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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2240  


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Gu Wanfeng’s expression was extremely bad. This result meant that all the options on obtaining Jiang Chen’s pill formula were all blocked. He wouldn’t get any customers here as long as Jiang Chen was here. This fellow’s Soul Stabilising Pill and Daybreak Pill were too tempting for the inner and outer sect disciples. 

Now, nobody supported Gu Wanfeng he lost. The title of number one alchemist disciple of the Profound Feng Sect would probably have to pass to Jiang Chen. It would be big news in both the inner and outer sect, where Jiang Chen would surely become a true new star of Profound Feng Sect. 

“I’ve lost.” Gu Wanfeng grabbed his Energy Recovery Pill tightly and shot Jiang Chen’s pill back to him. 

“The loser has to do the ceremony of paying homage to the teacher right (bow down and regard Jiang Chen as his teacher)?” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

“Jiang Chen, don’t be too much!” Gu Wanfeng said coldly. 

“Heh heh. Is this the number one alchemist in the inner sect, Gu Wanfeng’s way of doing things? After losing in terms of the art of alchemy, you plan to lose your honour? There are so many witnesses here and this was also what you said—you’ll pay me the respect of a teacher if you lost. Otherwise, where’s your credibility? Ah, that’s right, you are shameless to the core. I’m ashamed to talk to you about honour or pride. Hahaha.”  Jiang Chen sneered at Gu Wanfeng. 

At this moment, countless people started laughing too. Gu Wanfeng’s expression became as white as paper. He was on the verge of breaking down. How could he take it in when he was ridiculed in front of the crowd. 

“Gu Wanfeng, this time, has truly humiliated himself.” 

“Yeah. Now he’s not even going to fulfill what he promised. Ptwooi. To think I respect the guy as a talented alchemist senior in the past. Now, it looks like… Hehehe. This is just who he is.” 

“Indeed. Such a person is truly shameless. I wonder how he’ll stand his ground in the inner sect in future.” 

“For such a shameless person, the best way to deal with them is to be more shameless than them. Of course, I can see that this senior brother is not such a person. Today, Gu Wanfeng has utterly lost.” 

The onlookers were happily ridiculing him and more joined in the fray. For some people, no matter who wins or loses, they were happy to see the scene where one would go against another. 

Justice shall prevail! Jiang Chen always believed this. 

Various ridiculing remarks could be heard. Gu Wanfeng stared at Jiang Chen coldly as if he would explode. 

“He deserved it. Hmph, hmph. ” Yue Er does not like Gu Wanfeng and said while pouting her little mouth. 

“That fellow… could he be starting a fight?” 

This time, Zhou Yunpeng was starting to panic. Jiang Chen will not be able to face Gu Wanfeng if they really start a fight. That guy is already a Half-Step True God and only a handful of inner sect disciples could defeat him. Plus, the people supporting him in the back hold quite some power too. 

“You’re the one who forced me. Bastard!” Gu Wanfeng harrumphed. 

He then took out a nine feet long sword and pointed at Jiang Chen. 

“Senior Gu wants to fight?” Jiang Chen said in an extremely calm manner.  

“So what? You do not know how to be respectful towards a senior. If I don’t teach you a lesson, then you’ll never know how harsh the sect is. You’re unqualified to be flaunting here.” 

Gu Wanfeng took gradual steps towards Jiang Chen with his sword ringing loudly. 

“To twist a thing from black to white. I’ve finally witnessed how shameless you can be. The only method to deal with you is not to become more shameless nor to reason with you. It’s to kill you without mercy.” Jiang Chen said coldly without fear. He also took a step forward and faced Gu Wanfeng. 

This scene had shocked countless people. Will Gu Wanfeng and Jiang Chen fight here? Do they not care about the rules of the sect and fight here? 

“Stop! Senior Brother Gu, you’re an inner sect senior brother. I advise you to not do such a preposterous thing. Especially in this marketplace, if you have anything to settle, do it on the life-and-death stage, why are you forcing him here?”

Bai Yunfei rushed towards the scene from the sky and looked at both of them solemnly. 

“I advise you to leave me alone. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless. I shall bear the consequences alone.” Gu Wanfeng gave Bai Yunfei a look and coldly said. 

Bai Yunfei was the number four of the outer sect. His strength was nothing to scoff at and could be compared against the top 10 of the inner sect. Even Gu Wanfeng must give him some respect. 

“You’re defying the sect’s regulation.” Bai Yunfei said. 

“I will personally go to the inner sect Law Enforcement Hall to surrender myself after this battle. Today, I must kill him to quell my hatred in my heart.” Gu Wanfeng’s aura was not weakening and was becoming fiercer by the second. 

“Very well. I’ll overlook it just today and be the judge. If that brother is willing to accept your challenge, then I’ll follow your way and will report the truth to the Law Enforcement Hall. If he’s unwilling to accept, then you’ll be punished for today’s battle.” Bai Yunfei looks at Gu Wanfeng. 

“Alright.” Gu Wanfeng nodded. 

“Junior brother, are you willing to fight this inner sect senior Gu Wanfeng even if you die?” Bai Yunfei looked at Jiang Chen and said. 

“There’s someone stepping on my face. If I still do not accept the challenge, won’t I become a joke for the sect? Today, we shall decide who gets to live and die.” Jiang Chen said proudly. 

“Great attitude. That Gu Wanfeng has been a prick for as long as I remember. If this fellow brother could defeat him, then that fellow must dig a hole and hide himself.”

“Yeah. He totally lost in terms of the arts of alchemy. Now he wants to have a life and death battle. The pride and honour of the inner sect disciples has been thrown out of the window, thanks to Gu Wanfeng.” 

“Does he even have honour? Haha. this is seriously funny. I hope that nameless brother will defeat Gu Wanfeng, cleanly and utterly.”

Going against what he promised. Not caring about honour. This Gu Wanfeng had become the target of everyone. But his heart only had Jiang Chen. He must eliminate Jiang Chen, only by doing so could the hatred that was burning in his heart be eliminated. Only the winners have the right to speak in the end. As long as he could kill Jiang Chen, then he’ll still be right in the future. 

Bai Yunfei frowned. This disciple is pretty hardheaded. Does he not know who Gu Wanfeng is? Even I do not want to be on bad terms with Gu Wanfeng. After all, Gu Wanfeng’s position in the inner sect was unshakable. Moreover, he had a bunch of people covering for him due to his identity of being an alchemist, 

Jiang Chen coldly looked at Gu Wanfeng. Only one of them shall walk away alive. He would gladly kill one that was sent to his doorstep. If Jiang Chen was one that thinks about consequences then he’s not Jiang Chen. At worst, he could just leave the Profound Feng Sect; with the world so big, is there no place he could stay? 

“Since you’ve accepted the challenge, then your death is going to be near.” Gu Wanfeng pointed his sword at Jiang Chen and said arrogantly. 

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