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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2247

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“Are you sure you can be responsible for what you just said?”

Lei Li said each word slowly and clearly, because this was a serious matter. To think that a Mid Void God disciple could say such a thing. If this was anyone else, Lei Li would’ve given the other a big fat slap. But Jiang Chen’s deeds were just truly shocking. Moreover, his face was convincing, as if he was not joking. 

“If you can help me eliminate the lightning poison within my body. Then, I, Lei Li, will be forever grateful towards you.” Lei Li looked into Jiang Chen’s eyes with slight expectation. 

“Hall Master Lei doesn’t need to be so formal. Why would I do so much if you didn’t help me? A good person will have good karma. Rest assured, leave everything to me.”

“Then…… Many thanks.”  

Lei Li wasn’t pretentious. Although he was slightly hesitant since he did not know whether Jiang Chen could really help him eliminate the lightning poison. 

The duo went to Lei Li’s cave. Jiang Chen’s expression was solemn. He took Lei Li’s wrist and a pure Five Elemental True Fire entered Lei Li’s body. The lightning inside Lei Li’s has devastated his body heavily, causing him to be in excruciating pain. 

This bizzare lightning energy instantly retreated when it was met with Jiang Chen’s Five Elemental True Fire. Lightning and Fire could never coexist. Especially with the Five Elemental True Fire, as if the lightning energy was in an extreme shock, it then quickly retreated and bunched up together. 

Jiang Chen sneered. It looks like this lightning energy has consciousness. But it stood no chance when it ran into his Five Elemental True Fire. That lightning energy wanted to leech onto Lei Li’s body, but it never thought that Jiang Chen’s flames were incomparably wild. The lightning energy could not withstand any of the flames. The Five Elemental True Fire had forced the terrifying lightning energy to weaken quickly and was purified by the flame. 

“Still thinking of running away? Let’s see where you’re going to run.” Jiang Chen shouted. 

The Five Elemental True Fire completely seeped into Lei Li’s body. Lei Li was in extreme pain from the lightning and fire intertwining in his body. The pain was unimaginable. Moreover, the Five Elemental True Fire was fiercer than the lightning poison. Lei Li’s body would’ve been destroyed if it wasn’t for Jiang Chen protecting him. 

Seconds and minutes gone by, Lei Li was getting struck by different types of pain. But he could feel the lightning poison within his body getting weaker and smaller. 

“Disappear completely!”

Along with Jiang Chen’s roar, the Five Elemental True Fire completely engulfed the lightning energy within Lei Li’s body, the lightning poison was completely eliminated. 

Lei Li shivered. As if he had just gone through seven days and seven nights of battle, his body was devoid of energy. The flame had purified the lightning energy within his body. A blue light was then emitted from his body and vanished into the void. Jiang Chen’s gaze suddenly lit up as if he just thought of something. 

“With great fortune I was able to accomplish this mission. ” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

“I never thought you’re this great. Looks like I have underestimated you. This gratitude shall forever be remembered.” Lei Li was pale, his body was weakened to the extreme. But he was pretty happy. 

The lightning poison that was leeching in his body for over fifty years was completely cured. The pain he had suffered for the past 50 years was too much. 

Jiang Chen was like a saviour sent from the Heavens. Ling Zhongqiang couldn’t even do anything towards that poison. To think that Jiang Chen was able to do it. Lei Li was in complete disbelief. But at this moment, he was extremely excited. 

“It’s okay. Hall Master Lei.” Jiang Chen waved his hands. 

“Oh right. Why are you haunted by that Lightning Poison?” Jiang Chen asked Lei Li. 

“Haih. That Lightning Poison. It’s because of my greed. Heh heh. That was fifty years ago. I was undergoing a trial outside the sect and found a sea of lightning in a tall grand canyon, it caught my attention and I decided to explore it. But what I didn’t expect was that I almost lost my life there.” Lei Li sighed. 

He had aged tremendously after the event. He suffered from the lightning poison for so many years. This suffering was not known by others, only he knew how much pain he was in. 

“You must have tried to make that lightning your own. But in the end, you found out that the lightning energy was not something you can control, right?” Jiang Chen said seriously. 

“You could even see through that. Looks like you have completely seen through me.” Lei Li smiled bitterly. 

The scheme he thought of was naturally good but pity that he doesn’t have the ability to execute it. 

“Even though you’re born with a lightning body, you still couldn’t withstand such a powerful lightning energy. Moreover, the lightning poison within your body had a shred of consciousness. I think it’s more terrifying that you managed to meet that lightning.” Jiang Chen’s words made Lei Li open up his eyes widely again. 

This fellow is truly shocking. As if he was there on the scene. Lei Li did not tell this thing to others and kept it safe in his heart. Since it was not a great thing to be told. Plus, that lightning energy was terrifying and had a shred of consciousness. It could not be bound within the heavens and earth, and that was the most shocking part. 

“You’re right. I never thought you knew so much about it. That terrifying lightning, even though its blue in colour, its essence is red. It is truly mysterious. When I found it in the tall grand canyon, it was by chance. The place was rare for people to tread into. It was a place of death. But all of a sudden, a terrifying lightning struck on the peak of the mountain, it was a shocking sight to behold. Pity, I was too greedy and almost paid for it with my own life. Only then did I realise that I could not control that lightning energy. That lightning energy may have surpassed the strength of a Heavenly God. Even though it was incomplete, it should be near completion. That mysterious item born from the heavens and earth was truly blessed by the Heavens, compared to humans.” 

Looking at Lei Li, Jiang Chen could imagine how terrifying the lightning energy was. 

“If it wasn’t for that, I could have reached the Late Void God Realm. Now that the lightning poison is gone, I have finally been rid of one obstruction. Hahaha. ” 

Lei Li’s expression was pleased. The usual coldness he had was gone without a trace. 

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