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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2252


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Jiang Chen stared at the faraway snow-robed girl. Other than that, there are two other groups that were not to be trifled with. Yang Jian was sure that they were strong. 

They’ll just be fodder if they were to rush out now. 

“The three leaders of the group have already reached the True God Realm. Looks like it’ll be a fierce competition.” Bai Yunfei said and looked at Yang Jian solemnly. 

His strength should be at the True God Realm… 

Yang Jian nodded, assuring Bai Yunfei and the others. Otherwise, if Yang Jian has not reached the True God Realm, then they should just return to the sect because they could not compete against these groups. 

No matter if it was the Fire Spirit Lizard or the Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon, both of them were strong.

‘Two dogs strive for a bone, and a third runs away with it.’ It was not a bad plan, just that nobody knew who would laugh in the end. 

Jiang Chen only had one thought, and that was to obtain the Dragon Ball. Even though he did not know what or how the Dragon Ball looked like, he was sure that it would certainly benefit him. Hence, he will certainly find ways to get it, even if he had to use everything he had. 

“Let’s stay quiet, I hope they don’t detect us.” Yang Jian quietly said. 

Jiang Chen found the other parties, but the other parties may have not found them. 

“Heh heh. Unexpectedly, even the people of the North Western Happy Valley came to liven things up. Hmph hmph hmph.”

A handsome man, wearing only a lower body guard with a cold gaze cold, said with a pale smile. His weapon was a chipped-off blood-coloured battle axe.  

“The Shadow Murder Sect has even come, my Happy Valley cannot? What a joke. You think you can hail supreme with your strength? You must be dreaming.”

The men of the Happy Valley said coldly and looked at the man with disdain. 

“The two of you have entered the Lotus Cloud Sect area. Now you want to conduct some shady business within our sect’s territory.”Xue Qianying said indifferently. 

Her refined demeanour caused others to stick their eyes on her after one look. Especially the men.

“I am from Shadow Murder Sect, Xiao Ying. Nice to mee to you. I’ve heard of the rumours that the Lotus Cloud Sect’s direct disciple, Xue Qianying, is a heavenly beautiful figure. Your reputation precedes you. I couldn’t help taking a few more glances, even for a person like me who has gone through Zen meditation for ten years to quench my pain of lovesickness.” Xiao Ying said in a serious expression and looked at Xue Qingying with a calm expression. 

“I concur. Lady Xue is talented and exceptionally beautiful. It would be extremely hard to look for a woman that could be compared to you. I am Liao Bufan of the Happy Valley. Nice to meet you, Lady Xue.” Liao Bufan smiled towards Xue Qianying, it was a smile filled with ambiguous sentiment. 

“Since the two of of you know about it. Why do you all presumptuously come to my sect’s territory?” Xue Qianying’s expression was cold, deep within her eyes there was only cold killing intent. 

She did not have a favourable impression towards those two. Their intention was obvious—to get the Dragon Ball. 

“Hehe. Even though this Qiyun Mountain Range is within the Lotus Cloud Sect’s area, it’s not under the jurisdiction of your sect. Does Miss Xue want to throw us out even if we’re just here to play.” Liao Bufan smiled while fiddling with the hairs in front of his eyes. It was true that he admired Xue Qianying. 

“Yeah. It’s not like we’re here to cause trouble in the Qiyun Mountain Range. Why are you so hostile? Lady Xue, isn’t this a kind of fate that we’re able to meet each other here?” Xiao Ying said with a faint smile. 

“It’s a pity. It’s not fate that we’re meeting here. In the end, aren’t you all here for the Dragon Ball?” Xue Qianying said in a cold voice. The reason that these people were gathered here was because of the location of the Dragon Ball. 

“There’s an ancient saying that only those that are virtuous are worthy of the supreme treasures. Since Lady Xue has already spoken, then there’s no reason for us to cover it up any longer. Yes, we’re all here for the Dragon Ball. Let’s see who’ll be the winner in the end.” Xiao Ying shrugged as he wasn’t trying to hide anything anymore. 

The seven people behind Xiao Ying were all Half-Step True Gods. As for Liao Bufan, there were twelve Peak Late Void Gods behind him. The two group’s formation wasn’t weak. 

“Haha, then let’s be honest. Whoever has the ability can have the Dragon Ball that appeared here. Agreed?”

Liao Bufan looked at Xiao Ying and Xue Qianying. The three of them stayed away from one another. A divine item like the Dragon Ball appearing in the Qiyun Mountain Range gave Lotus Cloud Sect a complete advantage. But Xue Qianying was shocked to see the people of Happy Valley and Shadow Murder Sect here. She never thought that these fellows received the info pretty fast. 

Even though Qiyun Mountain Range was considered to be within the influence of Lotus Cloud Sect, it was several thousand miles away from the sect headquarters. It was not an easy feat for Xue Qianying to lead her group to this location at such a speed, yet the two other sects were able to get here at the same time as them. Xue Qianying had to be wary of the two leaders as they’re not an easy foe. 

“A bunch of petty men. They’re all obviously here for the Dragon Ball yet they act like they’re honorable. Even Xue Qianying is the same.” Jiang Chen squinted his eyes and said coldly. 

These people obviously do not trust each other and were wary against one another. 

“The cruelty and warmth of human relationship, there are many different types of people in this myriads of worlds.” Jiang Chen sneered. 

His heart had long seen through all of this. Three lives, three reincarnations, he had gone through many hardships and happiness. The current Jiang Chen was a different man than he was before. His heart had become stronger and firmer. In his eyes, only by standing on top of the mountain can one enjoy the view below. 

Jiang Chen believed that he’d reach such a height where others could only look up to. 

“Do you think that demonic beast that is guarding the Dragon Ball is weak? Hehe, I suggest that we should all collaborate, what do you think? After beating the guardian beast, then, we’ll see whoever gets the Dragon Ball with their own abilities. ” Liao Bufan smiled.  

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