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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2254


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On the other side, the Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon was also incomparably smart. Monsters of this realm were not able to transform their form, but their spiritual wisdom was not weaker than a human’s. Some of the strange monsters might even reach realms that humans were not able to. 

“The Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon has reached the Middle True God Realm. Although it had just broken through, it was still very formidable. Be careful!”

Liao Buran shouted with his deep voice. His face looked incomparably serious while taking the initiative to attack the Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon with his three comrades.

The entire body of the Snake Dragon was glowing with fire. Its name literally meant that it had three heads. It was quite ferocious and its length was around nine metres. The three heads enabled it to see and hear in all directions without any dead angle. Moreover, each head was able to attack in battle. 

“The Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon is an ancient mythical monster that is only a grade lower than the legendary Divine Monster Bloodline. It’s strength could not be underestimated.” 

Xiao Ying said in a low voice. At this moment, they were all in the same boat fighting against the Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon. Of course they could not be reckless. If they fought with the Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon alone right now, none of them would be a match for it. They are well-aware that only by cooperating can they truly defeat the Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon and obtain the Dragon Ball.


The Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon’s roar was deafening. It was as loud as a thunderclap. Xue Qianying and the other two took action against the snake dragon fiercely but they could not suppress it instantly. This showed how dreadful the monster was. However, the three of them were not easy to deal with as well because they were all the outstanding disciples in their own sect. They were the most talented disciples, so how could they be defeated easily?

Xue Qianying stood straight with her sword while confronting one of the heads of the Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon. This gigantic monster used its head as a weapon, and it was not weaker than them at all. Other people had been thrown to somewhere far away and were severely injured by its Divine Dragon Tail before they could even approach it. 

In the snowy canyon, fire lights were towering to the sky. The Fire Spirit Lizard could not be underestimated as well. However, compared to the Snake Dragon, it was not that formidable, as it was only at the Early True God Realm. However, with its utmost effort, the Fire Spirit Lizard was comparable to a Middle True God.

Yang Jian took the initiative and fought the Fire Spirit Lizard fiercely. On the other hand, Jiang Chen, Bai Yunfei, Tan Shanhe and Xue Rengang provided assistance from the side and made a few critical strikes on the beast, causing it to wail in pain. However, its exuberant vitality was unbelievable. Even though it suffered severe injury, it did not show any signs of being defeated and was still fighting them fiercely. 

Undeniably, Xue Qianying was the strongest disciple of Lotus Cloud Sect. She was even stronger than Liao Bufan and Xiao Ying as she had already managed to leave a deep wound on one of the Snake Dragon’s heads. The Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon did not dare to confront Xue Qianying face-to-face anymore.

On the other hand, Liao Bufan and Xiao Ying also caused great pressure on the beast. In the canyon, one could hear the unceasing roars and radiance given off everywhere. The sound of weapons clashing echoed in the canyon.

“They seemed quite capable. The Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon’s strength is unpredictable, but they have not given in yet until now.”

Jiang Chen’s was overflowing with a profound smile. At this moment, he attacked the Fire Spirit Lizard with his Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal. Jiang Chen’s strength was not any weaker than Tan Shanhe. The five of them were fiercely fighting the Fire Spirit Lizard. In the middle of it all, Yang Jian’s power is shown. He wielded his double-edged sword across the sky and caused severe damage on the Fire Spirit Lizard. The beast was repulsed completely without any strength to defend. However, its tenaciousness was out of their expectation.

“Bunch of inferior humans!”

A purple-eyed youth stood in the void and said with his cold voice but no one noticed his existence except for one.

Jiang Chen raised up his head suddenly, and saw the purple-eyed youth standing in the void. His countenance fell as the youth was releasing a terrifying aura. He seemed irresistible. The youth looked a bit pale but his eyes were releasing a terrifying light of essence.

“Bastard! Thunderous Domain!” 

Liao Bufan roared in rage. Lightning and thunderstorms were rolling around the canyon. The Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon was suffering from the lightning strikes.

“Spy Shadow Slaughter!”

Xiao Ying’s figure kept flashing and hiding so no one could catch his figure at all. The Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon was tricked and it did not know which one was the true Xiao Ying. His blade then suddenly fell on the Snake Dragon’s head, causing blood to gush out. 

“Sword breaking the heavens with flying snowflakes.” 

Xue Qianying pointed her sword to the void. Snowflakes fell down gently, like a rain of swords pouring down from the sky. The Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon let out a wail. 

However, not to be outdone, it was roaring continuously while whipping its head and tail around, tearing the void apart. It was really terrifying. The Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon spit out dreadful flames. Although the flame was not as powerful as the Five Elemental True Fire, it was still suffocating. 

The three of them immediately withdrew as the dreadful flame swept across the sky. They were all burnt by the flame. In a flash, the Divine Dragon Tail of the Snake Dragon had put the three of them into predicament as they were completely repulsed.

At this moment, the three of them joined hands again, riding on the head of the Snake Dragon. Xue Qianying Ying took up her sword and attacked. She broke through the sky, casting out bloody rain falling on the Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon. One of its heads was cut down immediately. 

Ah woo…

The Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon screamed sorrowfully but Liao Bufan and Xiao Ying did not stop there. They casted out all of their techniques and finally, the Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon fell to its death. Even if it had three heads or three lives, it would not be sufficient to survive under such an attack.

A droplet of blood from the Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon that splashed on Xue Qianying’s hand made her feel some kind of burning pain. Being hit by the Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon’s Divine Dragon Tail, Xue Qianying’s body had also become a bit weak now. No one dared to underestimate this monster. If they were fighting with the monster one-on-one, Xue Qianying would definitely not be a match for Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon.

Yang Jian had also displayed the full mightiness of Profound Feng Sect by pressing against the Fire Spirit Lizard all the way from the beginning. Although he had spent tremendous effort, he managed to leave serious injury on the beast, leaving it with no strength to counterattack at all.

Jiang Chen and others had also spent quite a lot of energy since the gigantic lizard was full of energy and its attacking power was also extraordinarily strong. Although the Fire Spirit Lizard had been injured severely, it never gave up battling with its opponent as if it wanted to safeguard something.

“That youth should also be a monster as well.”

Jiang Chen thought. Somewhere not far from them, there was an enormous cave on the top of the canyon. Mysterious burning violet air kept releasing out from the entrance of the cave


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