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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2260

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Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword shone radiantly. The sword’s prestige overflowed the whole battlefield. At this moment, everyone took a deep breath. Looks like Jiang Chen is pretty confident. But could he really fight against the beast? Is the Dragon Ball something that he could take? 

“Great spirit. Pity you’re just too weak, way too weak.” The Fire Qilin chuckled as he stomped on the void, shaking the grand canyon. 

Flames burst forth, shaking the mountain and river, cracking the whole icy valley and melting the snow covering the mountains. Jiang Chen’s blade swept through the battlefield with vigour. With the Heavenly Dragon Sword, Jiang Chen felt like the world was his to take. 

“Such a domineering sword. That sword probably has the energy of a Heavenly Divine Tool.” Xue Qianying said solemnly. 

Heavenly Divine Tool, a divine weapon that even her master would keep within her arms. Plus, her master only had a Mid Grade Heavenly Divine Tool. 

“Even the Fire Qilin dares not to take it head-on. It obviously knew how terrifying that sword is. Looks like we’re in for a good show.” Xue Rengang glanced at Tan Shanhe and Bai Yunfei.

Jiang Chen fought with vigour and evaded the first wave of attack of the beast. At least, at this moment, he became a true expert in the eyes of Xue Rengang, a hero. 

No matter it was Xue Rengang or Tan Shanhe, they did not have the courage to stand before such an extremely ferocious beast like the Fire Qilin. But the weakest Peak Mid Void God, Jiang Chen, stood against it without fear. This was something unimaginable, outrageous, and confusing. Even though Jiang Chen may lose in the end, his fighting spirit was something worth commending. 

“Such a terrifying blade!” The Fire Qilin murmured. 

He did not say it out loud. Otherwise, this would mean that he really was afraid of this obnoxious lad. 

“Killing you will be as easy as breathing.” The Fire Qilin spewed out his natal flame mark that took Xue Qianying a great effort to defend against, and if it wasn’t for the ice soul, she would’ve died there and then. Now, everyone was feeling anxious and nervous for Jiang Chen. 

The natal flame mark of the Fire Qilin was terrifying but Jiang Chen did not back off. 

“Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal!” 

The Five Elemental True Fire formed the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal and instantly destroyed the Fire Qilin’s flame mark because the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal happens to suppress the flame mark. Perhaps, for Xue Qianying that flame mark was too hard for her to handle, plus, ice and fire are not compatible. She was completely put down by the Fire Qilin. But for Jiang Chen, it was a different story. The flame mark could not stand against the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal. 

“This fellow is this strong? He is but a Peak Mid Void God, not even a Late Void God but to think he’s not afraid of the Fire Qilin.” Xiao Ying was once again dumbfounded. 

At this moment, he could not believe what he’s seeing. Jiang Chen was not at a disadvantage while facing the beast. 

“How is this possible?!” 

The Fire Qilin was utterly shocked, too. Jiang Chen’s attack was unstoppable. He managed to block two of my attacks?! It was a shocking result, could the fellow really be just a Mid Void God? 

The Fire Qilin also refused to believe what was happening. Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword was exceptionally sharp. Moreover, the beast felt somewhat afraid of the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal. The beast thought that it would be lethal if the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal manages to land on its body. Moreover, the Heavenly Dragon Sword was unstoppable. If Jiang Chen managed to land a hit on the beast…  it won’t be like Xiao Ying’s attack, zero damage. That sword was truly shocking. 

“Scorching Heavenly Flame!” The beast once again closed into Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen used the Fire of Sun to protect himself and clashed with the beast. Moreover, the beast could not use its flame to gain the upper hand and damage Jiang Chen. 

“Slaughter Dragon Seal!” 

Jiang Chen unleashed another seal with terrifying energy. Bai Yunfei and Tan Shanhe were dumbfounded from his attack. They definitely could not take those attacks head-on. Only those experts above True God could take it. 

“Five Elements Battle Dragon Seal!“

Jiang Chen unleashed all his lethal attacks, unleashing the power of a True God even though he was only a Mid Void God.  There was nothing to be afraid of in the face of an injured Fire Qilin. Even though it felt like he was the third party in the fight between two neighbours, one should note that Jiang Chen was just a Void God. 

The two terrifying seals forced the beast to retreat. Yet he did not suffer any major injuries. But this Void God lad made him realise that there are always monsters out there. To be this powerful at such a young age and to hide his real strength. To willingly become one with the background while the four experts fight at the main stage. 

“You have given me enough reason to kill you off.”

The Fire Qilin endured the two seals. Two terrible wounds appeared on its body. But it was still fine because of his sturdy body. 

“It’s still not too late to do it now.” Jiang Chen shrugged calmly. 

He was prepared to go all-out in this battle. He will not give the beast any chance. He will do whatever it takes to get the Dragon Ball!

“This fellow has gone out of my expectation.” Yang Jian said. 

Even the Great Senior Brother of the outer sect such as him did not know much about Jiang Chen. Xue Qianying and the others were filled with curiosity towards this young lad because his strength was mysterious. For a Mid Void God to be this powerful, it was something to be fearful about. 

“This fellow… I may not even defeat him at my peak.” Liao Bufan said with a bitter smile. 

He finally said what he was really thinking. Even though he could not accept it, he had to say it. Jiang Chen’s performance was something that had surprised every one of them. 

“Give him 100 years. Probably, he’ll become another monster in this boundary river realm.” Xiao Ying said. 

“Yeah. Not even I, a senior of the sect, knew how secretive he was.” Yang Jian shook his head and said. 

He did not know whether he should be happy or embarrassed. Jiang Chen’s strength undoubtedly brought great honour to the Profound Feng Sect. 

At this moment, they felt confident about Jiang Chen clashing against the beast, unlike before. He was not losing against the beast.

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