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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2256

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Jiang Chen was happily observing the battle. All this while, he did not unleash his full abilities because he still thinks that the biggest variable within this group was Xue Qianying. She is the great disciple of the Lotus Cloud Sect, her strength shouldn’t be THIS weak. She must be hiding it. At this moment, if I unleash all my strength, then my chances of winning in the final battle will be lesser. Who doesn’t know this? 

“Petty and puny humans, the face of greed. You will all be punished by the heavens.” The purple-eyed youth said coldly while standing on the sky, looking down on Yang Jian and the others with a calm demeanour. As if it’s obvious that he was going to win this battle. 

“He’s hurt, he can’t last long! Do not hold back and attack at full strength.” Jiang Chen shouted. 

This made the other four slightly stunned and once again looked at the youth. The latter obviously showing a hint of avoidance in his eyes. Looks like he’s really hurt. 

“This lad is quite useful, precise eyes. To think he can see through the enemy is hiding the fact that he’s hurt.” Xue Qianying murmured as she squinted her eyes and looked at Jiang Chen. 

Liao Bufan and Xiao Ying were slightly stunned and looked at Jiang Chen. Could this fellow be trusted? 

“He’s right. That youngster is already hurt. We do not need to be scared. Attack at full strength!” Xue Qianying shouted and rushed first.

She unleashed a fury of sword strikes, completely locking down on the youth’s path of retreat. Liao Bufan followed through with his heavy palm strikes. Meanwhile, Xiao Ying unleashed his clones and struck from all directions with his sword. 

On the other side, Yang Jian’s attack was getting more and more powerful, and overbearing. Each attack was lethal, forcing the youth to the corner and on the defensive. He was obviously getting weaker and weaker. This was what Xue Qianying and the others wanted to watch. 

“Shameless humans, you will eventually receive retribution!” The purple-eyed youth furiously roared. 

A flame rose up to his mouth and burst towards his enemies, instantly burning up the place and tearing the void. The snow melted and an avalanche was created, causing the whole valley to rumble. 

The group quickly retreated. The youth’s eyes became cold and he attempted to run away. But Xue Qianying and the others will not give him that opportunity. They knew that the opponent was on its last leg, would they give him the chance to run away? 

The youth’s injury was getting worse by the second from the barrage of their attacks. The expression on his face was getting colder as time passed. 

“You guys want the Dragon Ball?! Dream on!”

The youth shivered when a bright light shone from his body. He wanted to self-destruct and bring down Xue Qianying and the others to the grave with him.  

“Do not let him kill himself. Otherwise, we won’t get the dragon ball!” Jiang Chen shouted. 

Xue Qianying and the others quickly unleashed their attacks, making the youth unable to self-destruct. A sword slash across the void and landed on the youth, creating a long terrible wound on his body. His internal organs too suffered various degrees of injuries. 

“How far have I fallen… who dares to fight me when I am at my peak?” 

Two clear lines of tears slowly flowed from his eyes, feeling extremely angered. But now he had zero chance, not even a chance to kill himself. The four of them had him trapped, he’d be killed if he made any funny moves. 

“But, you’re trapped.” Xiao Ying said while laughing. 

“Hand over the Dragon Ball and you’ll be able to leave with your life. Otherwise, you’ll be buried here, in this green mountain, accompanied by the snow and wind. Hehe, this is also a great Feng Shui place.” Liang Bufan said. 

“There is only one dragon ball. What happens to the other three if I give it to you?” The youth squinted his eyes and said palely. 

Since he knew he could not get away with this misfortune, he might as well find some ways to preserve his life. 

“You’re trying to sow dissension, but you’ll fail. Hand over the dragon ball and we’ll sort it out ourselves.” Xiao Ying said indifferently. 

“Oh? Is it? Is this what you think? But your friend may not think so. Hahaha,” laughed the youth. 

He now found out that his opponents weren’t on the same page. They were all in their own group with their own . Moreover, they wanted something that couldn’t be shared since there’s only one Dragon Ball. Such dissonance was his best chance. 

To live by going through a deathly route, perhaps there is a chance in it. 

“If you don’t hand over the Dragon Ball, I will give you an ugly death.” Liao Bufan said. 

“Really? Then who do I give it to? I am but a dying man. But for the sake of my life, I can hand the dragon ball to you, but will the other three agree?”

The purple-eyed youth’s words were spot on. There was only one Dragon Ball, but there were  four people who wanted it, how do they divide it? Who has the qualification to own it? Jiang Chen’s lips slightly curved up and his expression became serious. 

“Such being the case, since you all don’t trust one another, then leave the Dragon Ball to me. Whoever wins shall get the Dragon Ball, what says you all? I am a mere Mid Void God. You all can easily kill me from just a single thought. Plus, I could never run away with it. Isn’t this the safest option? The dragon ball will be safely passed to you, to you or to you.”

Jiang Chen pointed at each person and said. The four of them became silent. At this moment, only Bai Yunfei gave Jiang Chen a big thumbs up. This fellow is truly cunning. Bai Yunfei knew how hard it was to deal with Jiang Chen once the Dragon Ball fell into his hands, it’ll be like dropping into a rat hole. Trying to get it back? Dream on. 

The youth squinted his eyes and looked at Jiang Chen: 

“Alright. I agree to hand over the dragon ball to him. What says you all?” The youth looked at Jiang Chen. 

Both of them had their own scheme. In the eyes of the youth, as long as the four fought against one another and got hurt, then he’ll be able to snatch the Dragon Ball back from Jiang Chen and run away. This fellow is only a Mid Void God, even if I’m hurt, he’s still an easy opponent for me. 

“Very well. It is decided.” Xue Qianying said. 

Since she had said it, the other three could only choose to quietly accept it. After all, this was the best option. No matter who wins or loses, they could never really be relieved if the Dragon Ball was given to the other to guard it. 

“You’re lucky. You’ll take the Dragon Ball first, but I will take your life if there is any mishap.” Xiao Ying sneered and looked at Jiang Chen.  

In their eyes, Jiang Chen was but an ant. He was never in the same realm as them. Plus, it even felt like they’re lowering their status by talking to him. 

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