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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2266


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“He may not fall from this,” Xue Qianying said quietly. 

She saw a shred of decisiveness in Jiang Chen’s eyes. He has not given up all hope. He was preparing for something, a final strike. Those eyes were not of despair but of rage and coldness. 

Xue Qianying found out that this fellow was truly powerful. Now, even if she refused to acknowledge it, the fact was there. Even she herself may not be Jiang Chen’s match. The performance he had exhibited was just too striking. Xue Qianying would view Jiang Chen as her idol if he managed to kill Helian Wushuang. 

Could that final strike change the whole situation around? 

Xue Qianying was doubtful, but she still held a single ray of hope towards Jiang Chen. 

“You do not have a chance anymore. Surrender. In this Heaven Sealing Qi Lockdown Grand Formation, not even a fly could get out of this place.” 

“I refuse to believe it!” 

Jiang Chen repeatedly flew towards the sky with the Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hand, slashing continuously, attempting to break the grand formation.

Helian Wushuang then repeatedly reinforced the formation. The Taichi Eight Trigram Palm was getting stronger by the second and attacks were bombarding Jiang Chen from all directions, making it impossible for him to evade, increasing the injuries on his body. 

“Is it truly indestructible?” Jiang Chen murmured. 

“Naturally. You’ll have to train for a few hundred years if you want to break free from my formation. Haha. You’re at fault for today’s misfortune. Moreover, there are two Heavenly Divine Tools that’ll be given to me. I truly do not know how to thank you. Haha. Today is truly a great and happy day. The Dragon Ball and those Heavenly Divine Tools will be mine to take.” 

Helian Wushuang looked up towards the sky proudly. Jiang Chen was just a dying man to him. It was impossible for Jiang Chen to turn things around. 

“Let’s end this,” Helian Wushuang said with a smile. 

His smile was filled with confidence, a smile of victory. Five years of continuously chasing and pursuing, today shall be the day to reap his rewards. Moreover, there’s an accidental reward, which was Jiang Chen. Honestly, this time, Helian Wushuang will become the strongest disciple of the Taichi sect. He will pull his big brother down from the throne of the number one prodigy after he returns. 

He was feeling an unprecedented excitement at the moment. Jiang Chen was just a dying man. 

“No, you’re wrong. Everything is just starting.”  Jiang Chen gave a slight smile and slowly looked up. 

All the clouds within the thousand li had gathered above him like a dark vortex. Thunder and lightning rumbled across the sky. An extremely gigantic pressure pressed on everyone, it felt like the whole sky was about to fall down. 

Snow fell within the canyon, the whole place became a stretch of ruin. 

Those terrifying thunder clouds in the sky gathered together and struck a flash of powerful lightning. 

Everyone held their breaths and quietly watched as the scene unfold. The change that was happening in the sky. What is happening? 

Even at this moment, no one knew that Jiang Chen was the one who brought forth the thunder clouds. 

“What is happening?” Helian Wushuang said. 

That terrifying thunder clouds even shocked him. He could not understand why and how these terrifying thunder clouds appeared on top of him. 

“This is? Somebody is trying to transcend their tribulation?” 

“Yes. Those are not ordinary thunder clouds. This is the Heavenly Lightning Tribulation.”  

“Could it be Jiang Chen?” 

“How could this be? Jiang Chen is just at the Peak of Mid Void God realm. How could such a terrifyingly powerful lighting tribulation come for him? Are you joking?” 

Jiang Chen flew up towards the sky as Liao Bufan finished his sentence. Jiang Chen looked at the sky with vigour. 

“Is it really Jiang Chen trying to transcend his tribulation?” Bai Yunfei gasped. 

“Since you’re so confident about your Heaven Sealing Qi Lockdown Grand Formation and I can’t escape from here. Then, let both of us stay here and transcend the tribulation together.” 

Actually, Jiang Chen did not want to transcend his tribulation right now. Because he did not want the others to know about the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning. It’ll surely bring attention to him. Moreover, it was one of his trump cards, he did not want to expose it. It would be best if there wasn’t anyone here, but the people of the Lotus Cloud Sect, Happy Valley and Shadow Murder Sect were present. Jiang Chen could not silence everyone here, hence, he had to summon the lightning tribulation to cover it up. 

The lightning tribulation was summoned by Jiang Chen’s Dawn Sky Golden Lightning. Once the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning falls, Helian Wushuang will be nothing. 

“You… you… you want to transcend your tribulation?!”  Helian Wushuang said in shock.

This lightning tribulation gave him a shred of fear, it was not an ordinary lightning tribulation. 

“Are you serious? This fella is going to transcend his tribulation here.” Xiao Ying said while shaking. 

There was only one word that could describe Jiang Chen—MONSTER. Such a monster should not exist in this world, otherwise, how could prodigies like him survive? They’ll just bring shame to themselves by being called prodigies. 

Jiang Chen’s transcending his tribulation?!

Everyone started to raise this unbelievable question. But it was a fact. The thunder clouds above Jiang Chen was proof and it was not your ordinary lightning tribulation either. 

Everyone was thinking about how monstrous this fellow was, they felt powerless in front of him. They could never surpass him, and could only respect him. They were in fact in a higher realm than Jiang Chen but their strength was absurdly different. 

Even though they refuse to admit it, they were happy to see it. Because this was Jiang Chen’s final chance in defeating Helian Wushuang. The latter will not be able to leave this place once Jiang Chen succeeds. 

“Everyone’s talent is different. His talent gave us infinite possibilities and pressure.” Xue Qianying looked at Jiang Chen

At this moment, the tribulation was about to descend. The snowy white mountainous region was covered by a black clump of clouds for the first time in millions of years. 

Helian Wushuang’s expression changed. His face became serious. He did not believe that Jiang Chen would transcend his tribulation now, but the fact was that Jiang Chen was really going to do it. 

This Heavenly Lightning Tribulation was different from the average lightning tribulation. Once the clouds are formed, it will never stop until it’s finished. Moreover, could Jiang Chen survive under the Heavenly Lightning Tribulation? It wasn’t just Helian Wushuang’s concern. He was worried whether HE could survive this ordeal. 

“Now you’re on your last legs? But how are you able to withstand the nine lightning tribulation?” Helian Wushang said. 

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