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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2239


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Jiang Chen only said one word, and it was to compete against Gu Wanfeng. 

“Everyone here shall become our witness. I, Gu Wanfeng, have never bullied others. This time, we shall battle fair and square.” Gu Wanfeng said.

He then took out a small pill refining furnace and started a fire. After that, he poured the medicinal ingredients into the pill refining furnace. Jiang Chen was unfazed and just observed his opponent quietly and calmly. Gu Wanfeng followed the proper procedures. Each procedure was splendid, the number one alchemist of the inner sect was not just all talk. His pills were the best… before Jiang Chen’s appearance. 

“Could it be that the fellow doesn’t know how to concoct a pill? Could it be that those pills were not concocted by him?”

“Yeah. Now I’m a little doubtful. Could this fellow be all talk but have no abilities at all? Heh heh, to think those pills were concocted by others, one truly cannot be judged from its cover.”  

“Finally showing your true colours this time eh?  Hahaha. We’re in for a good show. I see why he didn’t want to take out the formula for us to study together. To think he’s a scam, he doesn’t even know how to concoct a pill, how does he even have a formula? ”

“Hilarious. I can’t wait to know what will happen to him.”

Jiang Chen did not move because there was still plenty of time left. Plus, he did not need any equipment to concoct a pill, he would just refine the ingredients within the flame and all the impurities will be gone. Plus, no ordinary pill refining furnace can withstand his Five True Flames. Probably only the Myriad Qi Cauldron could do it. But it would scare everyone. The Myriad Qi Cauldron could only be used when Jiang Chen was alone. 

More people joined in to ridicule him, waiting for him to become the joke of the day. He had not made any moves, probably because he did not know how to. Whereas Gu Wanfeng was already halfway finished. Many foresaw that Jiang Chen was just acting and was all talk. 

“Such an arrogant person, acting tough.” Ling Yun murmured.

“Big Brother is countering the active by staying calm.” Yue Er said seriously. 

“You, this little boot-licker. Where did you learn how to bootlick?” Ling Yun gave Yue Er a stare, but Yue Er only giggled with a warm smile. 

Big Brother’s image in her heart was always the greatest. 

Jiang Chen’s lips started to curve into a smile. At this moment, there’s no hesitation anymore. The Fire of Sun was conjured but he masked it, making nobody able to identify what flame it was. But Gu Wanfeng saw through it as he was also an alchemist, he could feel how terrifying Jiang Chen’s flame was. 

“Pretty good, to think he has such a flame, this is quite a surprise. Even so, he’ll never be my match. Hmph.” Gu Wanfeng sneered in his heart. 

His pill concoction skill would never lose against a rookie. 

“This fellow is one heck of a guy. To think he really knows how to concoct pills, looks like we’ve looked down on him.”

“Yeah. The fellow has started to refine his ingredients. Look, he doesn’t even need a pill refining furnace. Is he joking?” 

“True. I haven’t seen anyone concoct pills without a furnace. This fellow is truly presumptuous. In this case, how could the medicinal ingredients be absorbed? Such arrogance.” 

“Look you guys, that fellow poured several medicinal ingredients together. Has he really refined any pills before?” 

Countless people observed in anticipation after Jiang Chen kept giving them surprise after surprise. It was truly unbelievable. 

“Later, you guys will see how great Brother Jiang is.”

Zhou Yunpeng was extremely confident. Now, he had absolute confidence in Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen’s talent in pill concoction was not any weaker than Gu Wanfeng. 

Zhou Yunpeng might be worried about this battle if this was a life and death battle but if it’s a battle in alchemy, then he’s quite confident that Jiang Chen would win this. 

“Let’s see how long you can stay arrogant. You shall know that the pill you have is inferior to mine!”

Gu Wanfeng shouted: “Pill completion!” 

Followed by Gu Wanfeng’s shout. A shiny red pill was produced and landed on his palm.  

“This is the Energy Recovery Pill. As for its grade? You guys can see it, it’s definitely a High Grade Energy Recovery Pill.”

Gu Wanfeng was filled with confidence. He then looked at Jiang Chen and asked:

“I wonder when brother Jiang’s pill will be finished?”

“It’s done.”

Jiang Chen’s lips curved up as he retrieved his flame. A round pill emerged and landed on his palm, the fragrance and colour of the pill was completely different compared to Gu Wanfeng’s pill. 

“What happened? White?” Gu Wanfeng frowned and his expression slightly changed. He could not believe that Jiang Chen could concoct a Supreme Grade Energy Recovery Pill.

“Do I need to tell you? Do you, as an alchemist, not know when you see a Supreme Grade Pill?”

Jiang Chen’s words made the surrounding audience gasp in awe. Gu Wanfeng’s mouth twitched as he picked Jiang Chen’s Energy Recovery Pill. His breathing paused. A true white pill, how could this be?! 

Even Master Ling Zhongqiang needed to be extremely lucky to produce a Supreme Grade Pill. Moreover, it’s extremely valuable, the failure rate is too high. It doesn’t even have a 10% success rate. Yet he managed to do it. This white pill that is emitting a unique fragrance is a true Supreme Grade Pill. 

“Could it be? This fellow could refine a Supreme Grade Pill? One needs to know that even a High Grade Medicinal Pill is not easy to make. It is only because the Energy Recovery Pill is a low level pill that Gu Wanfeng managed to make a High Grade one.”

“It IS a Supreme Grade medicinal pill. I heard that a Supreme Grade Pill could release medicinal fragrance and it is the colour of a supreme grade. I was lucky enough to witness a Supreme Grade Energy Recovery Pill!” 

“Then this means that he’s able to make a better pill than Senior Gu. The Soul Stabilizing Pill and Daybreak pill should be done by him. Moreover, he only used half the time Senior Gu used and still managed to make something better.” 

The whole onlookers were in clamor, while Gu Wanfeng’s expression was becoming cold. At this moment, he had to admit that Jiang Chen’s pill was really a Supreme Grade. Moreover, he could not replicate this result too. 

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