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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2253


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“I would really be worried about being eaten if I joined hands with the people of Happy Valley. But Lotus Cloud Sect? I am more interested in it, but you’re not the one who I want to join hands with.”

Xiao Ying smiled at Xue Qianying but she did not show any response. Liao Bufan exchanged a glance with Xiao Ying. Xue Qianying seemed to have already made up her mind to press against them.

“I don’t care where you are from. But it’s impossible for you to take away the Dragon Balls here because we are now in our sect’s area and the treasures here belong to our sect. No one can take them away.” 

Xue Qianying sounded really adamant and persuasive. 

Liao Bufan and Xiao Ying, on the other hand, were not surprised by her temperament because they knew clearly that the Lotus Cloud Sect had always been tyrannical. . 

“Since you are not willing to do cooperate, let’s see how it goes in the future,” Xiao Ying said. 

At this moment, Liao Bufan raised up his head and saw that Jiang Chen and the others were on the cliff.

“Since you guys are here, why don’t you introduce yourselves? Why are you hiding there?”

“Seems like you are really here only for the Dragon Ball.”

Xue Qianying’s eyes glowed as these people still appeared in front of her right now. 

“They have noticed us.”

Yang Jian and the others were thinking to sit quietly there to watch their opponents’ fight, but they had been noticed.

“I am an outer sect disciple of Profound Feng Sect. I am here to search for the Fire Spirit Lizard. Once we get the Fire Spirit Lizard, we will leave immediately,” Yang Jian said with a smile.

“Since you’re here, then you have the right to get something. The Dragon Ball is not a common thing. Of course, only those talented ones with great capability and morality can obtain it.” Liao Bufan said seriously.

How could Yang Jian not realize the reason behind Liao Bufan’s words? Right now, they wanted to pull Profound Feng Sect into their team to fight Xue Qianying

“Profound Feng Sect really is unresigned to be inferior. I guess even the Yellow Flame Sect is going to chase you guys these years,” Xiao Ying said, his eyes suddenly looked bright while glancing at Yang Jian. 

“Yellow Flame Sect doesn’t have this capability yet. Moreover, the matter of Profound Feng Sec is none of your business,” Yang Jian said coldly and looked at Xiao Ying. 

This guy was filled with a sense of superiority and he seemed to be looking down upon Profound Feng Sect. 

“We are only here to search for the Fire Spirit Lizard,” Bai Yunfeng said.

“All in all, you are just trying to conceal your greediness. Dare to do but don’t have the courage to admit,”  Xue Qianying said coldly.

“Alright. We are here for the Dragon Balls, what are you going to do? What is the point of explaining when others have already made the assumption? Hehe.”

Jiang Chen sneered and said while looking at Xue Qianying and the others.

“Profound Feng Sect is really full of talented disciples, even a disciple with such a low cultivation realm can be here. Hahaha.”

Liao Bufan teased and said with eyes filled with disdain. After all, Jiang Chen was only a Middle Void God, of course they would not put him in their eyes. They even thought that killing Jiang Chen was just a piece of cake. 

“How come such a low-grade disciple dares to talk nonsense here? Profound Feng Sect has become more and more impressive these days,” Xiao Ying sarcastically said. 

In a flash, a cold light shot out and proceeded to press against Jiang Chen. Yang Jian’s countenance fell at the moment, but he was quick to take action to keep Jiang Chen safe before Jiang Chen reacted. 

Xiao Ying snorted coldly:

“Seems like Profound Feng Sect has its own way to protect its kids.”

“He’s Profound Feng Sect’s disciple. Even if he made a huge mistake, you still don’t have the right to give him a lesson. Since when has the Shadow Murder Sect become so presumptuous? Our Profound Feng Sect is never afraid of you. You better don’t cause trouble to yourself. Moreover, this is not the Shadow Murder Sect’s territory, you better take care of youself first. Otherwise, you might lose your life to hell,” Yang Jian said with a deep voice. He was the one who brought Jiang Chen here, that’s why he would not let Xiao Ying injure Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen was quite moved by Yang Jian’s action and felt that his character was quite good.

“There are two great monsters inside the cave. One is the Fire Spirit Lizard, another is the Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon. I only want the Fire Spirit Lizard. Once we get it, we will definitely leave here.”

“Are you sure?” Liao Bufan said with a laugh. 

“Of course!”

Yang Jian knew very well that he was not a match for the lady of Lotus Cloud Sect. Meanwhile, the other two guys were also very formidable. If he really wants to fight them for the Dragon Ball, they might fall into predicament. Instead, it’s better to quit when they are ahead. As long as they get to kill the Fire Spirit Lizard, they will leave immediately.

“Okay, that seems good as well. You guys deal with the Fire Spirit Lizard, then we will handle the remaining ones. Whether we can get the Dragon Ball depends on our own luck,” Xiao Ying said with a deep voice. No matter how strong they were, he was quite glad to have one less competitor for the Dragon Balls. His chance of getting the treasure was higher right now.

Xue Qianying unexpectedly did not say anything, which meant that she had agreed in their decision in silence. 

Jiang Chen looked at Xue Qianying, Xiao Ying and Liao Buran, and noticed that they were indeed very strong. Obviously, they were the outstanding disciples of their respective sects. Yang Jian might not be able to defeat them, otherwise, he would definitely not choose to withdraw at this moment. Yang Jiang’s rationality and attitude were really impressive to Jiang Chen.  

“This is a good conclusion. Hahaha.”

Liao Bufan took the initiative and rushed into the crayon in a flash. Then, all of them ran into the crayon quickly. 

What faced them were the two monsters that Bai Yunfei had encountered before: Fire Spirit Lizard and Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon. 

“It seems like they’re really coming here for the Fire Spirit Lizard.”

Xue Qianying thought. It did not matter if they wanted the Fire Spirit Lizard because the true treasure was the Dragon Ball.

The two monsters were of fire attribute. There must be something for the two monsters gathering here in the canyon. Everyone knew that the two monsters did not belong here and that they were only here to protect the Dragon Ball.

“I will deal with the Fire Spirit Lizard and you guys handle the Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon.”

Yang Jiang took his chance and crashed towards the Fire Spirit Lizard immediately. 

Its body was gigantic and robust. An incomparably wild lizard like this was even more dreadful than a crocodile. It was burning in flame while spitting out fire from its mouth because there was a fire spirit in its body.

“Let’s attack together and help me kill this monster.”

Yang Jian looked at Bai Yunfei and others. Jiang Chen joined hands together with them. Yang Jian was the center of their formation and five of them besieged the Fire Spirit Lizard together, leaving the beast no chance to resist at all. 

Due to their incessant onslaught, the lizard roared fiercely, showing its anger. At this moment, everyone could sense the danger in front of them. 

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