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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2248

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“This grand canyon you spoke of, where is that?” Jiang Chen asked seriously. 

Lei Li’s expression instantly sunk. How could he not see through Jiang Chen’s thought? This fellow must’ve been eyeing the lightning essence. But his strength was still too weak. Even though the Five Elemental True Fire could defend against it, it could not subdue the lightning essence. Moreover, even a True God with a lightning body still failed and almost died due to it. No matter how talented Jiang Chen was, it would be hard for him to succeed. 

“It is not a fun place to be. I advise you not to go there.”

“Since you know what I am thinking then you should know what type of person I am. Nobody, not even the Profound Feng Sect could subdue me.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

“Not even the Sect Lord?”

“Currently, he probably can. But in the future, I will surely surpass him.” Jiang Chen’s answer stunned Lei Li and he subsequently laughed. 

“A young bull does not fear a tiger. You’ll certainly be a great figure in the future. I have great expectations for you. Haha. I would be afraid of you if you reached the True God Realm.” 

Jiang Chen did not refute Lei Li’s words, he only smiled in return. He would not even be scared of Lei Li if he goes all out. Of course, Lei Li would not do it. 

“I know. I cannot stop you. But I hope you will not go to that place without having complete confidence. It’ll be great if you succeed. But if you fail, you’ll lose your life there and then. It’s not child’s play.”

“I understand.”

As if Lei Li was reminiscing, his expression became cautious. That lightning essence left a big scar in his heart. 

“The grand canyon is between the Deer Mourn Mountain and Thousand Cauldrons Mountain. I will not tell you how far it is from here, but it’ll take you at least over a year to reach that place. If you need it, I can draw the map for you. That nameless lightning essence is a thing of the purest yang that is born from the heavens and earth, and feeds on the essence of the environment to grow. It’s not something that could be taken by an average person. If it weren’t for my lightning body, I wouldn’t have the balls to try it. Yet, at last, my lightning body is but a joke in front of that lightning essence.” 

Lei Li sighed. But the past has already passed. He could finally walk away from the past that had troubled him for so long. It’s just that he did not want Jiang Chen to follow his footsteps. 

“Thank you for the reminder, Hall Master Lei.” 

“You’re welcome. I am just older than you by a few years, call me Brother Lei in the future. You have saved my life and I know it. I will not live for another 10 years if it weren’t for you.” 

“Haha, Brother Lei is too courteous. Then, I shall take my leave.” 

“Very well. I will map out the path towards the grand canyon for you in the future.” 

Lei Li looked at Jiang Chen’s slowly disappearing figure and sighed. He hoped that Jiang Chen would not do anything reckless. Since it’s not something to be done in a hasty manner. That lightning essence is a mysterious treasure born from the heavens and earth, he too did not dare to attempt to take it anymore. Something that was born from the environment… if one could really devour it, wouldn’t it too heaven defying? 

Feng Xi Mountain, within Yan Jun’s cave. Yan Jun was quietly meditating and cultivating. He then suddenly opened his eyes and his expression became extremely gloomy. 

“To think you dare to come to Profound Feng Sect?! Let me see what you are!” Yan Jun roared furiously. 

His voice reverberated as far as 1000 li, to the whole Feng Xi Mountain. A dozen or so elders could feel the anger of the Great Elder. As for the reason, they do not want to know about it. It’s probably due to the death of his grandson that had just happened recently. 

“Since you’re in Profound Feng Sect, I will not give you the chance to leave here alive. To think you would come to this place yourself. You better hope that I do not catch you.” Yan Jun’s expression was hideous and his whole body trembled in anger. 

All of a sudden, he could feel the energy of the Five Elemental True Fire that murdered his grandson. Hence, he was especially sensitive towards it. Now that the flame has appeared, he must find out who was it that killed his grandson. 

However, as he was searching for the trace of the Five Elemental True Fire, the energy of the flame suddenly disappeared. 

“Where? Where? Where is it?!!!” 

Yan Jun stood on the sky with unquenchable anger. The energy of the Five Elemental True Fire could not be found anymore. He finally found a clue but it suddenly disappeared. 

“I cannot accept this! I’ll find you even if I need to dig three inches deep into the ground. Since you are already in Profound Feng Sect, I will definitely not let you go.” 

After Jiang Chen went back to the outer sect, a huge commotion was once again raised. No one had ever thought that Jiang Chen could come back with his life intact after killing two famous inner sect disciples. They all thought that Jiang Chen would be punished and be killed to set an example. But it looks like they were wrong. 

Countless people were guessing and speculating on the identity of Jiang Chen. He had also become one of the most talked-about people throughout the sect after murdering two inner sect disciples. Moreover, he even defeated Gu Wanfeng in the arts of alchemy. He was now a famous person within the sect, everyone knew that there was a Jiang Chen in the outer sect. He possessed pretty powerful abilities, with exceptional skill in alchemy. In just a short amount of time, Jiang Chen became one of the most sought after person in the whole Profound Feng Sect. 

“It’ll be time to enter the Hidden Secret Realm after a few days. Who do you plan to challenge?” 

Bai Yunfei came to Jiang Chen’s cave. Even though he had a gist of who Jiang Chen was going to choose, he still wanted to check what Jiang Chen’s choice was. 

“Li Huo Demon Yan Cheng!” Jiang Chen said. 

“I’ve guessed it. But you better not look down on that fellow. Yan Cheng is not your average guy since he’s able to become one of the best in the outer sect. He’s probably on par with the top 10 experts of the inner sect. I could barely defeat Gu Wanfeng and Huang Bin. But it would be hard for me to get into the top 10 of the inner sect. But this Yan Cheng is different, he had the qualification to enter the inner sect a long time ago but he did not choose to do so, as he chose to hide his strength. He should already be a Half-Step True God. You should understand right.” Bai Yunfei said in a serious tone. 

“Since you’ve said so much, I am starting to become worried. Why don’t I challenge you? It seems to be much easier.”

“Nevermind. I think you should challenge Yan Cheng.” Bai Yunfei rolled his eyes and said. 

“Hahaha. Great. Rest assured. I am just a single step away from the Late Void God Realm.”

Jiang Chen had absorbed over 100,000 Mid Grade Divine Origin Stones recently. However, he still wasn’t able to break through and reach the Late Void God Realm. Those Divine Origin Stones were not useless, it’s just that his body was like a black hole, it couldn’t be filled no matter how many divine stones he absorbed, shocking even Ling Yun. This was her first time seeing it. That amount of Divine Origin Stones could easily raise several outer sect members to be competent. Yet this fellow couldn’t even break through to the Late Void God Realm. 

“No matter what, I am optimistic about your result. As long as you don’t challenge me.” Bai Yunfei smiled. 

Jiang Chen smiled and thought: This fellow is seriously scared of me challenging him. 

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