yang Jian said in a serious tone while looking at Jiang Chen who was in the middle of the square right now. Right now, Jiang Chen has become the spotlight of the scene. He bore the hope of the entire Profound Feng Sect. Yang Jian and others had seen him as their last hope. 

“You’re right. We can only use the word ‘mountrous’ to describe this guy. I am afraid that if I tell them how Jiang Chen won during the fight for the Dragon Ball, their jaws would surely drop. Hehe. I am going to see how Jiang Chen goes against the heavens once again.” 

Bai Yunfei was beaming with joy right now. Compared to competing Jiang Hao by himself, he was more excited now as Jiang Chen was going to compete with Jiang Hao. Everyone knew how strong Jiang Chen was. At this moment, he’s shining like a bright star once again in Profound Feng Sect with his impressive skill in alchemy. Even the outstanding disciples in the Inner Sect could not help showing their admiration to Jiang Chen now. If he defeated Jiang Hao, he would definitely gain everyone’s favour in Profound Feng Sect and he could really stand on the top in the sect.

Xuan Qingming’s eyes carried a sense of excitement. Initially, he already had a good impression on Jiang Chen. If this time he really could defeat Jiang Hao and bring honour to Profound Feng Sect, then Jiang Chen’s status would definitely be higher. His ranking would have no difference from those in Inner Sect definitely by that time. 

Meanwhile, the Great Elder’s face looked a bit gloomy. He did not have a good feeling about Jiang Chen. Looking at Jiang Chen’s flames, he was even feeling a bit of indescribable discomfort. 

“Senior Jiang Chen, you must do your best. The alchemist disciples of Profound Feng Sect are proud of you.”

“Kill him as he created trouble in our sect. Don’t let him get back to his sect.”

“Mighty Jiang Chen! Mighty Jiang Chen!”

Among the applause, the corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth was overflowing with a faint smile.

When the pill was almost complete, five kinds of flames were casted by Jiang Chen. The Five Elemental True Fire was shaking everything in all directions and came out with a deafening noise. Everyone was forced to take a few steps backwards by the power of Five Elemental True Fire. Even Lin Zhongqiang or the other elders could feel great pressure under the dreadfulness of the Five Elemental True Fire.


“This is……”

Jiang Hao was shocked after seeing that Jiang Chen had five kinds of such powerful flames. Under these five flames, the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill was incomparably round and smooth and filled with intense fragrance.

Everyone was stunned, holding their breath out of astonishment. They only resumed breathing when Jiang Chen withdrew his flames. The pressure that the Five Elemental True Fire emitted was indeed too strong. Especially during the process of concoction, it was burning with optimal energy and almost burned the entire sky. 

“Five Elemental True Fire!” 

Xuan Qingming’s pupils shrunk suddenly because he had only heard of this fire once before. He knew that the Five Elemental True Fire was very rare and even a well-known alchemist might not be able to have one of the flames. Although the five types of flames actually were not compatible with each other, Jiang Chen still managed to control them so well and they all became so mild in his hands. There was no conflict at all during the concocting process. Eventually, the quality of the pill was upgraded to the highest ranking under the concoction of the Five Elemental True Fire.

Xuan Qingming could be considered as the most knowledgeable person in the Profound Feng Sect. However, even he did not know how Jiang Chen got the Five Elemental True Fire.

“This man can really spark people’s curiosity.” 

Xuan Qingming murmured in this heart. However, right now he had the answer in his heart as well. Jiang Chen’s medicinal pill was definitely higher grade than Jiang Hao’s Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill. He even felt slightly tempted to have the pill.

“What kind of flames are those? Are they really True Fires?”

Jiang Hao asked Jiang Chen while his eyes did not even blink once.

True Fire, as its name, was the supreme fire between the heavens and earth. It’s called True Fire as it could melt everything in the world. A True Fire could greatly aid an alchemist in alchemy. Since Jiang Chen had all of the five True Fires, wouldn’t he be engulfed by them? Jiang Hao was incredibly startled. He might not even be able to control two types of the True Fires, whereas Jiang Chen could manage five types of the True Fire. Although he was unwilling to believe, it was already a fact.

Jiang Hao was very clear about the advantages the True Fire had brought to Jiang Chen. The True Fire helped Jiang Chen to achieve great effectiveness in concocting the pill and depurated the herbs into a very pure stage. The Five Elemental True Fire’s contribution could not go unnoticed.

“Not bad.”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. He was never worried that someone would take his  Five Elemental True Fire away because one could easily be devoured by the fires. This Jiang Hao was not in the realm of being capable of controlling any True Fires. In the past, in order to obtain  Five Elemental True Fires, he had gone through a lot of difficulties and was even almost killed.

Jiang Hao was really envious of Jiang Chen’s  Five Elemental True Fire. If he possessed it, his strength and skill in concoction would definitely achieve great advancement. 

“Senior Jiang Chen is really astonishing. He’s indeed the ancestor of playing the fire.”

“Who will deny this? My eyes have been opened today.” 

“Hahaha, I guess Jiang Hao is dumbstruck. Look at his perplexed face, we know that he doesn’t have any chance of winning in this competition.”

Jiang Chen did not really care about others’ opinions. His medicinal pill had already hit quite a high grade and even Xuan Qingming valued this medicinal pill. 

“How’s this pill?” 

Jiang Chen handed Jiang Hao the pill. Jiang Hao’s countenance fell immediately after he examined Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill while trembling. 

“Is this…Supreme Grade Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill?”

Jiang Hao said but he’s having trouble believing his words. Nevertheless, this was the fact and he had no choice but to believe. He had watched the entire concocting process so it’s impossible for Jiang Chen to play any cheat.

“Barely reached Supreme Grade.”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly and his smile seemed to release a kind of shyness. At this moment, Lin Zhongqiang was also quite emotionaly intense while he was staring at the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill in Jiang Hao’s hand. But he also looked a bit ashamed because Jiang Chen’s concocting skill and Five Elemental True Fire were indeed dreadful. 

“Is that Qilin Saint Fire?”

Jian Hao seems to be aware of the Beast Fire that concocted the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill just now. It was not any ordinary Beast Fire, but the king of the Beast Fire. He would never be able to surpass the Qilin Saint Fire.

“I have lost.”

Jiang Hao murmured and regretted that he was not as good as Jiang Chen. He returned the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill to Jiang Chen and lowered his head in shame. 

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