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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2255


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The shadow of Xiao Ying’s sword spread and turned into a sharp radiance that broke through the void and shook the top of the canyon. His strike had cleaved off the Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon and its blood splashed on his body.

Liao Bufan seemed like the calmest one among them. Although he’s taking his time, he also managed to cleave off the last head of Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon. The blood that splashed on their body made them feel a kind of blazing heat. After roaring in rage, the three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon’s body exploded. Turbulent flows were formed due to the explosion and spread across the void. Three of them suffered damage of different levels and it was such an internecine battle.

“You won’t be able to run away.”

Yang Jian’s blade broke through the void and proceeded to pierce through the Fire Spirit Lizard. The lizard was stuck on the double-edged blade that had an overbearing momentum.

At this moment, the Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon and Fire Spirit Lizard all had turned into dead souls.

“Finally, we got it.”

Yang Jian took a long, deep breath. Right now, he was probably the one with the strongest battle strength among the four leaders. The injury the other three suffered was quite severe as they had used up most of their energy in the battle just now.

Most importantly, Xue Qianying and others could feel the blood of the Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon was extremely hot. When the blood splashed on them, they were like being roasted in the burning fire. It was miserable and intolerable. Despite her cold constitution, Xue Qianying Ying still felt the great pressure.

“You guys have gotten the Fire Spirit Lizard. It’s time for you to leave.”

Xiao Ying said with a low voice.


Yang Jian nodded silently.

“Alright? It’s not right. If we leave right now, then we lose all the opportunities. These guys are thinking of monopolising everything. There’s no way for us to leave. I can’t stand leaving the treasury with my empty hands. Moreover, we have gone through so much to be here. How can we just leave like this?” Jiang Chen said with a smile as he was unwilling to leave like this.


Yang Jian frowned his forehead. 

Bai Yunfei smiled then said, “I think Jiang Chen has a point. Senior Yang, we are not weaker than them at the moment. Since they are all injured now, why are we going to leave such a good opportunity to them?” 

He had the same mind as Jiang Chen. If they return now, weren’t they going to lose a great opportunity?

Tan Shanhe also gave his advice, saying, “That’s right. Senior Yang, it has not been easy for us to be here. How can we just leave? Moreover, we actually have a lot of chances this time.”

Yang Jiang was a bit hesitant because if they stayed here, he was going against what he had promised earlier. This would damage Profound Feng Sect’s reputation as well.

So, Yang Jiang’s hesitations and worries were actually understandable since he had already gotten what he wanted. However, Jiang Chen had not obtained what he wanted yet.

“To be honest, Senior Yang, trust is nothing in the face of the absolute advantage. Especially in front of the people who have their own motives behind, why do you need to talk about trust with them? Their purpose of casting us out of here is for them to take over the dragon balls all for themselves. In this case, shall we leave for them? I know you are afraid of public criticism, but experts should never worry about these.” 

Jiang Chen looked at Yang Jian seriously while Yang Jian seemed to have gained some insight. He nodded finally and was convinced by Jiang Chen and others. 

“Why are you all still here? Are all of the people of Profound Feng Sect not a man of honour?” Liao Bufan said with a deep voice.

“Senior Yang and I will not bother with your business but we would like to see what is going to happen later,” Jiang Chen smiled and said.

“Who are you? What right do you have to say something here? Seems like the Profound Feng Sect has become more and more disappointing. Hmph… Hmph…Going back to your own words. You can say whatever you want to say. It’s funny. Hehe.”

Xiao Ying disdained Jiang Chen. He was not afraid of a Middle Void God like Jiang Chen at all if they were going to battle.

“That’s fine. If you don’t want to leave, then don’t. Since you are already here, let’s see who is going to laugh in the end. The Dragon Balls are the divine items that only the capable expert deserves.”

Xue Qianying shook her head and looked calm. This time, her action was out of others’ expectation as she did not challenge Jiang Chen and others. Also, she seemed to have some kind of special relationship with the Profound Feng Sect.

Jiang Chen immediately identified Xue Qianying’s intention. If she couldn’t dispel them out of here, she was rather unwilling to offend people of the Profound Feng Sect as these two groups of people had already been incompatible as fire and water.

“There should be a place where the Dragon Balls are located. I can sense that.”

Xiao Ying said with his deep voice while pointing to the top of the canyon where there was a cave. 

“If we don’t get it now, when are we going to get it? Hahaha.”

Liao Buran was the first one to rush to the cave. Xue Qianying and Xiao Ying followed him immediately. Same goes for Jiang Chen, Bai Yunfei and others who ran towards the same direction quickly as well.

However, when they arrived, they were pushed away by a burning strong wind and fell out of the cave. They looked quite embarrassed and each of them were incomparably shocked.

“Is there still another beast inside?” 

Xiao Ying said in a low voice. 

“A bunch of weak ants unexpectedly dared to think about touching the Dragon Balls. Get out of here!”

A purple-eyed youth suddenly appeared on the void and simply waved his hand, creating great pressure that pushed everyone away. Jiang Chen was startled as the youth’s strength was at the Late True God Realm. However, he seemed injured and his pale face carried a depressing aura. 

“Who are you? Know that whoever stops me will die!”

Liao Bufan shouted. Since things had come to this point, they did not have any way to retreat anymore. 

“You want to kill me? How come a small potato dares to compete with an expert? You are overestimating yourself.”

In an instant, the purple-eyed youth turned the flaming strong wind into a blade, breaking through the void and tearing Liao Bufan’s defense apart. Liao Bufan was repulsed immediately and pushed back to eight hundred miles away. When he regained his balance and came back, his facial expression looked quite terrible.


A mouthful of blood spurted out from his mouth. His injuries had become more severe now. Out of everyone’s expectation, this purple-eyed youth was so mystical and powerful. A strike from him could cause such a great mightiness. 

“This time, it doesn’t seem easy to go through.”  Jiang Chen murmured. 

Meanwhile Xue Qianying and Xiao Ying frowned their forehead. Liao Bufan was repulsed effortlessly by the youth, which meant that it would be really challenging for them to go through this.

“Senior Yang, let us join hands together, the four of us, to kill this guy. Please give it your all.”

Xiao Ying glanced at Yang Jian. This time, they were going to use all of their resources to fight the youth. If they did not join hands, it would be extremely difficult to break through the youth’s defence.


As soon as Yang Jian finished his words, the other three heaved a slight sigh of relief. At this critical moment, it should be a cinch if the four of them confront this purple-eyed youth.

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