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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2243


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“These people desire to see the world burn by simply listening to rumours and spreading it without a care.” Ling Yun said coldly. 

At this moment, the public’s opinion was starting to tilt towards Gu Wanfeng’s side and Jiang Chen had become their target. Although groundless, the people still chose to believe this suspicion. Since, in this sect, such a thing was not a joke. 

“Jiang Chen, you must give us an explanation. Otherwise, I will be the first to deal with you,” Gu Wanfeng said and a wave of voice resounded behind him. 

“We demand an explanation!” 

“We have to be responsible for our lives.” 

“The safety of the sect is our number one priority. We request a trial!” 

Jiang Chen’s expression was extremely gloomy. This bunch of people followed whatever was told to them. They do not have their own judgement. Do I need to massacre them all? With his current strength, it was simply impossible, however these people were seriously detestable. Jiang Chen’s patience was at its limit. 

“Gu WanFeng! You have utterly thrown your dignity out of the window. I am ashamed for you. You have put in some real hard work just for the sake of accusing me.” Jiang Chen said coldly.

“Haha, me accusing you? If you’re of clear conscience, you can put down your weapon and follow me to the Law Enforcement Hall. We’ll get to the bottom of this. If you’re really innocent, so what? Profound Feng Sect is always impartial when it comes to enforcing the law. The sect’s rule is stern and strict. The sect will never allow a spy. But the sect will also never do injustice towards an upright disciple. What do you think?” 

This time Gu Wanfeng became more arrogant. At this moment he had taken all the initiative, moreover, once they’ve entered the inner sect, everything will go according to his plan. After all, his master had the highest position within the sect, just below the Great Elder and Sect Lord. Who would fight against him? 

Even the people of the Law Enforcement Hall appreciated his pills. He’ll certainly reach great heights after reaching the True God Realm. Plus, he’ll take over his master’s position—the head alchemist, Ling Zhongqiang. Who could even compare against such a position? 

“That is a great piece of mouth. To change black into white. Inverting facts, fickle. Gu Wanfeng, you have shaved all my patience away. Today, I’ll kill you!” Jiang Chen was completely speechless against this extremely shameless disciple. 

Now, he only wanted to kill, he needed to kill Gu Wanfeng. Only by doing this will his hatred be quenched.  

“Ashamed into anger? Do not dare to speak anymore, you’re afraid to follow me back to the Law Enforcement Hall, right? Hahaha, look at my great perceptive eyes. I’ll do the sect a great favor by eliminating a pest of the sect. I will not believe that you’ll kill someone in front of so many people.

“You have invoked chaos within the sect in such a short amount of time, killing countless of outer sect disciples, completely ignoring the sec’s rules. What do you have to say now that you have shown your true colours?”

Gu Wanfeng said proudly, not fearing Jiang Chen. Moreover, he became the one protected by others. Each and every disciple will be responsible for his safety and the sect will not allow such a dubious person to be here. 

With the help of perfect timing and environment, Gu Wanfeng had no worries at all. Moreover, such a person will certainly be judged by the sect. ‘Willing to wrongfully kill a thousand and not leave a single suspect behind.’ Because the sect will be in danger if a spy or an evil cultivator really snuck in. It’s not a simple matter. 

“Jiang Chen…” Bai Yunfei looked at Jiang Chen.   

“I have a clear conscience and I am not an evil cultivator. I don’t need to be judged by a shameless scum like Gu Wanfeng. Today shall be your death.” Jiang Chen harrumphed, ignoring Bai Yunfei, and flew straight towards Gu Wanfeng. 

Jiang Chen unleashed the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps, shattering the void as he headed straight towards his target!

“You dare kill me? ” Gu Wanfeng shouted in fear, his expression became extremely ugly because Jiang Chen really took up his blade and was rushing towards him. 

“Everything can be discussed. Jiang Chen, this matter is serious. Do not be reckless! I believe you, but you have to prove that you’re innocent.” Bai Yunfei said. 

“I was forced over and over again by this scum. Moreover, he dared to accuse me. I am not Jiang Chen if I leave him alive!”

Jiang Chen zapped through, passing by Bai Yunfei, aiming straight towards Gu Wanfeng. 

“Stop!! You dare?!” A loud voice could be heard. 

A middle-aged old man appeared in front of Jiang Chen. The man’s expression was cold while looking at Jiang Chen with disdain. The dragon beard on his face gave off a vicissitude of an overbearing feeling. 

“No matter who you are, you’ll never be able to stop me!”

“I’m Inner Sect rank 11, Dragon Beard Huang Bin. Today, you want to kill Brother Wanfeng. Dream on. With me here, I’ll bring you into the Law Enforcement Hall.”

Huang Bin roared furiously, shaking the heavens. 

“To think it’s him?! Huang Bin, this fellow is ranked 11 in the inner sect’s Hundred Battle Rankings.” 

“Some said that the Great Senior Yang Jiang of the outer sect is not even his match” 

“Looks like there’s a great show today.” 

Everyone was extremely shocked. This time, even experts of the inner sect had appeared. Moreover, it was the rank 11th expert of the inner sect. This battle will certainly be known to the whole sect. Whereby Jiang Chen was forced into a corner and the situation could no longer be stopped. 

“I’ve said it before. No one can stop me. I will kill him, those who stand in my way will also die!” Jiang Chen’s voice was like the brahma of the Supreme Heavens. 

At this moment, even Huang Bin felt cold. This fellow’s gaze is quite scary and mysterious. 

“You’ll have to get through me first.” 

Huang Bin took out his broadsword and readied his stance, standing right in front of Gu Wanfeng. Him and Gu Wanfeng were sworn brothers hence he will not stand idly by at this moment. 

“Kill him,” whispered Gu Wanfeng to Huang Bin. 

In his heart, Jiang Chen was a dead man. This fellow will not be able to live any longer. No matter if he’s a spy or not. He needed to be killed, otherwise he’ll become a threat in the future. 

Huang Bin silently nodded, upon which Jiang Chen only sneered. So far, nobody was able to withstand his anger. 

“The Fusion of Dragon and Sword! Unparalleled under the heavens!” 

Jiang Chen’s gaze became cold as he fused with the Heavenly Dragon Sword. A nine revolution golden dragon showed its claw and the blade turned, pointing towards the heavens!

Huang Bin’s expression became grim, his gaze suddenly widened. But he was unfazed as he clashed with Jiang Chen. 

In the next moment, however, Jiang Chen’s Fusion of Dragon and Sword managed to pierce through Huang Bin’s body. An insta-kill! At this moment, the whole horizon became gold in colour. 

Everyone was dumbfounded. Currently, Jiang Chen was invincible, like the son of the Supreme Heaven True Dragon.

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